PWS New Glock Slide

PWS unveiled their new Glock EDS (Enhanced Duty Slide). You provide your own barrel and recoil spring but it is a simple drop in upgrade. The rep said they did not want to make any modifications to the frame or trigger of the Glock yet were able to bring the factory trigger pull down from 5.5 lbs to 4 lbs. There are forward slide serrations on the EDS. There will be two models. One with factory plastic Glock sights for $449 or with Trijicon night sights for $549. No optic option yet.

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Nicholas C

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  • Jason Flickinger

    Sooooo.. for the price of a brand new Glock, I can get this PWS almost complete slide?


    • Batouman

      Don’t forget there is “essentially a trigger job in the slide” -Lindsay (she’s down a few posts)….So there’s that and you get a huge ass logo on top. You also get to make your poor friends look like chumps with their Glock brand Glocks with OEM Glock slides. Don’t forget Trigger job in the slide, yea. Trigger job.

  • Joe

    Expensive! you can get a new gun for that price!

  • Rocco Manfreddi

    I don’t get it

  • Sean

    Am I missing the point of this? The price of a new gun for a slide with front serrations. WTF

  • Robert Moore

    That’s an interesting marketing scheme. Is there more to this product other than the front serrations and the huge logo on top?

    • Lindsey

      There is essentially a “trigger job” in the actual slide. The lower has not been messed with so you retain Glock reliability, but improve trigger pull, reset, and feel. So yes, upgraded better looking slide and trigger job all in one.

      • All the Raindrops

        How do you know that messing with the slide is going to hurt reliability less than putting a factory 3.5 connector in the frame? which would gain similar effect… lighter pull, but truly no deviation from factory glock parts.

        • Jeremy S.

          In my opinion, the pull weight is the least important part of how this slide changes the trigger pull. What you end up with is a trigger that competes with the PPQ and VP9 in that it has almost no creep. There’s a touch of pre-travel to clear the firing pin block, then you’re hard up on the sear and it doesn’t move until CLICK, very clean break with little overtravel. Then a short reset and right back on the sear for another super clean break. It’s way, way better than a factory Glock trigger no matter what the trigger weight is on it. The spongy, gritty creep is totally gone.

          • JS

            Yes, but you can achieve these things easily with a cheap DIY trigger job you can find on various forums.

      • Batouman

        Uhh yea…

      • Slappy

        Does everyone on here just mouth off without knowing what they are talking about? Yes, slide to frame fit change improve trigger pull on a glock. It’s pretty easy to test this yourself. Apply pressure to simulate a tighter slide to frame fit and dry fire the weapon. The trigger pull is significantly lighter. Some brave souls have peened their slides in order to tighten this fit in the hopes of a better glock trigger. It either works or you need a new slide.

        But what do I know, I’m probably just another 12 year old girl like the rest of the posters here

  • Michael B

    How is this different then machining front serrations on the factory slide?

  • Amsdorf

    Confused on this one…..totally do not get it.

  • All the Raindrops

    Fail lol

  • Patrick Mingle

    You could just get the factory slides machined and get a aftermarket trigger for less but I guess it wouldn’t say PWS on it

  • FourString

    Is this made from Titanium or Carbon Fiber or Diamonds or something? Why so expensive?

    • LCON

      hand forged by a Hephaestus himself, using Metal recovered from the Russian Meteor Quenched in the tears of Bruce Lee.

  • DI Dangerous

    Ever wonder why PWS struggles? This is another Half Cocked idea.

    • For the love of DI

      This was an epic post!!

  • JonR

    Do I get a super Glock if I combine this with the Strike Industry rails and a 3.5 connector?

  • Jack Mahoghof

    This is retarded.

  • Zack

    I’m a big PWS fan. I own a MK116 Mod 1 rifle and I love it. Rewind to a few days before SHOT, I saw the teaser for this product on their Facebook page and was immediately skeptical about PWS moving into the Glock parts market. It’s already flooded and I’d rather PWS stick to making nice rifles.

    Now that I see the EDS, I’ve just gone full face-palm. Just…why? At this price point, who’s going to buy one? There are a ton of triggers which are proven reliable on the market for a fraction the price of the EDS.

    I would have rather they offer more parts for their existing proprietary products than come up with stuff like this. I literally cannot think of a market for this.

    Please PWS, stick to what you’re good at.