Walking around SHOT Show, some things stand out and catch your eye. This all blue SCAR 16S stood out to me. At first glance I thought it was just custom Cerakoted SCAR. But upon looking closer, it is chambered in .300blk. IMG_9421

Nicholas C

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  • Tom
  • mrsatyre

    Probably opening up a can of worms here (shrugs and continues anyway), but 300BLK vs. 7.62? I’m thinking of a SCAR 17S for my next purchase, which would be my first in the 7.62 caliber, but occasionally I stumble across articles about how great 300BLK is. Educate me!

    • Jack

      Just my opinion…. If you aren’t going to suppress and/or go with a short barrel, I wouldn’t bother with 300. I’m not a competition shooter but have heard there is some benefit to the round with regards to power factor.

    • Ethan

      Yup. 7.62×51 wins in power hands down, but required a heavier receiver.
      5.56 requires longer barrels. 300BLK shines in suppressors or short, light platforms.

    • CommonSense23

      Don’t get a SCAR, lots of better platforms for cheaper. It’s a overpriced mediocre gun, that’s claim to faim is that it was adopted by SOCOM against the majority of testers recommendations.

      • noguncontrol

        but the scar is easier to clean because of the user removable barrel, sure you can remove the barrel of an ar but you need a vise and wrench for that, that usually means a gunsmith. with the scar just remove 6 hex screws,

        • CommonSense23

          What, are you serious, are you cleaning the outside of the barrel for some reason? I can clean my M4 far quicker than I ever could my 17. And the quick change barrel is one of the stupidest ideas that people still think is a bright idea on a rifle.

        • AK™

          cause its TOTALLY difficult to push the rear takedown pin on an AR-15,move the charging handle and bolt back and out of the receiver and run a boresnake from the back,to the muzzle…

    • Nicholas Chen

      I am biased as I have a SCAR17S. I think the gun is amazing compared to all the other .308 guns I have shot. Recoil is the least of them all. Weight is only beat by the M&P10. My sniper friend, Nick Betts, tells me the 17S is good for 800m. good enough for me.

      • noguncontrol

        so short stroke tappet system works even with such a powerful cartridge? i always thought short stroke tappet works better with lower power cartridges, as the op rod/tappet velocity is already quite high even with low power cartridges, with 7.62×51, the op rod/ tappet would be beating the bolt carrier pretty badly.

  • JQP

    My thoughts, as someone with experience with 300 BLK in 9″…

    300 BLK is nothing short of awe-some. But, as said below, it’s designed for a shortie barrel. No benefit beyond 9″.

    And therefore I can see no benefit in putting it into a big package like the SCAR, which is THE premier platform for .308, but has zero tangible benefits when running 300 BLK.

    YMMV of course (it always does)

    Maybe instead take a look at what SIG is doing with the MCX and see how that develops, if you’re dead set on going with a piston for 300 BLK. Or look at AAC, DD, RRA, LWRC or any of the others if you want to go with DI.

    • CommonSense23

      Just cause it is designed for use in 9 inch barrels doesn’t mean that you don’t get better ballistics out of a longer barrel. Especially when working with supersonic rounds.

      • JQP

        then go get yourself a big old 8 lb 20″ 300 BLK, dumbass. The returns you get over 9″ do not outweigh the benefits of running a small, light 9″. Then drop a can on your big old long gun and see how much longer it gets. OH, and see how much 300 BLK likes a rifle length gas system too. Meanwhile, I’ll be driving tacks (yes, driving tacks) with a 9″ free floated AAC DI that I can tote around with one hand. 300 BLK was designed for a short barrel. You want a long gun? Go 5.56 or .308.

        • CommonSense23

          Getting really aggressive there aren’t you. You say that there is absolutely no benefit of having a bigger barrel. Which is factually untrue. Or the benefits of a longer barrel worth it, yes and no depending on what you are doing. Did I ever suggest that you should rock a 20inch barrel, or even a 16inch.
          And where do you even get that the SCAR is the premier 7.62 platform. That alone is hilarious.

          • JQP

            Whatever. It’s a friggin blog. Your little nitpick is stupid. Of course, you can get a few more FPS from 7 more inches of barrel. Yay. What’s the point? And it’s hilarious to say the SCAR 17s is THE premier x51 platform right now? Really? Find anyone would say otherwise? REPR maybe? i guess if you wanna lug around a 9 lb gun… You (and Vitor) started the shit, so take your lumps bit@h. I can put a friggin hemi in a pinto, but it’s kind losing the whole point, dontchya think?

          • CommonSense23

            One of the best things about the .300 is the fact in one mag I can have sub sonic for really quiet close range work, and with a simple mag change I get my long game back with supersonic rounds. Which is nice. So having a longer barrel than the 9inch starts to pay off if you are constantly swapping rounds. And with SIG making a rifle that can cycle both alternatively without having to change your gas setting, it really ups the ability of the .300

            As for the MK17, I have been issued 5, when I should have been at only 2. Had to send 3 back to FN. Was on my 3rd MK20 before I said screw it and just gave up on that abortion of a platform. While I will say the MK17s reliability is to the point were you no longer worry about a third to two thirds of our rifles having to be sent back, it’s still a mediocre rifle at best. It is out performed by a lot of 7.62 designs. It was adopted against the recommendations of a lot of people, with the guy who was ultimately responsible for its adoption surprisingly going to FN immediately afterward. There is a reason the SMUs don’t use them, and the Batts dropped them almost immediately and went back to the M4.

          • JQP

            OK, I defer to your experience with the 17. (was really referring to the civie 17s, but don’t have the experience you do with this, so point conceded)

            And I apologize for my attitude (had a bad day, and didn’t react well to getting double nitpicked I guess)

            But I still contend that 300 BLK is best enjoyed out of a shortie (and have some concerns about it’s ability to run carbine length long stroke piston)

          • CommonSense23

            It’s all cool. I have a 9 inch suppressed .300 so definitely am not trying to imply you need a bigger barrel to be functional.
            But I had access to the MP5SD almost my entire adult life, so I have different views of what the rifle is good for. If I had a need for the a MP5SD on a deployment, I still had to carry a rifle, and that honestly just sucks if you got any sort of long infil. If I would have had something like a .300 with let’s say a 12 inch barrel, I get close to the best of both worlds with a simple mag change. While you can get good accuracy and at decent range with sub sonic. It is hard to compensate at night for bullet drop when shooting unknown distance with a laser, which is why I like supersonic and having a little bit more barrel.

          • JQP

            Hard to argue that. I’d meet you half way at 12″. Piston would be nice, but that’s still in the early phases it seems. DI being much more accurate of course. I’m keeping my eye on the MCX. Still spooked that LWRC went DI (their first ever) just for 300 BLK, so a little skittish until I see some real world data…

            and sorry again about being an ass man.

    • babyeater

      300BLK has more energy out of a 16″ barrel than 5.56 out of a 24″ barrel. http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?119831-Colt-300-BLK/page9

    • Vitor

      Dude, duuuude, stop believing and spreading this bullshit that a bullet stops accelerating as soon the powder burns out. Go check a sheet of any pistol bullet, even the 9mm, round has a case that is basically half of the BLK in length, and still gain speed after the 9″ mark.

  • John

    Rather than the bullets, I’d like to discuss the color scheme.

    Why shouldn’t official police guns be colored blue? If an officer draws their weapon, the first thing people notice is the gun. In a confusing situation, it’ll be the first thing people notice and the first thing they’ll respond to. There’s been a lot of confusion and death because people thought the SWAT team breaking into a house were armed robbers; blue guns help people immediately recognize who they are. If police guns are stolen, coloring them blue makes them harder to circulate on the black market and helps set up a more identifiable evidence trail. There are other points, but I’m not seeing any downside to coloring official police firearms blue, at all.

    • mrsatyre

      Unfortunately, there are more and more bad guys impersonating police in home invasions. If a cop loses his gun, or it’s stolen, then the victim is in the same place he was before: facing a possible bad guy who may or may not really be a bad guy, only this time with a blue gun.

      • John

        Point. But because it’s a blue gun, it’s easier to remember, trace, and clear the police department of wrongdoing.

        Ideally, there would also be graphics of the department’s badge, the department name and the police’s own serial number on the gun.

        • noguncontrol

          which is useless to the homeowner who was already murdered by the criminal who got an advantage because of the blue gun.

          no knock arrests and raids should be banned. so many people have been killed because the police mistook their house for the one producing drugs beside theirs.

      • DonDrapersAcidTrip

        “more and more bad guys impersonating police in home invasions”

        Are you one of those guys who just pulls these kinds of factoids out of your ass that have no basis in reality and ignore the fact that violent crime has been going down for years because you just like to have a nice good guys vs bad guys narrative to frame the world in and think there’s a criminal hiding behind every potted plant?

        • Bill

          The most reliable incidents I know of home invaders impersonating cops number 2, one of which involved one drug crew ripping off another.

          Agencies loose guns, but ALL of them are documented by serial number when purchased and in some agencies assigned an inventory control identifier. It may not apply to every personally owned duty gun in other states, but in the state I work, the weapon serial number is documented twice a year during qualifications and inspections. Identifying cop guns has never been a problem, with the possible exception of the rare cases in which throw downs may have been used criminally. Personally, Ive never known of a case of that actually occurring.

          • AK™

            Yeah,just ask Eric Holder about any agency (specifically a government one) if they “lost” any guns…

        • Lee

          A group of guys were going around my apartment complex and posing as police to rob people. This does happen.

          If a cop ever knocks on your door at night…call the police first and ask if they have a legitimate claim to be at your residence.

          • Bill

            Usually if I’m knocking on someone’s door at night it’s to ask them if they’ve noticed anything unusual in regards to a nearby burglary or fight, or to tell them a family member is dead.

            I’ve tried to get dispatchers to do that over the phone, they typically refuse.

    • CommonSense23

      So let’s see, I believe there is a thing called blue spray paint that just voids all your points. With SWAT teams preferring night raids, with copious amounts of flash bangs, and using flashlights, I highly doubt you would have the ability to distinguish the color of the gun faster to either engage a hostile, or surrender before you are shot.

    • David Lowrey

      While is sounds like a good idea, I don’t think it will play out well in practice.

      If there where to be a official police color, we might see regulation in regards to the color of civilian firearms. In say to prevent people from being charged for impersonating a police officer. And if no regulation is imposed but a color is made official, then we might see more hostile acts on civilians from ignorant cops thinking they have a police weapon in there possession.

    • notinfringed

      Blue would actually be a very bad color. Blue is the primary color used for training guns.

      It helps identify the gun in perfect situations with good lighting, but is next to useless outside of those situations. If someone breaks into you house with a gun, you’re talking about split-second reactions for decision making.

      As others already stated, it’s just as easy to fake this, putting more people at risk. Cerakote is easy, spray paint is even easier. Anyone with access to masking tape or a vinyl cutter can make a passable template for department logos, badge numbers, etc.

      You may not see the downside, but I do. Making it easier for criminals to cause doubt in civilians, makes it easier for them to exploit civilians. A split second of doubt can easily cost lives in a home defense scenario.

      What’s the upside to this? The police claiming you should have know they were police when they bust into the house at two in the morning? Maybe the police shouldn’t be busting into houses at two in the morning without good, concrete evidence. Maybe we should look at why the police bust into houses. A poker game, for example, is not a good reason to call in a SWAT team. 1/2 an ounce of pot is not a good reason to call in a SWAT team.

      If the police actually should be busting into a house, the occupants probably aren’t going to care about blue guns, because they’d probably be just as hostile to the police as they would armed robbers.

      So, upsides, none.
      -Easier for criminals to pretend to be police.
      -Allows police to shift blame for overkill tactics.
      -Forces a retraining for many forces that use blue guns as their training device.

  • James

    If the SCAR in 7.62 is the heavy, and the SCAR in 5.56 is the light, does that make this the SCAR medium?

    • Anonymoose

      That would be the one in 6.8SPC. :^)

  • Anonymoose

    I spit out my oatmeal when I read the headline. HDD Tactical has also been making .300BLK, 6.8, and 7.62×39 SCAR 16s on a custom basis for a while now, though.

  • Bill

    Couple points, one already made: “Blue gun” is the generic term for most solid plastic training simulators made by Ring’s Manufacturing, with the “red” guns from ASP also in the mix. IN LE training, blue is universally recognized, at least initially, as an inert, harmless hunk of plastic, though prudent trainers still double check, just to be certain, and to look for any sharp edges or breakage. When I saw the rifle, at first glance that’s what I thought it was.

    Secondly, SWAT teams may or may not prefer to raid by night, but at least in my state any search warrant to be served during hours of darkness, as determined by a recognized astronomical almanac or the US Naval Observatory, has to specifically state why it is necessary to serve after daylight, why it shouldn’t be served during daylight, and get the specific approval for night-time service by the issuing judge or magistrate. We can’t arbitrarily decide to serve a warrant after dark, and there have been several times when I’ve had to postpone serving a warrant because I couldn’t get assets in place before “dark.”

    Personally, my preference is dawn or early morning, when people are most likely to be asleep

    • noguncontrol

      no knock raids or arrests should not be allowed, its just a recipe for trouble.

      • Bill

        None of the ones I’ve participated in have resulted in “trouble,” except for the bad guys. You’re in favor of giving them time to find cover, lock and load, destroy evidence or maybe kill a hostage?

        Sure you can find examples of where they have gone wrong, along with examples of airliners crashing, surgeons making mistakes and people getting struck by lightning. There is risk and the possibility for error in everything.

  • ak1134

    Will DevGru be deploying with this weapon?

  • Ratcraft

    Astronaut boot for a buttstock. Just silly.