M+M Industries M10X AK

Lots of people make add-ons for the AK, but I was actually rather taken aback by the M10X rifle being announced by M+M Industries (at the time of this writing, there is nothing about the new rifle on their web site) at SHOT this year. They really have done something different, and it looks both interesting and promising.

Picture taking a normal AK, removing the rear sight block and dust cover, and pinning a full-length handguard and receiver cover to the front of the receiver. The gun has a disassembly latch underneath where the stock attached to the receiver, and allow the whole thing to pivot open like an AR or FAL. The monolithic handgard includes a single rail running the entire length of the gun, so you can put on an optic or use iron sights back at the rear of the receiver (and not have to work around the standard AK’s lack of solid mounting points back there.

The rifle uses standard AK mags, standard AK fire control parts, and AR-compatible stocks. All in all, I think it’s a refreshingly original take on the AK with a lot of very real improvements, and I’m eager to see how well they work!


Ian McCollum

Ian McCollum lives in Arizona, where he spends his time searching out rare, unusual, and experimental firearms for his daily blog at ForgottenWeapons.com. His shooting background is in bullseye pistol, and before becoming a full-time gun writer he worked in the solar power industry.


  • J.T.

    It would be nice if we had more pictures.

    • terminalbrd

      No kidding. The one posted shows almost nothing about the overall appearance of the gun.

      • Esh325


        • asdf

          Jeff over at gunblast has an interview with them in the day 3 video.

          • Joe Danger

            It’s at 13:50 on the video, FYI.

    • Ian McCollum

      Yeah, I know. I was rushed to get to an appointment and just neglected to get more.

  • lof

    Great, they re-invented the SIG 550…

    • Esh325

      This will be a lot cheaper than a Sig 550 though.

      • patrickiv

        In time. It looks promising.

    • Ethan

      Ah, decidedly not. Just because a gun shoots 7.62 or 5.45×39 doesn’t make it a SIG ripoff.. that’s a bit like saying any car that has four wheels and uses gasoline is a ripoff of a Ford.

      • lof

        I’m talking about the 5.56 SIG 550. Sights on the back of the reciever, opening without removing the dust cover, but taking the lower and upper reciever appart, it’s like a copy. Great for americans to be able to own a SIG under a 10k pricetag.

        • Ethan

          You realize you just described 75% of all modern rifles, right? πŸ˜‰ So most rifles are then SIGs?

          • int19h

            Unlike most other modern rifles, SIG 55x does all this while retaining an essentially AK action (long permanently attached pistol, two locking lugs etc).

            Just like this thing.

          • Ethan

            So any modern tactical rifle that’s long-stroke piston operated is a SIG.. ?
            That narrows it down to about 40% of the market.

            Are all pistol using the Browning system a Glock?
            I’m not trying to be snarky, but people seem to have this ludicrous idea that a new product should have nothing in common with anything else ever invented in history for it to be “worthy”. That’s just not how innovation works..

    • stiles119

      I agree its a sig. they moved the return sping to the piston. thats a sig. the amby ar safety is also a sig. look at it. looks like they are buying ones from sig or swiss arms and dropping it in. I bet the charging handle also holds the piston in place just like the sig to

  • JefftheSwede

    Pretty cool. I know they’re not really the same thing, but it might be fun to see a TFB compare/contrast with this and the CMMG Mutant.

  • Dave

    left side charging?


    • MattCFII

      Yes I think so, you can see more of it on M+Ms and Colorado Gun’s Facebook page

      • Mike Lee

        Charging handle is removable/ambi, put it on whichever side you want.

  • sianmink


  • Sargasso

    What I like is that Ian from Forgotten Weapons is holding it. πŸ™‚

    • Ian McCollum

      Ian from Forgotten Weapons wrote the blurb, too. πŸ™‚

  • dan citizen


    “I think it’s a refreshingly original take on the AK with a lot of very real improvements”

    – Well said.

  • abe

    Gun blast has shot show video side charging handle ar style safety

  • Uncle Joe Biden

    It also has a free floating rail, nitride treated barrel, ambidextrous AR style safety, reversible charging handle and an improved mag catch. Still an AK action so it should bereliable too. I know for a fact these things are on the rifle because I have a whole bunch of info from their booth at the shot show.

  • JMB

    Got a malware warning when I went to the M+M sit. Neat.

  • roguetechie

    I really really hope there’s a way to attach actual AK stocks, but looking at various pics I’m thinking it’s probably not gonna happen. And that’s sad because I’d buy one if I had the option to put an actual AK stock on it to restore proper stock geometry. (AK stocks are canted downward at around the same angle as the upward slope on the bottom of the receivers. This is important for retaining decent ergonomics in my opinion) Plus why would I want to export the WORST feature of the AR platform to other platforms? That and they just look stupid…. (not guy using 7 inch tablet as a phone stupid, but doing a full fast and the furious treatment on a 4 door accord or civic stupid! Might as well put the my child is an honor student at the window licker school for the gifted DIRECTLY onto the downforce wing you salvaged from a crashed top fuel dragster stupid…)

    They look awesome on AR15’s…. but that doesn’t mean you should use them on everything!

  • J.T.

    It looks like a copy of the SIG 556xi Russian. They need something lower profile on there than backup sights for an AR.

    • d_grey

      I agree, the fore-arm does no justice.

  • Juice

    As soon as I saw the shirt tucked into a pair of BDU pants with a ‘vintage’ camouflage pattern I just knew it was Ian.

  • toms

    It looked like it had a a sig 550 style gas system but I did not play with it much at all.

  • KestrelBike

    Awesome, thanks for sharing that (especially with the timestamp, whew!)

  • Mike Lee

    The Galil is pricier. This rifle is designed for better accuracy and longer service life than the 1950’s era design AK. Yeah, I have to say that’s “needed,” or at the very least, desired. πŸ™‚

  • Max Glazer

    Looks cool and certainly an interesting derivative. If someone wants a totally machined AK with an all-new receiver then this seems a weapon for you. I really like it and would buy as it is a really refreshing concept.

    However buying it just because of a full-length rail is a bit strange since there are siderail-to-picattini low profile adapters that do the job just fine and always hold zero.

  • Gregory Allard

    I wonder if its different enough from an AK to be legal in canada