ELCAN and Tenebraex optical products – SHOT Show Optic Preview

Tenebraex bumper shell for the Trijicon RMR mini reflex sight. The Killflash ARD (anti reflection device) filter is embedded into the unit. I really like the integrated design.



Tenebraex Killflash ARD filters for Trijicon ACOG without filter thread. The patented rubber ring design holds the Killflash securely in place.



Tenebraex lens thread size step-up and step-down adapters. Those allow Tenebraex caps and Killflash ARD filters to use on scopes that don’t have the common filter thread pitch or size.



Tenebraex Killflash ARD filter and flip-up lens caps for ELCAN Specter DR and OS x4 models. Noted that the Tenebraex lens cap’s base is tie down with a T10 bolt. The lens cap itself is rotatable 360-degrees and folding up to an almost flat position.



The clear see-through version of the Tenebraex lens caps.



The ELCAN Specter TR 1-3-9x had went through a redesign that now that it’s now much sharper at the top magnification. The reticle lines are also much finer at 9x. This triple magnification model will be available in 2-3 months time frame. On the production model, the front and rear rubber bumpers in the picture will be replace by a set of Tenebraex flip-up lens covers.


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  • Miles

    Excellent! Tenebraex is getting on the ball. Hopefully we’ll see more items in the future.

  • guest

    For RMR???
    I think MLK quote is very fitting here:
    “Free at last, free at last, thank God allmighy I’m free at last!”

    • Andrew

      The Tenebraex ARD for RMR has been out a couple years now. It only fits the dual illuminated models though (the ones with fiber optic on top), not the LED or adjustable LED models.

      • Timothy G. Yan

        I believe they will have different models that fit all version of the RMR. I need to find out.