SureFire XC1 Compact Pistol Light

SureFire is coming out with a new pistol light. This one was designed with X300 user complaints in mind. SureFire received many requests for a pistol light that does not protrude past the muzzle of common pistols like a Glock 17 or 19.

The XC1 is similar to the new Titan. It uses the same LED and reflector. Both are fueled by a single AAA. They will come with a rechargeable NiMH AAA battery but the charger will be separate. Not really a big issue as many people have NiMH rechargers already. SureFire will be coming out with their own charger later.

Price is TBD but it puts out 200 lumens from a single AAA. It has a run time of 1 hour and 30 mins. The light pattern is a bit floody with a little throw. This is nothing like the X-series lights where there is a decent hot spot to throw the light further down range. This is for CQB purposes, according to the SureFire rep that I spoke with.

IMG_9149 IMG_9148 IMG_9147

Nicholas C

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  • echelon

    That is aesthetically pleasing. I’m not sure I need a light on my gun that goes 54m but…knowing Surefire I’m sure the price will also be like $1 per lumen or more so I’ll probably have to pass…

    • sianmink

      You may be surprised, they’ve come out with some lower priced offerings in the past year. though as this thing has an aluminum chassis, your guess of a buck per lumen is probably in the ballpark. I like that the XC1 is no wider than the rail, meaning it could be integrated into CC with just a little kydex change

  • Rocco Slickfreddi

    This is still too big

    • Drew

      For a 200 lumen light, this is the smallest weapon-light on the market

  • Harrison Jones

    If semi custom kydex holster makers start making holsters for these then I’m sold!!! I can finally mount a light on my carry gun without it being obnoxiously big. I hope JM custom kydex starts adding these to all their holster lines. Maybe even AIWB.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I wasn’t crazy about the controls. Like the X300 you can push each side in for momentary, but need to use a small button on the side to turn it on constant. The number of times you want a weaponlight constantly on a extremely small – I just didn’t love the button system.

    The size is perfect. The price is right. But at the same time I’m falling out of love with weaponlights the more low light experience I get. If Raven made an Eidelon for one, I’d get it both.

    • David Knuth

      If night vision is a problem, put a red filter on it. won’t kill your vision, still offers illumination, and so on.

      that being said, all sorts of crap hanging off my gun are far from useful as its extra weight that needs feeding. Money is better spent on a red dot sight and training.

  • Mazryonh

    “Does not protrude past the muzzle of common pistols?”

    I remember seeing photos of tac-lights meant for handguns that had a “strike bezel” protruding past the handgun’s muzzle, supposedly for muzzle striking purposes. Does that mean those lights didn’t sell very well then?

  • Joe

    Price TBD = EXPENSIVE.

  • FerosFerio

    I sent this as a note to Surefire-

    The xc1 looks awesome, thanks for throwing a bone to the concealed carry crowd! Will you please, please offer a “dg” type grip switch? To be optimized for concealed carry, a compact pistol light needs switching that does not disturb a full, correct firing grip. When a citizen carrying concealed needs to draw, he’ll need that light “right TF now!” and will need to maintain an unimpeded firing grip. Fingertip switching may be a great solution for an SRT-type team, but it is suboptimal for concealed carry. Without a grip switch, I’m not going to buy this. With a grip switch, count me in for at least half a dozen!