SHOT Show 2015 in Pictures

SHOT Show may have concluded, but I have prepared a few pictures for you guys along with some captions to give you an idea of what this event is all about.  TFB went to range day and the convention, and I’d like to give you all a small insight into this year’s show:


SHOT Show starts with the media range morning, where media can get a sneak peek at the new gear and conduct interviews, etc. before the industry reps and dealers get there. This takes place in Boulder City, NV. I am really bummed I didn’t get a better picture of the sea of cars in the “parking lot” when we got there and when we left.


The TFB team!


Like I said, there are so many cars are there you take a shuttle to the entrance. It’s like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of guns mixed with Disney logistics.


Team loading up in the shuttle to the entrance.



The range layout.


Range Day is HUGE! View one way…


View the other way…


A view from the hill.


Media covering the 1000m rifle range.


Under the rifle range.


Rob Leatham doing some demo work for Springfield.


Rob Leatham doing some demo work for Springfield.



Beretta pistol range.



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Reps cruise up and down the ranges to see what catches their eye, and then test it out. The next morning, SHOT Show at the convention center begins, and that rep can typically place wholesale orders for the guns he shot or saw the day before.


Industry and media reps queue up at each manufacturer’s mini-range until called up. Some people make appointments beforehand. Once you get up there, you run a mag through whatever product you are checking out, take some pics/video, and do a short interview, then on to the next one. I was there almost all day and only got to really check out about a dozen tents (i.e. speak to a rep, photo/video, shoot product).  This is the IWI booth.


The old and the new.


Naturally, all the manufacturers have a literal ton of ammo to blow through at each stall. As you may know, the typical rifle and pistol ammo used in the more popular guns run about a quarter to seventy-five cents a round, while the more obscure offerings can cost a few bucks a round. The manufacturers provide all of this at no charge. Think of the math on that. These are AK mags for the Galil ACE loaded with brass-cased 7.62x39mm.



Not all of the media are actually good at handling hardware. In addition to the pro gun-celebs, the ranges will have accomplished shooters helping out to make sure that a media rep doesn’t shoot a bad group and say that the gun is terrible in a knee-jerk article.


The UZI Pro is expected by 2Q 2015.


The Jericho is expected in 2Q 2015, in polymer and steel framed versions.


S&W’s threaded barrel models were there for testing.


Suppressed Tavor.

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The flood of people at the Sands convention center for the first day of SHOT. SHOT is where you get another look at the new merch and get to place orders for it. I cannot impress upon you how huge this event is. I was only there for the first day, and I maybe saw a quarter of it at most. Pure pandemonium. We are talking miles and miles of aisles.


The media room.


One of the tables in the media room. All of us guys are trying to scoop the other, so it’s all about balance: You have to judge and collect the good material quickly, rush back to the media room, upload it in a format that will get attention, and do it again and again. Balance speed with quality.


They have these kiosks everywhere to help you find manufacturers, see demo times, etc. SHOT is that big. I was assigned to cover certain manufacturers that I didn’t even see the entire day I was there.


This is a swath of like 1% of SHOT. A manufacturer there had a platform that I asked to ascend so I could try to get a better view of the show.


More media stuff. It was hard to talk to reps for some manufacturers because when they weren’t taking orders, they were being interviewed.


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Wordpress-43 Grenade launchers from LMT.


One of the big hits from the show: The SIG MCX.


Century’s booth girls.






One of the hotter new releases from SIG (the MCX). SIG has gotten so big that they just host their own range day, so we had to split the team up the day before: One to cover SHOT official range day, and one to cover SIG range day.


SIG’s silencer division. Some of you may notice a gun quasi-celeb in here.


More Korth. That 1911 is probably made from real gold.


Your pick ~$3,000 each.


I have a weak spot for SBR FALs.


A Deagle rainbow.


The Troy M7A1 CQB: One of the best-looking guns at SHOT.


I was excited about Kahr’s booth this year because the Gen 2 model P-series pistols were on display. As a Kahr carrier, these upgrades are welcome.


Gatling gun.


Colt’s tournament rifle display.

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Hazard4 tactical fanny pack.


Tactical raptor.


The CMMG Mutant Mk47.


EOTech thermal imaging.


Desert Tech MDR.

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See you next year, SHOT!

James Reeves

• NRA-licensed concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present
Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
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  • David Lowrey

    I’m really looking forward to the new STG44 and MP40.

  • M.M.D.C.

    I’m having sensory overload just looking at the pics, I can’t imagine what walking through all that for five days is like.

    Whose are all the beautiful lever guns?

    • James R.

      Ha, I don’t recall. I thought it was a neat shot and took it, but levers aren’t my thing so I moved along. I hate admitting that because they were very beautiful.

      • M.M.D.C.

        Someone put an 1873 in this man’s hands!

    • Sadler

      That’s the Cimarron booth.

  • ghost

    Got to be a tough job covering all that. Glad there are those willing to do it.

    • Doc Rader

      Seriously! Our editors did a pretty good job of assigning each writer a block of booths and marshaling the logistics. Even so it would have taken double the number of writers to cover every vendor, and I’m not sure the blog would have withstood 1600 posts in 5 days (not that every vendor had something worthy of a post)… 🙂

  • Someday……

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Someday, you’ll walk 11miles a day through 98% garbage, the halls will be crowded with people walking slowly with large crates behind them dragging all the promo materials they are collecting, and you’ll hear such gems as “22 is actually one of the deadliest calibers in the world”, and “I don’t need electronics, I already hunt elk at 1600yards”.

      Someday 😉

      • Quit ruining my dreams!

        • JumpIf NotZero

          What? Have we not already met 🙂

      • Nicks87

        That many inflated egos in one place must have been exhausting.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Pretty much. Although honestly the people with just zero self-awareness were just as bad. You’d think gun people would be better at this than children.

          • Nicks87

            Not surprised at all. People like that make me want to quit going to gun shows, and the smell.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            OMFG the smell!! Wtf is wrong with them!? Will spend $20 a box of 22lr like a tool but won’t shell out $3 for deodorant!

          • Nicks87

            Lol! It’s like onions, bad breath and hoppes.

      • Ethan

        What happens at SHOT show stays at SHOT show… except for Ebola. That s**t will follow you to the grave..

  • Turner 92

    Those Century Girls! Boy, Masha and Svetlana can share their…. ushankas and keep me warm this winter!

  • bigbarry

    I have NEVER said this on a blog before , but I AM IN L O V E with the gal on the left working the Century area or maybe it is L U S T ! ! ! ! ! !

  • ShotShowWhiplash

    Would you guys pleaseeee post the booth numbers of each entry you make from the Shot Show next year? I couldn’t find many of the products you covered while I was there (the Unimags for example, the manufacturer didn’t exist in the directory), thanks.

    • James R.

      Great idea. If I remember next year, done.

  • Giolli Joker

    Oh… the new Benellis.
    Not much love for shotguns here, apparently.

    • ghost

      If it ain’t a shotgun it ain’t much. My first love was a shotgun. In briars and hedgerows it was king. Across rice patties into the tree line, not so much. Give me a choice, I will pick up a shotgun. I’ll shop around if I live long enough.

    • James R.

      I have a video with the Benelli rep that I hope to post this week.

    • GunShowWhiplash

      Benellli probably had the nicest booth in the entire show. Great swag too, Benelli branded-swiss army knives with wood grips.

  • Bill

    Not NEARLY enough booth babe coverage. Speaking of which, so far I’ve ordered 6 brides from Russia, but they keep getting lost in shipping.

    • ghost

      I know what you mean. Think it is a bait and switch thing. I have ordered a few women from Victoria’s Secret. The lingerie showed up, but no women yet. (Customer support no longer takes my calls).

      • gunslinger

        instructions unclear….

    • Guest

      Couldn’t resist…

  • USMC03Vet

    I’ll take the whole crate, Century.
    Blondes do it best.

  • claymore

    It must be a terrible slog around there LOL I have never seen so many men walking around with backpacks and murses. What’s up with that?

    • bernardg

      I guess you never been to cons. Any Conventions? Good to store all the brochures, freebies, tablets, laptops (if you are press coverage), your small purchases…. even conceal carry (if you can’t part with it but don’t feel the need to draw attention).

  • Nicks87

    Bunch of fat white guys trying to one up each other. Shot show must be the least diverse convention in the U.S.A. Aside from a Klan rally that is.

    • Gordon J Davis Jr

      I don’t know. I saw quite a few women I would’ve loved to have brought home.

      • Nicks87

        Why did my comment get deleted? I didn’t see one person of color in any of those pics. I get it, no politics but some things just need to be pointed out.

        • Gordon J Davis Jr

          Probably because it was racist?

        • ghost

          Nicks87, as joda might say, simple it is not. My neighbors are hispanic, black, and downright good people. Have no idea what their politics are. Don’t care. Only thing you might say we have in common, do not screw with us.

      • ghost

        Purely for domestic service of course.

        • Mike Goodwin

          Cooking? Ironing? or, just pressing the sheets?

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I think I probably would have just stayed at the century booth the whole time.

  • Nicks87

    Who, Hank Strange? I bet he felt like Kunta Kinte at a Merle Haggard concert.

  • Doug V

    Anyone know who makes the nice lookin’ honeycomb handguard in the pic underneath the wheelchair/tank hybrid?

    • MIke

      Its got the new Daniel Defense furniture(stock and grip), and i havent seen that anywhere else but on their rifles so far. It looks sweet!

  • DeVille

    Wow, I have really appreciated your coverage of SHOT. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks a lot.

    Btw: Are these pictures representative of the attendees?
    If so, the food vendors must have been the real winners of this trade show…

  • Andrew

    I think they try to cover things that most people will be interested in…a $15,000 .50bmg bull pup is not one of those things.

    • James R.

      Andrew is right to an extent. We try to cover as much as we can, even hitting lesser-known and perhaps “less exciting” products like bore solvents. But even with a dozen writers and 170 posts about SHOT, some things just get missed. This is such a huge event, it’s so hard to cover it all. Apologies to the ammo addict and whomever else may have been disappointed by an item we missed.

      • the ammo addict

        Haha, it’s cool James, I spent 4 days going through the show and once I got home, I still found cool stuff that you guys posted about that I completely missed. I intended to check TFB while I was there to see what cool stuff I was missing, but I was just too tired or distracted during the evenings to do it. As someone said above, adding the booth numbers for the items that TFB posts about would be a huge plus for anyone who is attending the show. Regarding the GM-6, yes, even the importer knows it’s a limited market; word is that only 25 are being imported for the first batch to see how they sell. How the pricing compares to other semi-auto .50s is going to make or break it, but pricing has not been determined yet. All of that said, it’s an amazing piece of equipment that I think most readers wouldn’t mind drooling over!

  • Daniel


  • GunShowWhiplash

    It was amazing, the reason why everybody acts like children is because it’s like Disneyland for gun fanatics.
    My favorite part was talking about the Ulfbehrt and Grendel with Bill Alexander and triggers with Bill Geissle at their respective booths, in person. Both are very approachable and eager to answer any questions, very energized about their products too. Funny story about Geissle and his “For God and Country” stickers and patches: I asked him if his trigger was used to kill UBL and he replied “I can neither confirm nor deny I made that trigger, but if I did then I made it in my basement”.

  • gunslinger

    about 32 pictures in. reminds me of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Makes it sound? That’s not hyperbole, those all happened all day erry day.

  • Guest

    Couldn’t resist..

  • barry soetoro

    why is everything “tactical” ?????

    • James R.

      I give up. Why?