EAA Witness Polymer 1911 Coming in 2015

EAA Corp teased us last year with their polymer framed 1911, but they confirmed at the 2015 SHOT SHOW Show that it’s finally coming to market. Their rep estimated it should be available around March of this year. It features a polymer frame and an unloaded weight of 2lbs. It also includes steel action inserts, an ambi safety, accessory rail, extended beaver tail and flat mainspring housing. It will retail for $580. Check out EAACorp.com for more info.





Witness the FIRST Polymer Single Stack 1911 Pistol, similar to that of the classic 1911 with the same dimensions and technical characteristics; ideal for Target Shooting, I.P.S.C. and I.D.P.A. (SINGLE STACK or PRODUCTION CLASS) Competitions. Tanfoglio maintained the tradition of the original 1911’s with its slim design and powerful .45ACP cartridge then lightened the frame by molding it with the finest polymer materials

Caliber: .45 ACP
Magazine capacity: eight rounds
Barrel length: 5″
Overall length: 8.58″
Width: 1.4″
Weight: 2lbs (32oz)
SKU: 600347
MSRP: $580.00

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  • gunsandrockets

    Huh. I would have thought it would be lighter. Didn’t the old Colt Commanders only weigh 27 ounces with an aluminum frame?

  • okflowtester


  • andrey kireev

    Just wait ’til someone makes a steel framed glock next…..

    • d_grey

      Dara Adam Khel (Pakistan) makes it. 😀

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    This smells, allegedly Charles Dailey went out of business because of the promises of a plastic 1911 company in Israel. Supposedly they took large amounts of money and delivered nothing. I hope EAA don’t go the same way. Geoff Who wonders if an industry specialist can enlighten us poor folks.

    • Opieharper

      Charles Daly had a deal with Bul to make the new 1911 for them, which they only had a handshake on. According to Charles Daly, they asked a bunch of their users for feedback, took that to Bul, and came up with the version they were going to release. Bul then turned around and made a deal with Desert Eagle, and the Desert Eagle 1911 came out, which is essentially the 1911 Charles Daly wanted to make, with the addition of the horrendous gigantic Desert Eagle billboard on the slide.

  • Nicks87

    I’ll buy one. I’m not a big 1911 fan but the price is right and I’m all about light weight.

  • hami

    I hope they make one in 9mm. Polymer, rail, and 9mm? Yes please.

  • gunslinger

    why am i still not impressed with rails on a 1911?

  • Vitsaus

    I’m sure it will be as successful as the previous polymer framed 1911 from the last 20 or so years.

  • Charles Daly is alive and well and had a large booth at SHOT.

  • floppyscience

    “Charles Daly” has gone out of business and come back more times than I can count.

  • Alucard

    I’m honestly surprised no one has made a polymer single stack 1911 by now,I would have thought the increasing popularity of the Glocks in the 80’s would have made at least one company make one in the 90’s.I am also somewhat disappointed with the weight I was hoping it weigh closer to a Glock 17. I would buy one if they release a model without a rail.