New Eley Ammunition for MSRs


Ely announced the company was now making two new .22 LR loads for AR-style rifles (aka modern sporting rifles.) The two loads are called Force and Contact.

Force is a supersonic load using a 42 grain bullet with a rated muzzle velocity of 1,200 fps. Eley describes the round as having “extreme knock down force.”

Contact is a subsonic load designed to properly function in a MSR with lower recoil and noise. The load uses a 42 grain projectile and is rated at 1,090 fps at the muzzle.

Richard Johnson

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  • CR

    Any info on the bullets themselves? Hollow point? Jacketed? Coated?

  • the ammo addict

    It reminds me of the old Winchester Silhouette load, glad to see a manufacturer bring it back. It especially makes sense in the subsonic loading as it promotes weapon cycling and it hits just a little harder than the 40gr.