X-Products 9mm Drum Mags

X-Products is making a 50 rd drum for colt magazine ARs. They are also going to make a 50 rd drum for 9mm ARs that use glock magazines. For a third product they are making a 32 rd drum magazine for Glock pistols. This seems overly complicated and unnecessary when Glock already as a 33 rd 9mm magazine. I do not see the benefit to a drum of similar capacity and surely increased cost. Right now this is a prototype. They need to increase the length so that it can fit full sized Glock grips.

IMG_9456 IMG_9454

Nicholas C

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  • Sean

    That Glock drum is just stupid. Glad SHOT is almost over as there has been some pretty mediocre products posted this morning.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Try being at the show!!! So many terrible things.

      • Sean

        Went to the show a couple of years ago, I completely agree with you. Some of it really made you shake your head in disbelief as people tried to create solutions for problems that do not exist.

  • Daniel

    That 32 round drum will sell like used rubbers.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Poor XProducts… Magpul is going to continue to eat your lunch.

    I highly doubt there is a market for this but if there is, Magpul will come in and do it far far better.

  • thedonn007

    What will be the MSRP for the 50 rd drum for colt magazine ARs?

    • Xanderbach

      Agreed. I have a Colt 633 DOE clone that needs a drum.

  • ensiteu

    Kel Tec Sub 2000 and then that 9mm AR made in OR

  • Ethan

    If its reliable I’d buy the 50rnd drum that works in GLOCK systems.. but yeah a 32 rounder is beyond pointless.

  • Colin

    Why make a 32rd glock when you make a 50rd glock???? Come on magpul we need multi versions / calibre 9 glock .45 1911 308 Pmag etc of your new d60 drum mag .cheap mass production reliable thank you ,you have a customer base here waiting .

  • Juvie Record

    Perhaps the inspiration came from this. It is 80 rnds compared to 30 but the obvious aesthetic appeal of big drum on little pistol is still there. Just more modern and western for those of us who drool over the unpractical yet ever tacticool.