XS Sight Systems Glass Assault Tool

I stopped at the XS Sight Systems booth at SHOT and found a number of products that were interesting, so I chose my top two:

The Glass Assault Tool

“The GAT will allow the operator to rapidly and effortlessly breach glass and gain access to high-risk environments while keeping both hand so the primary weapon platform with no effect to their weapon’s zero or combat readiness.” (from XS Sight Systems)

I have to admit the GAT is a neat tool, and its simplicity is part of its appeal. Mounting a small but effective glass-breaking point to your gun allows for maximum shattering effect without an elaborate mounting process – and without adding weight, which means your gun stays balanced and there is no effect on performance. You can see the floor model has been used to shatter a lot of glass, and I can’t blame the guys for testing it like crazy because it’s both a useful and fun.



AR-15 and M16 Tactical Sights

Sights are precision made from machined steel

These sights have considerable tactical appeal because they’re effective for longer range and close-quarters combat.




24/7 Tritium™ Stripe:
100 wide Square top post for Daylight and long range accuracy.
White Stripe reflects ambient light for excellent Half-Light sight acquisition.
Trijicon® Tritium for superb Low-Light sight visibility.

Precision Tactical Rear:
XS exclusive Same Plane design – Allows the shooter to change apertures without changing the rifles zero.
Precision .100” I.D. aperture for great accuracy in daylight or at long range.
Fast acquisition .230 aperture for low light and CQB.

Standard Dot or Big Dot Tritium Front Sights:
Standard Dot for general use out to intermediate ranges.
Big Dot for up close & entry guns.

White Stripe Front Sights:
Available in both .080 and .100 widths.
Great sight visibility in a non-tritium sight

CSAT Rear Sight:
Rear Sight Aperture from Paul Howe
Use the notch for 7 yard zero
Use the small aperture for 100 yard zero

XS Sight Systems’ products are made with pride in the heart of America (Texas, of course!). Thanks to Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.com for calling me to meet him at the XS Sight Systems booth. The team there is friendly and their products are innovative and logical, a combination I appreciate quite a bit.

Visit XS Sight Systems website: www.xssights.com

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  • Vhyrus

    A glass breaker… on an AR…

    I am pretty sure the standard AR comes equipped with 30 glass breakers that can be operated remotely using the trigger.

    • Miles

      Problem is, a bullet tends to keep going through what it’s been shot at.
      Not good if it’s one of those times where some people may want what’s on the other side of the glass (good guys, or bad guys) to stay alive.

    • skusmc

      “The GAT will allow the operator to rapidly and effortlessly breach glass and gain access to high-risk environments”

      Listen mister “30 glass breakers”, if that line doesn’t sell you then check your pulse. Do you want to be that ONE operator on a team who can’t enter dynamically? Your entry will be totally un-dynamic.

      • Chandler P

        Does Mr. 30 Glassbreakers even operate bro?

  • The other cliff

    Do we really want to be encouraging people to be using their rifle for secondary tasks? This tool is useful only for tempered glass such as is found on the side and back windows of cars. If someone is using their rifle to break the glass the are also pointing their bang stick at the inside of the car and at its occupants. Moreover, they will be doing do while exerting force with the hand near the trigger. I see little good coming form this device.

  • Matthew S Maynard

    Someone call Guinness World Records, we’ve found the shortest bayonet in the world.

  • Dracon1201

    I like those angled BUIS. I’ve been waiting on some to come out in a pistol config like that. They’re bound to be far quicker and more useful.

    • Andrew

      Before you buy, read all the negative reviews about them not being zeroed and not being able to be zeroed. They’re less effective than just pointing and guessing.

  • rugrash

    Since Paul Howe developed it, I’m sure he had specific reasons and ideas for it’s use.

  • Sulaco

    Used to carry a small amount of broken up ceramic from spark plugs (or fish tank “rocks”) in a side coat pocket so if we had to take out a car window, side or back, or a house window or glass door (didn’t work on layered front window auto glass) we could gently throw it against the glass and pretty much break out the whole window. Very effective and no cost or maint….

    • K. Whim

      What did you just say?

      • Sulaco

        Forgot maybe some folks don’t know about ceramic freq harmonics and glass. Ceramic pieces thrown at a pane of glass will cause it to shatter (most of the time), don’t have to throw hard. Easier to carry around then a glass breaking tool for cops/firemen that need to break out a windows from time to time. Try it yourself with (proper safety precautions!!) some broken pieces from a spark plug. It’s fun.

        • Chris

          Can confirm this!
          No trip to an auto wrecking yard is complete for me without having flicked a couple of ceramic shards from a busted spark plug at a few windows.
          Seriously advise any doubters to check it out for themselves.
          A thumb nail clipping size piece flicked at any auto window will silently shatter the entire pane, every time.

  • Nicks87

    Wow a glass breaker that most people will never use to go along with the offset sights that most people will never need. Good job XS keep making crap that only mall ninjas and morons buy.

    • Miles

      Good to know what you think of Mr. Howe, his former unit of assignment, and the people who are assigned there today. They’re morons huh?
      Well, you know, even though you insult them, they’ll probably still come to your aid if it ever became necessary. Pretty fine bunch of guys you seem to feel the need to insult.
      Again, thanks for sharing that with everyone here.

  • Nicks87

    You people? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    • Miles

      I think he was trying to be insulting.
      His skills aren’t much better than some other’s.

  • Miles

    Where has it ever been posted here that I stated I was ‘special’?
    Me? I’m no one of consequence, merely a retired federal civil service gunsmith. For who? Guess who!
    But, I’m certainly glad you’re so informed on Mr. Howe’s business and personal ethics. I think I’d like to see the results of you stating that to him personally instead of behind his back. Real personality indicator you exposed. Thanks for sharing it to everyone here too.

    And also I’m intrigued. Since you are so knowledgeable about the tactics, techniques and procedures of the operational personnel, you must have spent considerable time assigned to Mr. Howe’s former unit.
    Can you tell us your dates of assignment and your SQI if AD, or your GS coding if DAC?

  • stephen

    I dont see this as a good idea. Its terrible for LEOs because I can see it on the evening news where someone point his AR barrel at a person in a car, smashes the window and something goes wrong. Then there is a lawsuit and we end up with more riots and looting.

    It might have some application in the military but when I was doing the infantry grunt stuff, breaking glass was not a concern. I have to agree its mall ninja stuff.

    As for the offset sights, I tried a pair and didn’t like em so I gave them away.