Midwest Industries M-LOK to KeyMod and KeyMod to M-LOK Adapters

Tis’ a golden age of riflery when one of the hardest decision when building an AR rifle is to choose between KeyMod or M-LOK. Not content to force a choice, Midwest Industries has released their M-LOK to KeyMod and KeyMod to M-LOK Adapters.


The adapters retail from $21 to about $25, depending on the configuration chosen. They are available only in black anodized aluminum.


The Gear Locker has one of the first videos on the new accessories. In short, they work.

Choices… Choices…

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Vhyrus

    Yo dawg, I heard you like modular rails….

  • echelon

    Now there’s a product that makes sense. VHS and Betamax cross compatibility! Win!

  • 2wheels

    Well this is just getting silly…

    • Don

      Why… because now it allows you to use a bunch of different styles / systems of handguards without having to spend additional money on the same accessories for each system? Yeah, that doesn’t make a bit of sense…

  • HKGuns

    I’ll be sticking with the very standard 1913 rails, heavy or not. This is turning out out to be just another way to take more money.

    • RealitiCzech

      The weight savings you get from KeyMod/MLOK you’d probably get from skipping soda for a week. It’s a ridiculous fad.

      • FightFireJay

        Yeah, my rifle lost quite a bit of weight from simply not drinking soda. Also it did go on an organic kale and egg diet for a week, but that wasn’t sustainable.

        • Andrew Hobby

          OMG, did your rifle get terrible gas too?!?

          I mean… uhhh, that never happened. I have to go now.

      • Don

        “It’s a ridiculous fad”… “It won’t catch on”… You know, people have been saying that since both of these systems started out but yet they are still here and kicking strong and growing. Most of the AR manufacturers offer versions of their rifles with these systems on them.

        • RealitiCzech

          Bellbottoms were all the rage for a while, too.

  • Amanofdragons

    And then I’ll use that adapter to put on some picatinny rail. Smh

  • Nicholas Chen

    I heard you like rails. So I added a rail to your rail, so you can attach while you attach.

    • Word Play Pauly

      Yo, are you railing against rails on rails?

      • noob

        somebody please post a photo of as many of these stacked on each other coming out of the side of a handguard as structurally possible with a flashlight mounted on the end of the stack. “It stops the beam of light shining on your barrel!”

        something like that “600rd magazine” video on youtube

  • Jack

    I got keymod to reduce bulk but all my accessories are picatinny…. I’ll just add the keymod rail piece….. but then it’s not saving any bulk…… Hey!! direct attach keymod accessories!! cool! These are great, I wish they weren’t all billet aluminum, this is getting expensive. Oh well. I wish magpul would release some keymod accessories. Hey M-Lok!!! cool? Same idea but cheaper hand guards? But now all my accessories are picatinny or billet keymod. Oh well, at least the M-lok accessories are cheap, too bad they don’t work on keymod without a dremel and a hammer. Hey!! Midwest industries wants me to use M-lok/keymod adapters. What a great idea?!? Now I’m using “not a rail” to attach things to my hand guard? What the what? Eff this. I’m going to go buy a hot rod. That’s a nice cheap hobby.

    • Don

      Any hobby is a money pit 🙂 They all drag you in and before you know it your wallet is a ton lighter and you are left scratching your head 🙂 🙂

  • MoPhil

    OK, both systems have advantages and disadvantages:

    M-Lok is easier to produce, therefore cheaper for the buyers. Keymod needs a little more milling than M-Lok, but looks tacticool and is known well from every mans Garage (keyhole walls for tools). But c’mon, we life in CNC-age and today CNC-mills do both profiles in milliseconds. Maybe M-Lok in 1/100th of a second and Keymod in 2/100th of a second, but so what?

    I think, the race between Keymod and M-Lok will be decided by governments choosing a new mounting profile as a replacement for the MIL 1913 rail. Until then, both systems will coexist and find their buyers.

    • John

      >I think, the race between Keymod and M-Lok will be decided by
      governments choosing a new mounting profile as a replacement for the MIL
      1913 rail.

      And on that note, the NATO-1913 rail wins.

      • Marc

        You mean STANAG 4694 rails.

    • Dave

      Currently the biggest advantage for MLOK is simply magpul themselves.
      MLOK MOE on AK, which is $36 vs $200 krebs keymod.

    • noguncontrol

      then let’s hope govt never gets involved in this. with adapters like this Midwest one, people can use both mlok and keymod. you can have it both ways now.

  • Vitsaus

    Rule 15… if you can make it for the AR15, some one will.

  • allannon

    Welcome to the computing world: https://xkcd.com/927/

  • noguncontrol

    thank God for capitalism. now you dont have to choose one or the other, you can have it both ways. goodbye picatinny.

  • FightFireJay

    So we now have adapters to allow us to use our adapterless accessories with other adapterless systems… I just made my head hurt.

    • Don

      I wonder what the definition of modular is?

      • Dean

        Don, you’re barking like you have a dog in this fight. What’s up?

        • Don

          Nope, no dog in this fight Dean. I’m just laughing at all the guys who keep knocking innovation. One of my AR’s has an M-lock and the other has a Keymod handguard, I don’t have any or use any accessories on them so these really don’t help me at all. Most of the guys who are whining are the same ones who said that neither of the systems would catch on. Since the inception of both of these systems, handguards have gotten smaller and cleaner allowing the shooter to be more nimble. Plus it has gotten the guys to stop whining about having to use gloves during competitions since they no longer have to use an all Picatinny handguard that tears up their paws 🙂 🙂 The good thing is that for the guys who are knocking the new systems they still have their age old Picatinny system to fall back on. Variety is a good thing 🙂 🙂

  • Stephen

    So much whining. First world problems. Maybe it would be preferable to have only the bulky, heavy, sharp, 1913 rails as your only option? Hmmmk, well, just buy that and stop crying about it. As for myself, I’m grateful there are options. I had a quad rail once and it sucked balls. So much heavy. Much bulk. — Basically this is a product that helps a brother out when they’ve chosen one solution and, for whatever reason, need flexibility for that one accessory that may not be made for the system they chose.

  • Josh

    Lmao really?

  • DannyBoy

    If you bought the m-lok rail, you have a lot less options when it comes to accessories at the moment. Simple as that. I got the SLR ultralight 14 in m-lok instead of keymod and kinda regretting it. I guess you could just add a pic rail and use the rail mounted versions too.

  • Andrew Hobby

    If only there was a way to put rails just where we want them…

    So complex… must think… THINK, DAMNIT!