Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS

Meprolight is making big inroads into the U.S. market, and their latest offering is sure to keep the trend strong. The TRU-DOT RDS red dot sight was designed to meet military durability and operational demands while being simple and affordable enough for mainstream recreational shooters. It operates on a single standard AA battery, a definite advantage for commercial gun owners, and has four distinct reticle brightness settings.

The TRU-DOT RDS has a 1.8 MOA red dot and is compatible with magnifying scopes and night vision devices.

With an MSRP of only $399, it brings top-quality reflex sighting at consumer prices.

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and


  • M

    If 7.62 precision or reps at Mako can answer, what’s the height of the red dot above the rail?

    • MIke

      It cowitnesses with my magpul pro and troy buis perfectly. Absolute cowitness

  • Lance

    Prefer AIMPOINT.

  • Johnny

    I just measured mine. Dot is dead center on the window aperture. Flush from the rail the dot measures at 1 & 6/8ths of an inch above the rail. Hope this helps.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    I loved my M68 aimpoint, but I am not picky, if there is a less expensive red dot site, that stays zeroed and can handle all weather situations, why hate? Milspec is good for me. This is apparently not milspec, so I will pass.

    • Lamont J Balongue

      You do realize MilSpec DOES NOT mean best??? Quite the opposite when talking high end materials/parts…

  • Name

    Mine was a piece of crap. SCAR 16S recoil made it malfunction. Sent it back for a refund, wasn’t happy with CS.

    • Johnny

      You’re definitely among the minority. I have had mine since the first batch was sent out in OCT, and have fired at least 4k rounds with my AR, and lent it to a friend of mine who put about 3k rounds on his Saiga. It always held zero and we had no problems. A huge plus for him is his rail was out of spec, but since the quick detach mounts are adjustable he was able to make it fit snug which he wasn’t able to do with other optics.

      • Name

        That’s good to hear, though I also had a low serial range. The mount didn’t seem the beefiest, but it adjusted and worked fine. Unfortunately the inability to stay on during fire caused me to lose faith in the product; Mako’s crappy CS lost my faith in the brand. I liked the product, but wished it would have worked as it should have. The simplified feature set and auto-on/off of the Mepro was appreciated, but I won’t miss it while shooting with an optic that works.

        I’ve since moved on to an EOTech, which is superior with the 1MOA dot and hasn’t shutoff during recoil.

        • Johnny

          I hear you. I had to contact Mako for a question on a product. The customer service wasn’t BAD, once I was actually able to get a hold of them. Problem was getting hold of them. I think if they invested a few more dollars in beefing up amount of people who answer phones and respond to emails they would be in a lot better of a position.

  • RPJ

    Have one on my Tavor & love it. Used it for a solid week & close to 2500 rounds in good weather, cold & pouring rain without a single problem. Never turned it off & let the auto on / off feature do its thing. With a 3X magnifier on the infra red settings, small dot allowed consistent shots at 400 meters on torso sized targets. Have used it to replace my Meprolight 21, & bought a second one for a future rifle.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    On phone… Still drunk from last shot show night… What is the battery life and weight? Because that’s really all that matters imo.

  • John Daniels

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t one of the serious problems with the earlier Eotech designs that the batteries were located the long direction of the sight? Then they’d slop back and forth every time the gun recoils, and quickly malfunction. As I understand it, that’s why most of Eotech’s newer models have the batteries located perpendicular to the bore, not parallel with the bore.

    Apparently, Meprolight didn’t pick up on that.

    • the_duck

      Or they figured out how to do it and it hasn’t been a problem. I’m sure they looked at Eotechs design, why wouldn’t they?

    • John

      I’m curious. Is that an witch eotech-specific issue or does it happen with all battery parallel to bore electronic sights? Haven’t heard about it with aimpoints

  • I just want to know which red dot won the IDF competition / tender offer for 20,000 red dot reflex optic units to replace the aging & old M21 units. Silence has been deafening. Who won?

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    I should have been more specific. I was referring too an earlier comment, where the person said he would stick to his aimpoint.

    I have no issue with the optics in this article at all. Not sure why anyone would not want to save some cash. Personally, I prefer the M68 over the reflex style of optics, but I trained with/used the M68, and teaching old dogs, new tricks, well you know the rest.

    • RPJ

      So what you are telling me is the AIMpoint does not meet mil spec also. Since according to the company it only meets ISO9001, which only meets the 1979 BS 5750 standard. Correct?
      You once again incorrectly play with words in that meets mil spec is not mil spec. To be blunt that is being dishonest. It either does or it doesn’t meet the spec, & it does.
      So one person had a bad experience. Hmmm, EOTECH & AIMpoint have never had a defect? Let me point out that the reason EOTECH changed the position of the battery was because recoil was reducing the contact surfaces & they would fail. This didn’t make it a bad optic, just one with a problem that could arise & needed to be solved.
      Again, it either meets the spec or it doesn’t, & yes, it does.

      • Anthony “stalker6recon”

        You seem to be taking my comment personally. I am going from memory, and I could be wrong, which is not a problem for me. I recall that “MILSPEC” was similar in meaning to “UL” as I described it. Maybe there verbiage has changed since I was on active duty, who knows, I thought I left wriggle room in there. Clearly I didn’t, it has been more than 10 years since I retired.

        I recalled that items in the MILSPEC category, carried the NSN (National Stock Number) as well, and I don’t believe this has an NSN.

        I hope this is exactly as you want it to be, military specification. And that mil spec and MILSPEC are one in the same. Again, I was merely pointing out that it sounded similar to a company claiming it was UL specifications, without getting the UL listing. If that is accurate, THEN BUYER BEWARE.

        No need to get salty about it. Did you read the article about new civilian PAQ-4 IR lasers being sold? They look the same as the military, and have the same weatherproofing, but have a far lower power than military grade “pack fours”. Don’t recall if that was listed as mil spec or not, but if it is, then it would be misleading.

    • john huscio

      this sight is in use with the IDF alongside the m21

  • john huscio

    open box-view red dots > scope red dots. at least for me

  • mindflayer

    I have this mounted on my Tavor. It’s very nice – large window, good size dot, runs on an AA battery.