ALG Glock Optic Mount – SHOT Show Optic Preview

While it’s not really an optic, I was very impressed by the new ALG 6-second Optic mount during the Media Day at the Range. The ALG mount is compatible with Aimpoint Micro T1/H1/T2 or any similar size mini red-dot sight that uses the same Aimpoint Micro mounting screw pattern.



The ALG mount attached to the front 1913 rail on the Glock frame in the front and its rear mount replaces the trigger pin. Unlike the popular slide mounted setup, the mini Aimpoint mounted on the ALG mount doesn’t reciprocate. The new ALG mount was developed based on a request by the DoD.



The ALG 6-second Optic mount will be available in 4 colors: Black, Tan, ALG Purple and Grey. I have talked ALG about offering this mount for other popular polymer pistols such as the S&W M&P, Springfield XD and the FNH FNP/FNX. I was told there’s a possibility in the future depends on how well the Glock version sells.




2 very cool features at the front of the ALG mount. First is the replaceable blast shield on top that protects the optic’s front lens from muzzle blast and also keeping it clean. The 2nd is the metal rail section on the bottom, which is more rigid than the polymer rail. That helps to maintaining zero for a laser designator mounted on it.


Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at-


  • Matty

    Pretty cool? Didn’t someone have a product very similar to this? Also how much does this weigh?

  • hjasdfl

    i like this alot. for the simple reason i don’t have to mill out my slide. I can try out a red dot and if i like it great! if i don’t i sell the parts and go back to my ordinary pistol. manipulation seems maybe a bit difficult though, im not sure i would have to work with it first, i usually don’t grab in front of teh ejection port, but who knows? im also not sure about how iron sights would function as a “back-up” if you ever needed to. i look forward to seeing the development and future of this product!!!

  • Nicks87

    “Developed based on a request by the DoD”? That’s pretty vague. Could you be more specific? I have heard that there have been issues with slide mounted red dots failing because of the violent forces of the recoiling slide but I have seen no tests or real evidence of this phenomenon. I would like to know who, if anybody, is experiencing these issues.

    • NDS

      Supposedly some super secret top tier special operations guys were battering their slide mounted RDS to death, and they requested a non-reciprocated optic.

      Seems like an absurd claim, I have 10k+ rounds on an RMR mounted to a G17 slide with no issues. With co-witnessed irons, seems like the smarter play than this cartoonishly bulky contraption with no backup iron sights.

      • Miles

        In all seriousness.
        Get a G22. Put an Insight MRDS on it, shoot 20 to 30 thousand rounds through it, then please report back.

        • Martin Grønsdal

          What will happen?

          • Miles

            From the subject of the article, take a swag. I’d bet if you even just took a wag, you’d probably get it right.

          • Martin Grønsdal


          • Nicks87


          • Miles

            What’s the subject of the article?
            A RDS mount that’s independent from the slide of a Glock….right?
            A scientific wild ass guess (swag) would lead one to believe that the slide mounted RDS sights have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
            And shoot more than a month’s worth of ammo.

          • Nicks87

            Show me the tests or videos or some sort of evidence other than your anonymous “take my word for it cuz I shoot a lot” BS.

          • Miles

            You call BS. YOU need to applogize…..sir.

          • Nicks87

            For what? Asking you to back up your statements? Show me some evidence that what you say is true, that’s all I’m asking. I have beat the crap out of more than a few red dot sights and they still work fine. I want to know facts about the durability of these sights so I can pass that info on to others. I don’t want to hear conjecture and biased opinions.

          • David Knuth

            A quick google search on “Slide mount RMR failures” leads to two separate articles on RMRs failing on guns. Same if I google for other types of red dots on pistols.

            Even Doctor Gary Roberts and others have spoken on it in the past, and have mentioned it as reasons they don’t simply replace irons with a red dot sight.

            Again, a google search would tell you that.

            This is not meant to be an “internet tough guy” response, but rather one borne of experience and also googling.

          • Nicks87

            Oh I agree on not replacing irons. Co-witness suppressor sights are still necessary anything electronic is prone to failure. I just don’t believe that it’s so common that it would justify a $250 mount that adds bulk and weight to a pistol and doesn’t fit in a standard holster.

          • David Knuth

            My only beef with milling the slide for a custom sight setup rather than something like this (or any optics mount that can go onto a light rail or similar) is that they increase the necessary distance between the bore center and the sight plane, making the compensation for range different, and changing the muscle memory of the gun if you happen to switch back and forth a lot.

            Also, it makes it difficult to swap pistols, if need be, and keep your setup, it requires the gun to be custom machined (assuming you buy one that’s not a model specifically pre-cut for the optic), and harder to replace.

            What I’d like to see more of are cases where instead of digging into the slide to mount it, this potentially introducing weak points or similar, the slide itself has the top milled at the rear into a rail mount, with the dovetail recessed within. Makes changing, removing, and replacing much simpler without necessarily compromising the integrity of the slide.

          • Nicks87

            That would be ideal. I’ve seen a 1911 with a picatinny rail machined into the rear of the slide but it was a custom open class competition gun with no dove tail groove.

        • Nicks87

          This thing is made for an aimpoint micro. Not some piece of crap Wal-Mart sight. So show me a slide mounted T-1 or RMR failing after a few thousand rounds and I will buy this contraption.

          • Miles

            That’s right. It’s made for a larger RDS.
            And Insight doesn’t make crap anything BTW.

      • Nicks87

        I just find it very hard to believe that someone would request this for anything other than competitions. Did they request a holster as well because a standard one isn’t going to work.

        • Jason

          Raven has a prototype holster for this setup.

    • Eiffel

      LMAO. Are you really so defensive about your slide mounted RDS that any suggestions that they can fail are verboten? If your sight is fine then chill out.

      Think about which US SOF unit uses red dot equipped Glocks, and has been using Geissele made gear for a while now. It’s already been quietly put forward several times that these were made at the request of Delta, and it sure as hell makes a lot of sense.

      • Miles

        It happens to make a lot of sense.
        Actual real, rational sense as opposed to the opposite.
        And your powers of observation and perception are quite finely tuned.

    • Vitsaus

      Maybe the DoD just started up an Airsoft league?

  • JJ

    I really hate to say this, but the airsoft replica has been out for over 10 months now and it works awesome and is really well made. I just couldn’t wait.

    • thedonn007

      Ain’t that a shame. The knock off versions are out 10 months before the real version. I wonder what they used to copy the real deal? I suppose that you mounted a fake aimpoint to your fake 6-second mount then?

      • Michel_T

        If the ‘real’ one was outsourced to China… chances are the ‘fake’ was made by the same factorie, using the same stuff.

        • Eiffel

          And the real one was never outsourced to China. Word is that Bill Geissele took so long primarily because they got their own 5-axis cnc machines to make these.

        • praharin

          Too bad they’re made in Pennsylvania then…

  • Steve

    “Didn’t someone have a product very similar to this?”

    Yes, Geissele (a.k.a. ALG) has had this as a back-burner project and has shown it at their table at SHOT 2013 and 2014. Glad to see it’s finally being produced. It was nice then, and it appears to be nice now.

    • Squirreltakular

      He’s probably referring to the nasty Fab Defense version.

      This seems like an okay product, but I agree with the majority here: Where is the evidence showing these “battered” rds’s that these Tier -69 operators are running into the ground? If RMRs and T1s can stand up to being mounted on M249s and Mk48s and the like, I doubt a widdle 9mm is going to mess them up.

      • Miles

        ‘Majority’ here?
        Interesting concept: “Majority here”.
        In all sincerity.
        Why should anyone need to show you, or anyone else for that matter, ‘evidence’?
        Not interested in the product? Don’t buy it. Conversely….
        ALG is publicly marketing a product that was designed for a specific user without restriction on further distribution. It’s not the first time that has happened with some other products on the market today.
        Also, just in case it might not be apparent from use of the target engagement system involved, there’s much less recoil forces on a belt fed mg’s optics than you might imagine. EoTechs and ELCans seem to work just fine on them. This is because the recoil impulse is ‘vibration’ much more than slamming back and forth. Vibration force is much easier to compensate for than reciprocating high G force.
        As mentioned previously, on a continual basis, put metric crapton quantities of .40 S&W through a G22/35 equipped with a slide mounted RDS and discover a whole new world.

        • David Knuth

          I’ve killed a couple of MRDS sights mounting them on the slide of a .45 running a lot of hot loads through it. They do go boom.

          • Nicks87

            Was it a Wal-Mart brand red dot? You got pics or videos? Links or it didn’t happen.

          • David Knuth

            One Burris Fastfire, two Leupold Deltapoints, and a JP Enterprises. Haven’t tried an RMR yet. The issue I ran into is that it started losing zero. Sight worked fine, but the dot wandered all over the place.

            And, no, I don’t have videos or pictures because, one, what would i video tape? And two, I don’t generally expect I need to video tape everything just to prove something to a jerk on a forum in the future.

            Regardless, believe it or don’t, no skin off my nose. I’ve had red dot sights mounted on guns fail because something gets shaken loose. In the case of the deltapoints, it’s a fairly well known issue and why they made a beefed up version.

            My choice in optics in the future will involve an RMR, and likely a static frame mount rather than a slide mount.

          • Nicks87

            You mounted them all to the same pistol or different models? What brand of ammo where you using? Approximately how many rounds did you fire before each one failed? Did you use a dovetail mount or were the sights machined directly to the slide? Before you make such bold statements you need to back them up with some more details. Sorry if I’m reluctant to take the word of some internet tough guy before making a purchasing decision that involves hundreds of dollars.

          • David Knuth

            At the time, machined-into-slide mounting was not an option anyone offered (this would’ve been 3-4 years ago). All of the mounting was done using factory-supplied dovetail mounts (of which the Burris mount was the cleanest).

            The fastfire lasted for 150 rounds testing using a combination of Ranger RA45TP ammo (+p) running at 950 FPS, and standard 230gr Ball ammo.

            The first deltapoint lasted for around 1500 rounds of mostly Ball ammo before it started losing zero. The second one failed at around 2800 rounds, same conditions, and then had the tiny little adjustment screws strip out after trying to adjust it back onto zero. The JP lasted 4800 rounds and failed because the battery contacts were failing to make contact with the battery, causing the sight to stop functioning. Bending the contacts back into place to provide more pressure worked for another 5k rounds before the red dot started wandering (not nearly as bad as the Deltapoint or the Fastfire, but enough that the groupings opened up to 4 inches from a bench rest when I tested it.)

            I had the JP replaced by the manufacturer and it now lives on a .22 pistol where it works without issue.

          • Miles

            You’re wasting your time responding to NICKS, he’s nothing more than a troll.
            Save your time to converse with people

          • Nicks87

            No trolling just trying to rid the internet of BS artists.

          • Miles

            Well, Learn to live with disappointment since you don’t run this Blog.
            I’m here to stay, and not one thing YOU can do is going to make me go away.
            But I’ll tell you what, since I don’t think you have the intestinal fortitude to apologize.
            The question is; Do you spout the same face to face?
            I think not. It only comes out when you’re safe and cozy behind your internet.

            But just for the sake of others, I will re-engage.

            You have a G17 9mm.

            How long has it taken you to shoot those 5560 rounds you say you’ve shot? Since you have provided no video or other documentation, I call B-S! (see how that works?) I call YOU on BS since YOU can’t prove you’ve shot that many rounds. So “STFU” yourself!! (see how that works again?)

            Now for the sake of conversation, I’ll apologize right now for telling you that what you said was BS and telling you to STFU. (Takes a REAL man to admit fault buster).
            I’m going to accept your information as ‘true’ simply by taking your word on it. Why? Because, I’d take your word on it face to face, and I’d bet YOU would too, because I’d also bet you would NEVER say “STFU” to me or anyone else face to face. You’d damn well know the consequences.

            The organization in question does NOT use 9mm as their primary pistol round. Got it?

            Remember the earlier post?

            .40 S&W is the caliber I mentioned. Got it?

            Insight MRDS. Got it?

            Put 20 to 30 THOUSAND rounds through a slide mounted RDS on a yearly basis. Got it?

            The indicated RDS wasn’t making the grade.

            Possibly, and probably, yours won’t either when you reach that round count.

            If you have ANY idea of Geissele’s quality and who they do a significant percentage of their business with inside DOD, bells should have been going off a long time ago.

            Those guys are the real deal shooters….sir. And they make your rifle and pistol practice look like backyard plinking in comparison to theirs. Me? I’m just aware of the problem. Not that it matters to me in particular now. I’m retired.

            Now, I don’t really care whether or not you are impressed or not. Knowing how Geissele does business and the quality of their product, I’m assured THEY don’t care about what you think either.

            But they’re openly marketing a product, like others they market, that they’ve made for some people I personally know who stand ready to do violence on your behalf. Since THIS item has been marketed and I’ve dealt with other items Geissele has made and marketed. I am impressed.

          • Squirreltakular

            So everyone is getting really really defensive over this product…

            Can we just all agree that there probably is a use for it, but it’s still at least a little suspect that they can’t/won’t say who it was requested by?

            Also, for the sake of polite conversation and since we’ve determined that the Insight MRDS is supposedly the suspect optic here, can anyone else comment on problems that they’ve had with their Insights MRDSs?

          • Miles

            I’m not defensive over the product, as I posted after your previous comment, the immature mentality shown by those who spout “STFU” is what’s interesting.
            I think you can often find a person’s true, deep-down, personality revealed by their sarcastic, rude and insulting ( e.g. “STFU” ) remarks when they feel insulated from the physical consequences of such if they were in the presence of who they were speaking to.
            There are several reviews of the product on the web. One actually linked to from a post hereabouts. Some of the reviews are a bit more detailed than others about where the request for the design originated from.

          • Squirreltakular

            Good points. It’s frustrating when people resort quickly to talking down to someone rather than coming up with a constructive response. I for one appreciate your tact.

          • Nicks87

            Interesting. Thanks for the info. I don’t shoot .45 so I won’t speculate on how well the RMR will work for you. I have a Glock 17 with an RMR mounted directly to the slide (Glockmeister did the work) and it works great 5560 rnds and counting. No problems with zero or illumination failure.

          • David Knuth

            I would imagine that a gun that has less force in reciprocation (lower slide velocity) will have less physical effects than ones with higher forces at play. In the case of the Glock 17, the slide has a fair amount of mass, the gun uses fairly stiff springs, and the combination of all of the clockwork and springs results in a low velocity, which means that the forces on the sight’s tiny components will be much lower.

            The RMRs tend to be fairly beefy in general, so I’d expect them to last a while, but at the same time, knocking around on a service pistol and being shot a lot, I would expect that eventually the components are going to show wear and tear.

          • Nicks87

            I would feel comfortable with an RMR on my duty pistol but, like I said, I would have co-witness irons just in case. No need for a goofy mount.

          • Miles

            Yes, it has been found out the hard way.
            What I discovered as well, was that a Glock will sometimes eject a case straight back at your face if the firing hand grip is off just a little bit.
            I had my first MRDS front lens dinged, and was not a happy camper.

        • Nicks87

          Show us the tests and the broken optics or stfu. If ALG wants to charge $250 for this thing then they need to own up instead of just saying ghost seal recon team 15 requested this because xXxX rds can’t take the abuse of a reciprocating slide.

          • Miles

            In case it isn’t clear, you just lost any respect, or need for my further argumentation, with your ad hominem and insults.
            YOU need to sit down, cool off and apologize for “STFU”

          • Nicks87

            Apologize for what? Throwing the BS flag? Don’t make statements that you can’t back up with facts and you won’t get called out.

          • Miles

            You are not worth the time……sir.
            Your quality is now known to everyone.
            Thank you for sharing that with us today.

        • Squirreltakular

          Good point about the .40, in all seriousness. It is pretty snappy. Probably the same with .357 Sig and 10mm.

          I don’t really need evidence, since I don’t believe in anything other than castle-style irons on pistols, but it does seem like the majority of posters here would like evidence to back up the reason for this existing.

          So far everyone is talking about Doctors and lower-end MRDSs failing, no RMRs or T1s.

          • Miles

            Well, I wouldn’t class anything Insight makes as ‘lower-end’, but that’s neither here nor there.
            And ‘evidence’ is as a person wants to accept or not.
            The easy to figure out subsection of DOD that had this made up should be reason enough for it’s existence.
            Knowing Mr. Geissele’s work ethos, I’d suggest anyone think very hard before questioning him on it. I’d also suggest people understand that the people who requested the item be worked up don’t really care what anyone else thinks about it. ALG is just marketing the thing, as a lot of their other items, simply for capitalistic purposes.
            I happen to prefer iron sights on pistols myself. I found that since I had other pistols and the way each system is used is different enough that it caused me problems.
            What I do find interesting is the “STFU” juvenile mentality (not yours, others) that abounds.

          • Squirreltakular

            That’s true about Geissele: my SSA is the bee’s friggin knees.

      • prahainr

        An air gun will destroy even high quality center fire rifle optics. There’s more to recoil impulse than what you feel on your shoulder. The 9mm isn’t what’s destroying (the unit in question uses Glock 22s anyway) the RMRs, it’s the reciprocation of the slide. how fast does a Glock slide move when it cycles? I don’t know, but it’s damn fast, and it stops even faster and 35 MPH car accident can break your bones. The RMR is receiving more force with every shot. They’re tough little sights, and many are withstanding 10k+ rounds. There are enough failing that if I were a high round count shooter I’d be looking for an alternative too.

  • E.D.M.

    Would love to see this available for mounting an RMR. I really prefer this kind of setup over a milled slide.

    Oh, and +1 to wanting an FNX/FNS version.

  • How much to do you have to hack up your holster to use this?

    • BattleshipGrey

      It’s going to need a whole new holster.

  • MR

    How about a version with picatinny rail up top, to fit a standard optic? I’ve been eyeballing the airsoft versions for a while now. A quality optic may not have any issue with the recoil forces associated with being mounted on a slide, but I really prefer to subject my optics to as little abuse as possible.

  • 454pakr

    No BLACK?

    • joe

      “The ALG 6-second Optic mount will be available in 4 colors: Black, Tan, ALG Purple and Grey.”

  • Karl

    Never ever remove the fixed sights of any on your guns, the minute that optic fails (and I promise it’ll be the worst moment possible) you are going to regret that decision very very much. It can happen at the range having fun, during a competition if thats how you roll or even worse during a life or death situation. That point aside, and though I’m not a pistol optic kinda guy… it looks like an awesome product, the only downside being it doesn’t seem to be easily detachable.

  • ak1134

    Curious, why would the DOD request a mount that carries an aimpoint on a Glock? What does an aimpoint do that an RMR doesn’t do? Seems like a lot of stuff going on for battery life.

    On the consumer side, If by chance I owned a glock and an aimpoint, It would seem cool that i could buy this mount and integrate two things that I never would have been able to.

    I also wonder if that less expensive primary arms sight would work in place of the Aimpoint?

    • Miles

      It’s possible that the certain Aimpoint model shown might happen to be in current use and stocked in large quantity as opposed to a model of RDS that might have been originally stocked in lesser quantities primarily for use as back-up sights on rifles or on Laser Aiming Modules, but requested, and permitted to be stuck on a pistol.

      • ak1134


    • praharin

      The Micro is just generally a better optic. Specifically, it has better adjustment, better battery life, not to mention you can replace the battery without removing the optic, and the electronics are fully enclosed making it less susceptible to failure. If the RMR was better than the T1 you’d see it more often as a primary optic on carbines than the T1. The RMR is smaller. That’s it.

  • ak1134

    also…. If the reciprocating slide is an issue, why wouldn’t you use this mount and an RMR instead of the aimpoint? I have an rmr on an HK45C thats got some miles on it. Battery has lasted 2 years and still going…

  • maitias

    This type of optic mount is not new. People have been using similar mounting solutions for Glock Race Guns for a few years now. Do a little research and you’ll find that both S&J Customs and Carver make similar sub 200.00 models.

  • My RMR has been running just fine for a long time. I have mine mounted on a SOCOM 16

    • David Knuth

      I’d wager good money that no matter what maker, optic, or gun, there’s going to be a failure at some point. No matter what you do. Most of the failures i see on the Fastfires and Fastfire IIs are because they don’t build them to take the recoil.

      Same with the Leupolds.

      RMRs? usually factory defect, and they stand behind their product.

      That doesn’t change that sometimes, there are failures. Guess that’s all I’m trying to say.

    • Miles

      I have a dual lit RMR on a PS90 and a Insight MRDS on a personal full size UZI. They both work fine too.
      They’re not bad pieces of equipment. They just have limitations.

  • Miles

    Precisely, pogie bait.
    When some people can’t conceive of the usefulness of an item in their world, it seems they come to the conclusion that no one else should be able to either.

  • Mister Thomas

    Wow, these are beautiful!

  • praharin

    They don’t look nearly as refined. they look like flats milled out and bolted together. It also doesn’t appear to replace the rail that it uses, so mounting a light is out.