Archangel AAP10/22 Ruger 10/22 Stock

Archangel debuted their new AAP10/22 Precision Rifle stock for the Ruger 10/22 at the 2015 SHOT Show. Like with their other precision rifle stocks it features a click-adjustable cheek weld and an adjustable length of pull. It also features a flared magwell for easy mag changes as well as a storage compartment in the pistol grip. The new Archangel AAP10/22 stock is made right here in the USA and retails for $132.99 and also includes a lifetime warranty. It should be released around March. Check out for more info.

Extremely adjustable for any size shooter, with click-adjustable cheek riser and length of pull, flared magwell for quick and easy magazine changes.

Easy to install, constructed of high strength carbon fiber-filled polymer. Detachable magazine, pre-inletted for a Timney Trigger!

Lifetime warranty – MADE IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA



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  • Chris Durkee

    This looks like something right out of anime.

  • Plumbiphilious

    Is it free-floating?

    • Sam Mantics

      No, “it” looks to be held up by brackets fixed to the wall; however, the barrel is free-floated in the stock.

      • Isaac Newton


        • Giolli Joker

          Yep, you should know pretty well that things do not float but tend to fall to the ground…

  • Burns, Oregon

    I want one sitting on top of a portable shooting bench, placed on the edge of a sunny field crowded with sage rats, and a bucket of CCI .22LR.

    (Sage rats = Belding’s ground squirrel, the NW equivalent of prairie dogs, only smaller.)

    • ensiteu

      Seneca, OR. has plenty of rats but no 22LR

    • ThomasD

      Columbian ground squirrels are nice too, big relative to other ground squirrels.

  • flatdick

    WOW!!! is that ugly!!

    • Billy Button

      No. 🙂

  • nadnerbus

    People sure do love to sink money into their 10/22s.

    All I have done with mine is put a Burris fast fire on it that I already had and an old sling. Thing works great just as it is. Sometimes less is more.

    • Jeff

      I have one set up with just a red dot…and two others totally tricked out, plus the wife’s. I like the one with the red dot for jumping and shooting rabbits. When I’m shooting sage rats, the shots are from 50-200 yards, not really the territory for 1x magnification–especially with my aging eyes.

  • Rob

    i ca’t wait to see the one with teh scope and banana clip in an assassin movie xD you know they will

  • Scott Hannah

    Please make in OD first not black.

  • ATman

    I like this and I can actually aford this. Hmm now where did I put my secret horde of .22lr

  • Anon. E Maus

    Looks ok, might be nice with a stainless barrel, a cheap red dot, and some BX-25 mags.

  • Arealmaverick

    I had a chance to test this… and its super fun. They said it will be available in Black / OD and Desert Tan. It fit me to a T and my boyfriend could easily adjust- it to his size. We want one!