Before #CostaGate2015 There Was Japanese Manga Chris Costa

Before Chris Costa strutted his stuff in Japan, in the now infamous #costagate2015, Chris Costa was already famous in Japan. Back when he was working with Travis Haley at Magpul Dynamics, a Japanese publication company immortalized Costa and Haley in a small Japanese Manga. For those who are not familiar with the art form, “Manga” is a form of comic in Japan.  In an issue of ARMS Magazine, there was a small insert guide pamphlet detailing Magpul Dynamics’ techniques and instructors Chris Costa and Travis Haley.

The small manga was illustrated by Shin Ueda, a famous Manga artist who specializes in military illustrations.

Please excuse the poor quality images. I only had these old scans on hand.

The image below shows Chris Costa with a segmented circle around him. In Japanese Katakana it says “Workspace”. Clearly illustrating one of Costa’s teachings.





In this illustration, Shin Ueda is conveying the proper Magpul Dynamics stance.Costa extended



Ueda further illustrates and highlights the infamous c-clamp grip made popular by Chris Costa and Travis Haley while working at Magpul.Costa extended 2 Extended hand



Here are the scans of the pamphlet.01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

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  • Turner 92

    Oh Costa-sama, please teach me your ways! (Nyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ~_~)

    • Phil Hsueh

      Actully, wouldn’t Costa-sensei be more appropriate since he is a teacher after all.

  • Dracon1201

    That’s pretty sweet, actually. I’m just suprised it’s training, and not about saving the school girls from the alien tentacle monster…

  • Glocky

    What about Godzilla?

  • 036JH

    Senpai has noticed Japan! (>///<)

  • gunslinger

    it was only a matter of time.

  • santi

    Metal Gear Costa

  • “Bushido is well in its way, but it is no match for thumb-over-bore.”
    -Costa san

  • ruinator

    What if Costa fought Chuck Norris?

  • schizuki

    “I’m Chris Costa, and I have DirectTV.”

    “And I’m Manga Chris Costa, and I have cable.”

  • Hater

    I’ll just leave it here… well, I’ll try to… again… 🙂

  • Don Ward

    I always assumed that C-clamp grip was an Internet joke or meant to be ironic.

  • Vitsaus

    So this was offical from magpul? Its only a matter of time before Chris Costashian has a reality show on the Outdoor Channel. Hell, probably TLC.

    • scw

      Its official. Magpul has always been aware of the airsoft market.

  • Nergyl

    S-senpai! I-I just wanted to confess that I really like your beard…a-and when you use the Weaver stance it makes my heart go doki doki!

  • SP mclaughlin

    The image quality actually has an awesome arcade sprite feel, think operator Metal Slug.

  • Ryfyle

    It sounds like some of the Japanese really want’s some firearms.

    • MrApple

      Maybe but right now all the majority of the public gets to have are airsoft toys.

  • Justin Suk

    This was all I can think when I saw this post haha

  • noguncontrol

    in some of the drawings, the shoulder stock isnt even extended, can you really shoot that way?

  • Risky

    For the love of everything holy and sane on this planet PLEASE (as in the collective media) stop referring to things as something-GATE or something-POCALYPSE. It’s not clever, it’s annoying and insulting to the reader’s intelligence.

  • John

    You know, for a second I actually thought Chris Costa had a guest appearance in Gunslinger Girls or Ghost In The Shell or something.

    Nah. Just a Magpul marketing ad for the Japanese market. Ah well.

  • santi

    Wow, Old man still has it after all these years. Wish I knew more about the guy. whether he was military or police. He really does look like old man solid snake.

  • Josh

    He also killed a robot tentacle monster in Japan.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Even Chris Costa was not spared from being with My Little Ponies