Keep Calm and Carry On: The Ruger No.1 is not going away

A cryptic message on the Ruger website about discontinuing Ruger No.1 calibers, along with the fact that they removed all listings for the rifle with the exception of a Lipsey’s special edition Ruger No.1 in .45-70 lead a number of our readers to jump to the conclusion that the No. 1 had been discontinued. The website, along with the fact that the Ruger No.1 is a very niche product, lead me to believe that Ruger was indeed axing the product line. But fear not! I spoke to Ruger and they have confirmed that their classic single shot rifle is here to stay. The company is in the process of revamping the product line and will update the website as soon as this is complete.

The much loved Ruger No. 1 has been in production for 47 years. During this time it has been chambered in everything from the .22 Hornet small varmint cartridge to the .458 Winchester Magnum safari round capable of taking Elephant. It may be a single shot round but the falling block action is exceptionally reliable and strong. A competent hunter can reload relatively fast using the classic safari cartridges-between-the-knuckle technique as demonstrated in the video below:

Steve Johnson

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  • MountainKelly

    One of my favorite rifles out there. Glad to hear it

  • Vitsaus

    Ruger’s best firearm. Gorgeous finish, smooth action. I’ve regretted not getting one when they weren’t too steep.

  • They are probably revamping the production line process.

  • Daniel Malarkey

    I hope they produce JUST ONE model for guilt-free hunting? You know, something in a bead-blasted stainless, or a little Cerakote, a synthetic stock, and maybe–if not just for the gun writers–some iron sights.

    • JSmath

      I agree with the stainless, cerakote, and synthetic stock but Daniel: nearly every last one of them have iron sights.

      Did you mean with a peep style iron sight instead? ‘Cuz what they have I much prefer over the Mini-14’s.

      • doramin

        I always loved the ghost ring aperture sight on the good old Lee-Enfield Mk-IV. If I could have my druthers it would be on every rifle. Some things can’t be improved upon.

      • Daniel Malarkey

        I specified iron sights because I’m not a BUIS fan on hunting rifles and would prefer a clean barrel, like the varmint configuration of the Ruger No. 1, but I know the instant gnashing of the teeth that would arise if Ruger did not include iron sights on a No. 1 configured for “extreme weather” (rain).

    • doramin

      I’d say it’s time to make a rail standard equipment. You can always hang an iron sight ON a rail. In case you weren’t watching, an entire generation has come of age learning to shoot on rifles with rails (cough! “sandbox” cough!). Every longarm nowadays should come with a rail.

      Personally, I’d love to never have to hear the phrase “drilled and tapped” ever again.

      • Doug


        Give it a pistol grip and M4 stock too

        and maybe a laser

        • maodeedee

          Oh, great a Ruger number one for tac-ti-cool obsessed mall ninjas. And they should also offer free barf bags with the purchase of the gun.

      • Daniel Malarkey

        In case I wasn’t watching? I’m under 30, pal. And rails on a single-shot? Go buy one of those Handi Rifles in .300 blackout

    • Anon. E Maus

      I think a stainless No.1 with some basic laminate furniture and a top-rail would make for an alright beater.

  • David

    Would hate to think Ruger could ever stop making such an iconic firearm, though it could certainly use a few tweaks ala 1990’s Ross Seyfried (sp?). My long arm of choice in college was a .270 No. 1 borrowed from a friend and I WILL own one for myself someday.

  • Standard Velocity

    What about the Winchester 1885? Every year there are a few SHOT Show models. This year their website only shows a single low wall 22. and zero high walls.
    Does TFB know if they are getting rid of the model?

  • Anonymous

    VERY glad to hear this. I’d like one in .45-70 and .30-06 someday…preferably in the stainless/black laminate configuration.

  • FightFireJay

    Don’t they revamp them every year? Change the caliber selections etc?

  • Julio

    “A cryptic message on the Ruger website […] lead [sic] a number of our readers to jump to the conclusion [and …] lead [sic] me to believe that Ruger was indeed axing the product line.”
    I’m a big fan of lead in ammunition but sometimes it’s out of place in sentences. Glad to hear the good news about the No.1 though.

  • Nathan

    You know, I may be a weirdo, but I would love, LOVE, a Ruger No. 1 in 7.62x54r. If only to have another gun in that caliber beside my $80 Mosin.

    • iksnilol

      There is always the Winchester 1895.

    • comrade

      True, but then whats the point? just put one round in mosin comrade, is basically same thing.

  • I regret that they discontinued the No.3 single-shot rifle. I always wanted one of the CHP ones in .357 magnum.

  • Waher

    Now if only the Red Label shotguns reintroduced just last year weren’t already removed from production AGAIN! =(

  • schizuki

    The classiest, most evocative firearm that I simply do not have a use for.

    If I was rich, I’d buy one to look at.

  • schizuki

    Water makes a poor backstop.

  • MountainKelly

    Also in9.3x74r? So good

  • gunsandrockets

    Tweaking production to end accuracy problems? Or did Ruger already fix that?

  • gunsandrockets

    One shot every 3.5 seconds. Not bad rate of fire.

  • maodeedee

    Oh how wonderful that they aren’t discontinuing it but instead there will be fewer chamberings available and we won’t have as much of a choice about what configurations and model variations are offered anymore.

    Ruger is going downhill fast. I bought a Ruger American and the “rotary magazine” is CRAP. and is nothing at all like the 10/22 or the 44/77 mags. It sort of half-a$$ snaps into the rear of the mag well by way of a tiny little nub fitting into a tiny notch and is a loose fit. Mine will not feed at all because each round stove-pipes. I’m sending the gun back and asking for a refund. If they won’t give me the refund I’ll have them fix the gun so I can sell it and get a Mossberg in 223 that uses AR mags.

    I paid $350 for the gun and thought I was getting a good deal. Old Chinese saying: “Always buy the best, only cry once.”