Lantac Titanium EBCG Prototype Stolen At SHOT Show

Lantac USA posted this up earlier today on their Facebook Page:

Lantac USA is sad to have to make this post A one off Titanium EBCG LanTac Carrier, the only one in existence was stolen from our booth during show hours! It doesn’t get much lower thank that. The Ti EBCG is the LanTac Pat Pend Forward porting BCG, the lower one in the pic without the forward assist serrations. If anyone can give us information of the whereabouts that leads to the return we will give you a reward. San Tan Tactical just called and added two matched billet sets to the reward. I love you man! Please can everyone post this everywhere! Thank you to the FB community for your support

Sad as it is, there are selfish greedy people out there. Share this info as much as you can. Hopefully the firearm community can weed out this thief and return the one of a kind bolt to Lantac.

Nicholas C

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  • Don

    I can’t stand thieves!!!! Hopefully it wasn’t a competitor.

    • I’d put money on that being the case… Personally I’d be scared to run a one off proto type through my rifles…

  • Giolli Joker

    There are selfish greedy people and there are thieves.
    These are thieves.

  • Rowan

    It was probably stolen by the Chinese. Not kidding. This was not the only thing they stole.

    • Andrew

      Clones are already available on alibaba for $19.99 with free shipping lol.

    • Wetcoaster

      That would actually be more surprising since they seem to favour hacking the company and straight-up lifting all the drawings and plans wholesale. Way faster than reverse-engineering a physical sample.

      • Michael R. Zupcak

        Plus (and no offense) your average firearms manufacturer (I’m not talking about SIG or Glock) isn’t going to have the best IT infrastructure. A lot of these companies were started in somebody’s garage. Hell, even Ronnie Barrett built the first prototype M82 in his garage. Most of these companies would probably be easy for a professional to hack.

        • soloman02

          I know someone who works in IT for SIG. He told me that just a few years ago, SIG’s main server was a desktop PC in a small room. SIG didn’t want to spend the money on IT infrastructure. Thanks to Obama Scare I and Newtown, SIG was making enough profit that the IT director was able to convince the execs to finally spend money on the IT infrastructure. Now SIG has a proper datacenter. But 5-6 years ago, it was a shitshow.

    • toms

      Watching some of those guys blatantly photo itar protected items was disturbing. I actually saw quite a few shady characters at the show, mostly from hostile nation states pawing through thermal sites / armor/ intellectual property and looking furtively over the shoulders at reps while their brains calculated the possibility of running off. Not joking here but in reality all they have to do is throw down a pile of cash, call executive branch or state, and pretend to espouse social justice beliefs. We will probably pay for it then. Eotechs/Elcans/BAE tech in Russia, Flir in China/Pakistan, M1A1’s/Appachies in Iraq, a bolt carrier is not a big deal in the big picture of things. Still what a douche move by our supposed gun brothers, sickening.

  • Colonel Cthulhu

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

  • Duray

    Oh, it gets lower. I’d be wearing armor as I write this were it not for the anonymous co-worker who stole my vest from my locker. Taking your colleague’s personal body armor just to resell is about as low as it gets.

    • Risky

      Once on a circa 2005 Iraq deployment a warning went out of an increased threat of a possible chemical weapons attack on CF in the area. I had spent a week off base attached to an infantry platoon without my gas mask and was itching to get back to it. I returned only to find my seabag cut open and my gas mask stolen. At least half the Marines in the battalion told me I was a fool for taking my gas mask on deployment as i would ‘never need it’. Looks like at least one of them had changed their mind. There’s something particularly disgusting about a thief. I put them in the lowest of categories along with pedophiles and terrorists.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Not firearm related, but my trailer was stolen over Christmas while it was at a deceased relatives house (for cleanup). Not the first time I had something stolen, but that one hurt. I had built up a wooden rack to haul two canoes over our camping gear. We’re pretty sure the same dude that stole my trailer also broke into the house, just can’t prove it.

      • noguncontrol

        exactly! that’s why i wonder why people keep defending the stupid rule that you cant shoot burglars or thieves that you catch on your property, or that other stupid rule that you cant shoot a thief who has turned his back and is running away from you. people should be allowed to shoot a thief that they caught or one that is running away. bleeding heart liberals should not be allowed to make law or enforce it.

  • santi

    That’s utterly upsetting. Always at least one bad seed. Hope he is stricken with the good mind to send it back, even anonymously. A bolt group that says LANTAC on it won’t stay hidden for long.

  • That Guy

    So did Lantac just go herp derp and leave a ONE OF A KIND BCG unsecured at anytime? Or did some disgusting basement dweller create a 5 paragraph mission order and went all splinter cell in execution?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      You’ve clearly never been to SHOT. There are so many things just laying around and so many people around. One “could” walk away with optics, uppers, parts, whatever. No one would bat an eye to see someone walking an upper somewhere.

      That more stuff isn’t stolen is really a testiment that the only the extreme minority of people there are theives.

      • Stuff gets stolen all the time at SHOT. Typically it is items brought for sale rather than booth samples though. But it those going missing isn’t unheard of either.

        The reason you don’t hear about it, because they aren’t one off prototypes so companies just write it off as a loss from not watching the booth well enough.

        • Vitsaus

          Not to mention the humiliation of admitting that something like a prototype vanished on your watch.

        • Grindstone50k

          This. Leaving a one-off unguarded is just irresponsible.

      • That Guy

        You clearly don’t understand OPSEC. I’ve had my fair share of running trade show booths, and you don’t leave high value items without some sort of lock and/or supervision. Regular items already have a margin built in for their loss, but one of a kind items usually cost a hell of a lot more to mfg, hence the need for added security.

  • Joe Doeyy

    Tell the boys at Lantac USA to have a talk with the “gentlemen” at the Remington both about it. Don’t ask.

    • Don

      Don’t tease us and leave us hanging now????

    • uisconfruzed


    • 1911doc

      Care to elaborate instead of slinging baseless accusations??

    • 1911doc

      Yeah, I didn’t think so….

  • SPC

    A Chinese Airsoft copy is coming soon.

  • MR

    Probably some tweaker headed to the scrapyard to get cash for smack.

    No security cameras, not even a wire holding it to the table? They have more faith in humanity than I do. Or, had.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    I guess I don’t get why they’d make a display item be a functional item. Make it look like the thing you intend it to be but also make it obvious to anyone who picks it up that it won’t work if they steal it.

    • Don

      I think in this case it would be hard for them to get the point across of how light a titanium BCG is if they don’t have a real one there for the crowd to experience

  • John

    What is a forward porting bcg?

    • Don

      It’s called “Port Forward” gas porting.

      Per Lantac, “The carrier’s patent pending design features unique shrouded and forward facing gas ports that have also been re-sized so that gas is vented differently than a standard carrier. This results in a system that runs flatter with a smoother energy pulse. In addition the system also runs cooler and cleaner, there is also less pressurization of the upper receiver when running a suppressed barrel.” “The E-BCG’s forward porting and unique shape assist in reducing pressurization inside the upper receiver that can be caused by short barrel rifles running suppressors.”

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    As Tony Soprano would say “lotta balls.”

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Btw – how are there two in the picture if “the only one in existence” was stolen? Did they mean “the only one in existence without forward assist serrations”?

    Secondly, I wouldn’t be surprised if an employee of Lantac or a nearby company stole it, knowing blame would likely be put on show attendees. It’s the perfect crime! I suppose they could get security footage if they reeeeally wanted to but the man hours wouldn’t be worth it and its not as if a bolt carrier thief is going to bring the economy to its knees anyway.

    • patrickiv

      The picture was probably taken before it was stolen. It’s a new product. They would have taken pictures.

  • gyrfalcon

    They don’t have a billion CCTV cameras at SHOT show? This should be solvable in a few minutes after a visit to security. You should at least be able to determine all the people around the booth.

  • coastwatcher42

    I guess that I was naive in thinking that everyone in the firearms community was a good person. It’s just like every other element in society though, there are the good and the bad. I hope they are caught and convicted of a felony, thereby loosing thier firearms rights. The only things worse than a thief are pedophiles and politiians.

  • Wingbert

    Keep an eye out on instagram

  • noguncontrol

    People at SHOT need to learn to use things like security cameras, chains, locks, plastic display cases, alarms, etc.