Slide Lock Ambidextrous Charging Handle by Mega

AR charging handles have always seemed overly-complicated and costly to me. So the new Slide Lock from Mega seems like a great idea. It is constructed of 7075 billet aluminum and is type III hard coat anodized. The capture latch is black nitrate coated for corrosion resistance. It dispenses with the lever completely, simply using oversized handles for a quick and easy charging. Simpler is better.

It has an MSRP of $60.

The AR-15 model fits all mil-spec uppers and is available now. A .308 version is coming soon.

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and


  • rollen

    Sintercore Tripwire Ambi Charging Handle clone

    • Ethan

      I’m tired of the first response to every new product being “ZOMG it a ripoff of __X__”. Guys, nothing under the sun is truly new – please get over it. Buy what works for you, and let others do the same.

      Innovations will always have similarities to previously tried-and-failed designs. Note that failure can come from business factors too, not just the merits of the mechanical feature.

      • Jared

        So true. OMG that new G3 is just a copy o the Cemte LV-50 or whatever.

        • rollen

          They are in a patent dispute over it so it may be a legitimate comment

      • Grindstone50k

        I thought he was just saying there is a similar product out there. I guess I didn’t read into as much as you did.

        • Ethan

          No, his comment was pretty benign. I’m just tired of the every new product being greeted with this kind of “yawn, its just a copy of ___” response. People this is how innovation happens! Sometimes in large breakthroughs but usually its a progression of very slight changes of existing designs. Its awesome! Why do we have to be so negative about it? 😀

      • Tater

        It’s a blatant ripoff of another recently introduced product, not an adaptation of an old one. I suppose you’d be ok if someone stole your car and called it theirs, because it was never really yours in the first place right?

        • Ethan

          If it was actually theirs and they patented it, then MEGA will be successfully sued – either way they are releasing a successful product. I have never heard of Sintercore, but I have heard of this product and will likely buy one – ergo Mega is succeeding where Sintercore has failed.

          Call it natural selection – a fully mechanically awesome product can still completely fail via poor marketing, distribution, availability, or 100 other causes. No idea is truly new – its usually just a question of who makes it to the patent office first..

    • I was going to ask if/how the “Slide Lock” thing is appreciably different from the Armageddon Tactical GMS-15, but this is also a valid point of comparison.

  • hotairbill

    So, what is so bad about the standard item at $18.95, with. $14.00 after market handle , to help with optics? It is just like the latest ” fishing lure ” designed more to catch fishermen by the wallet than to catch fish!

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Less moving parts means less breakage. Some of the newer latches handle a lot differently, and can take more abuse. The method people use to charge the weapon has changed with modern combat tactics, and often, the factory latch cannot take the strain.
      Besides, options are nice. And people like to pimp their guns.

      • J.E.Walker

        Thanks for the explanation but I’ve got to admit that I still don’t get it. Guess I never have. Time for me to Google those new “modern combat tactics” and try again to figure out why I might need a different charging handle.

        • uisconfruzed

          There’s a big difference in strength between 7075Al vs 6061 Al. We’ve seen the MilSpec frequently breaks during 3 gun comp.

          • J.E.Walker

            Okay… thanks for that. I was not aware it was an issue.

      • hotairbill

        The old fashioned handle has 4 parts, it is hard to imagine fewer to operate the new one. Please advise. As to these “modern combat tactics” you mention, I need enlightenment. I have been retired from the Army for few years, but I do remember that you grasp the charging handle, pull briskly to the rear and release. Please let me know what has changed so I may stay up to date. Thanks Bill B

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          With modern armor, you shoot facing the enemy, not in profile. Typically, troops will slap the charging handle with the left hand instead of pulling it with the right. Other designs enclose the back of the handle so the latch can’t overtravel and break, and/or have bigger latches so they’re easier to engage.
          Since this is a friction lock, not requiring manual unlocking, it will likely also reduce breakage.
          I’m not rushing out to buy one–I have Vltor Gunfighter latches on all mine. But it’s worth examining.

        • Vitsaus

          You wouldn’t understand the value of this since you were in the real army and you’re not playing Call of Duty all day.

    • MR

      $60 does seem a bit steep to me, but I guess there’s metallurgic and precision machining concerns to deal with. I’ll stick with the standard option, as I’m low speed-high drag, though I’m sure these will find a ready market.

  • JS

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my BCM Mod 4 for $40

  • lol

    lol! trolled.

    “I have never heard of Sintercore…”

    “*TFB Links*”