TriStar’s Turkish Gun Lineup

TriStar, an importer of firearms from several Turkish factories, was showing off its lineup of budget shotguns and pistols at the 2015 SHOT Show:



TriStar advertises the factory that makes their CZ-75-based handguns as “NATO approved” in their brochures. The guns did not have any obvious mechanical issues, and generally seemed to be well-made. TriStar advertises an MSRP of between $459 and $509 for the various models.


TriStar imports two models of semi-automatic shotgun: The Viper G2 and Raptor series, a pump-action model, the Cobra, an over-under series, and a new single-shot line. The semi-automatic shotguns are made in two different factories, and come in clays, hunting, home defense, and a variety of youth models:



Viper G2 shotguns


Raptor shotguns, as well as TriStar’s new single-shot offerings at the bottom.


As shown in this image of one of TriStar’s Cobra shotgun displays, TriStar offers a wide variety of youth models and styles.



TriStar offers all its pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns in tactical or home defense guises.


Over-unders imported by TriStar include both steel and aluminum receiver models, all with 3″ chambers. The least expensive Setter model has an MSRP of $529, and features an aluminum receiver. All TriStar over-unders feature special action sizes in each caliber. The Hunter model comes in 12,16, and 20 gauges, as well as .410 bore.




Nathaniel F

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  • Joe Danger

    Tristar should really get around to making some US parts for those tactical shotguns, because they’re nearly four feet long with terrible length of pull. Even if they just replaced three of the trigger parts, it would let people put adjustable stocks on those things. It’s the only thing really keeping me from picking up a TEC-12 (bottom of the second to last picture).

    • As far as length the import laws kept them from importing anything with a short barrel until just recently. Now they have permission to import 18 inch barrels.
      I also asked about magazine extension tubes and those are still a restricted item for import.

      • The problem isn’t the barrel length, it’s replacing the furniture.

        • Joe Danger

          Exactly. The fact that they can import shorter barrels is great, but unless they do something about the stocks, it means the end user has drop a couple hundred dollars and tons of time into finding US made Benelli parts for 922r compatibility.

          The TEC-12 has it the worst, because there’s practically NOTHING for the Benelli M3 Super 90, so it would be nice if TriStar at least gave the customers the ability to buy a cheap set of US made trigger parts to deal with 922r.

  • Don Ward

    I’ve heard good stuff about their handguns. Intriguing.

  • Handgunner

    Their handguns are very nice, and Cajun Gun Works offers parts and services to tune them to near “CZ shadow” levels of performance at 1/3 the price. Out of the box the trigger pull on my p120 was quite heavy, but now it is 6lbs double action and 3.5 SA and crisp.

    • Jim

      I’ve thought of trying one of their spring kits. Is that the route you took, and if so, how’s reliability been?

      • chris

        Jim I put a spring kit in my t-120 and it has been awesome !!! My t-120 has NEVER had a failure with or with out the spring kit . I is the best 17 dollar upgrade you can do to theses gun . Well worth the money !!!

        • Jim

          Thanks Chris. I’ll order one and try it in a gun. If it works for me like it does for you, I’ll be getting more.

  • Jon B

    Just got a Lefty Viper G2 in 12ga. I love it

  • Bill bill

    It would be nice if there was any info, like new models or features.

  • RocketScientist

    Anyone have any info on their O/U shotguns? Been in the market for a lower-priced double gun for awhile (cue the flood of people telling me to not waste my money). There is a large range of quality in the guns coming out of Turkey, I hear the Yildiz line is pretty decent, for example, though without and Academy sports nearby I haven’t bene able to handle one for myself. Anyone of you guys played around with the Tri-Star O/U and have any feedback? Looking for a 30″ 12ga mainly for trap.

  • jdw

    have the s-120 9mm great gun all steel very accurate and 200 bucks cheaper than cz75

  • Brian P

    Buds has a few handguns from Turkey and tristar shotguns , Buds offers a full warranty of fix gun , money back , or replacement if needed.