Bulletproof Dessert

Ok so the premise of the video is misleading. They are not shooting desserts with bullets but rather using a 12 Ga shotgun and shooting what appears to be bird shot.

There are four desserts/targets up on the line:

  • Whipped Cream
  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • British Custard aka pudding

The results are somewhat surprising.

Nicholas C

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  • Micki

    TV has done several similar things with non-newtonian fluids like custard in recent years. They’ve even had people running across swimming pools filled with the stuff.

  • Seriously?

    wow we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel for blog posts.

    • Phillip Cooper

      You must be new here…

  • gunslinger

    non-Newtonian fluid.


    • Sean Dockerty

      Yeah, While you can stir it with your finger, punch it with your fist and the custard goes hard. BAE were working on body armour that followed the same principle to cut down on weight.

  • YS

    Didn’t the MythBusters do this already? At least in their test, they used a hand gun caliber, rifle caliber, and buckshot.

  • dan citizen

    Damn, I just spent my tax refund on a Saab ceramic bead filled armor wall, and I could have just poured pudding between my studs.

  • tim

    How about that! Now we can make a bullet proof vest that is edible. : -o