Colt 1918 Self Loading Rifle

At the Colt booth in Shot Show 2015 there is a display of a Colt SLR. The SLR is made by Ohio Ordnance Works under license by Colt. The SLR is semi-automatic version of the Colt BAR. The SLR comes in a Italian leather-bound display case. Two 20 rd mags, Leather sling and a cleaning kit. It is chambered in 30-06. Has an OAL of 47″ and weighs 16 lbs. According to the Ohio Ordnance representative, they are only making 1000 units. At a retail price of $8,799.00.

IMG_9301 IMG_9300

Nicholas C

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  • andrey kireev

    So purdy !!!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I expected Colt to be re-selling OOW BARs with a purdy case and ugly role mark for twice the price, although I was hoping for Colt to surprise us with a Colt Monitor R80.

  • Bill

    That is far more badass than the HCAR, let’s get a photo of THAT being fondled by a booth babe instead of the usual AR

    • Ben

      more like three booth babes on rotation as their arms get tired.

  • Mmmtacos


    In other news Colt still on the fast track to bankruptcy.

    • sometrend

      Too bad too. I have a few older colts and they are really nice guns. My 68 vintage python is a work of art


    “In other news Colt still on the fast track to bankruptcy.”
    Yea and look at their Hail Marry. An AR with no hardware so you can customize it. Not a bad idea but also a little late to the game. Companies like DD, Noveske, POF, LWRC, LMT are putting out quality arms with some innovative enhancements but Colt is still selling us 6920’s with standard hardware. (Or Magpul MOE) Where is their 3-Gun Competitor? Where is their innovative industry standard piston system? (They have a piston AR but it is far from any kind of standard. Just another proprietary system you’ll never get parts for.)

    The new 1911’s, finally adding rails. Nice, but again late. And if you are trying to catch up why not add an extended barrel with threads? Other Mfgrs see suppressors taking off. Low mount, no snag tritium night sights? No. 30 lpi checkering? Magwell? Beaver tail? Low profile extended ambi safety? No, no, no. Colt, no, they add rails… How about a Colt branded 2011? How about some innovation?

    It’s time for Colt to get someone younger than 100 in there to help them usher in the modern era. There is so much Colt could do but all they’ve done is sit on their laurels and ride the coat tails of their reputation. Sad.

    • AK™

      Ruger upped their game significantly after the old man kicked off.
      Granted their revolvers are overbuilt and heavier than a S&W counterpart..but I’d rather have a Redhawk or a Super Redhawk than a 29 or a 629.

      I almost bought a SR762 last year..I was *that* close,but had to buy new snow tires..

      • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

        Yea, I’ve been really impressed with Ruger lately. They’ve really made some solid offerings. You’d think Colt and some of the other big MFGRs would have taken notice. There really is a huge void between the smaller MFRGs offerings and larger companies like Colt, Rem (Freedom Group), Winchester etc. HK now (Finally!) sells their 416, not gonna lie I want one, but not at $2500 for a factory gun.

        Colt could really come in and shake things up, unfortunately their 2015 SHOT offerings are weak.

        • Cleophus

          You know what would shake things up? If Colt brought back the Python and the Diamondback as regular production items. Colt could be the industry leader in revolvers inside three years if they would only step up and invest in the future. No one, and I mean no one, did revolvers better than Colt…..

      • sometrend

        My brother bought 1. It has a very tight chamber and will not feed most surplus ball.It will even refuse to chamber some fresh factory hunting stuff. It feeds federal gold medal match pretty well but my windham weaponry will outshoot it. He paid 1800 bucks for a gun I wouldn`t care to own. He says he`s going to trade it for an armalite.

    • Zachary marrs

      The piston fad passed when people realized that a standard ar won’t jam up after 2 shots

  • Vitsaus

    I guess they took some cues from Hollywood… when you’re out of ideas just re-make something that people have a sentimental attachment to. Of course they dropped the ball on the price, but its Colt so that was to be expected.

  • Teddy

    It comes with a box of shrunken heads brought back from Iwo Jima after WW2.

  • Spade

    So Colt thinks that a shiny finish, a new rollmark, and a nice case turn a $4k rifle into a $8k rifle?

    • Scott P

      Apparently so.

  • Ayy Lmao

    Jesus Christ Colt, You are in the hole, why would you make 1000 B.A.R.s and sell them at nearly 9000 bucks when OOW makes the same gun for 4300. Come on Colt you are better then this

  • floppyscience

    +$4000 over the standard OOW BAR package for the Colt name and a leather case? That better be some damn nice Italian leather.

  • Cal S.

    Ironically, if they dropped the Italian leather-bonded case, the MSRP would probably drop to an affordable $1,500.