Armalite’s Revamped Product Line

Armalite has significantly re-worked its M-15 and AR-10 product line. Still offered are Armalite’s more trademarked “A4” style AR-10s, but now Armalite is offering railed, braked guns intended for 3-gun competition, as well as brace-equipped M-15 and AR-10 pistols.

The rifles came in a wide variety of finishes, from anodized black to a yellow Cerakote finish (note LUTH-AR adjustable stock):




The brace-equipped 13.9″ AR-10 seems pretty optimistic to me:




Armalite is clearly courting the racegun crowd with its line of heavily braked AR-15s and AR-10s:


Braced 5.56mm M-15s come with a barrel as short as 6″!




DSC007832 DSC007802


Several Armalite rifles shown featured the smooth VSR handguard, which Armalite advertises as being designed for “maximum comfort and durability”. There are short integral Picatinny rail sections at the top on both ends, as well as three keymod holes on each side:












Nathaniel F

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  • James R.

    Nice article, Nathaniel, good looking stuff here from Armalite.

  • Esh325

    All those brace guns are gonna be pretty much useless now.

    • James Gibbons

      Why? The Brace isn’t being made illegal. As per the ATF, SHOULDERING it is..

  • Lance

    More free floating barrel ARS…. YAWN!!!!!

  • ColonelColt

    No AR-180? Don’t care. Keep making the same stuff everyone else is.