Crye Precision SIX12 Salvo’d

Silencerco and Crye Precision collaborated to make a SIX12 with a 6 inch Salvo 12 suppressor. Crye Precision integrated the Salvo 12 into the handguard. Still no price or ETA on the release of the Six 12. All the display models at Crye and this one at the Silencerco booth all have 3D printed components. They have added M-Lok holes into their handguard designs.




Here are pics of the regular SIX12s at the Crye Precision booth.

IMG_9214 IMG_9215 IMG_9216 IMG_9217 IMG_9218


Nicholas C

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  • Mike

    So sexy.

  • BattleshipGrey

    That is pretty sweet! However I have yet to see one of the originals in the wild (or a pic of it in the wild). This version looks even more sci-fi-ish, which appeals to me, I doubt the price will though.

    • pman5k

      Salvo was on market 3-4 mo ago. Efile was offline. Expect non-SOT owners to have them in the wild in 2-4 months

  • Dracon1201

    Better than a Masterkey, lol.

  • sianmink

    I have to say, that looks pretty slick. Most compact suppressed shotgun so far! Of course a bit ouch it will need 2 tax stamps plus whatever it’s going to cost.

    • Jonathan Wright

      Does that mean it’ll take twice as long?

    • pman5k

      If i is integral may not be able to go below a certain length thus avoiding the two stamp shuffle…. wont be able to interchange it. But no way for such a sleek package with adjusted lengths under 18/28

  • Chrono777

    “Still no price or ETA on the release of the Salvo 12.” The Salvo has been out for months. There are rod kits that take it down to 6″.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Whoops. Thanks for catching that. Tired and writing doesnt mix.

      • Chrono777

        No problem just putting it up for people that didn’t know.

  • mechamaster

    de facto Pancor Jackhammer successor.

    • iksnilol

      I like it but 6 rounds is too few.

    • Spade

      This is literally the only reason why I want one.

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    I wonder what the trigger pull will be like on these guns.

    • wetcorps

      Same here, the likage has to go all the way over the cylinder and should move the gas seal too so it must be… interesting.

    • Nicholas Chen

      i pulled the trigger on the prototype last year. it is long and heavy as you can imagine.

      • Tassiebush

        So is it a double action trigger mechanism with nothing automatic about it? if so that means it’s actually legal in at least some parts of Australia. Woohoo in anticipation!

      • Adam aka eddie d.

        Thanks for the info Nick!

  • Dave

    there any release date for the standalone six12
    cuz i’ve been waiting for one of these since *last* shot show.
    come one crye! don’t you want my money?

  • TDog

    Want one. Need one. Totally awesome! Must… get… 😀

  • iksnilol

    Looks beautiful, suppressed and practical (+ looks a bit sci-fi)… My only gripe is the capacity is a bit small but 6 rounds isn’t bad for a shotgun.

    • wetcorps

      The quick detach cylinder makes it easier to reload than a standard shotgun though (provided you have extra cylinders at hand).

      • iksnilol

        Well, that is nice I guess. It is just that couldn’t they have made a bigger cylinder? Like a 8 or 10 shot one? Something to dethrone the Pancor.

        • Travis458

          Possibly, but size (diameter) of the cylinder would be an issue. As would the weight. Especially when used as a masterkey-type attachment.

        • wetcorps

          The bullpup configuration might have made it a bit complicated to use

          a larger cylinder. Maybe they feared timing issues if the cylinder brushed against the shooter’s arm or chest.

          • iksnilol

            Then how did the Pancor Jackhammer have a 10 round cylinder in a bullpup config with no problems?

            I believe they just did it to make the underbarrel version more practical (and possibly to avoid DD classification).

          • Giolli Joker

            The shotgun is basically a double action revolver, every pull of the
            trigger has to rotate the cylinder… the heavier the cylinder, the
            heavier the trigger pull.
            The Pancor was a gas operated shotgun.

          • iksnilol

            True. Forgot about that.

      • Giolli Joker

        Yep, although a fully loaded extra cylinder is probably neither compact nor light.

  • wetcorps

    This is so sci-fi it’s not even funny.


    So if I get the SBS version to mount under my SBR would I need a new stamp? Or would the SBR stamp suffice since it’s all going on an already SBR’d host?

    • M.D.

      Two receivers, two stamps.

  • dan citizen

    very nice!

  • Nergyl

    Hell yeah. The integrated silencer version looks like something out of a cheesy 90’s sci-fi flick, and I LOVE IT.

  • Colin

    So here my dream team pairing .Salvo12 crye six12 combo under a DT MDR six8 Pmag ,omega can, all foregrips slots m-lok .six12 breching end cap. If you look up crye six12 patents good pictures of internal workings.

    • a real man

      Very similar to what I had in mind but the six12 detached

  • Jonathan Wright

    so, if they made an 18″ version do you think it would pass as an integrally suppressed barrel and only require 1 stamp?

  • ColaBox

    This thing better be coming out soon or my cash may accidentally fall on a Benelli M4. Stock kit or not, a shotgun is better then no shotgun.

  • Annika R

    No mention of whether or not the cylinder-gap question was addressed in some technical fashion? There’s a reason we don’t normally see silenced revolvers…

    • Nicholas Chen

      Actually that was addressed in the design last year. i handled the Six12 last year and was looking for how the cylinder sealed against the barrel. There is a collar that extends over a protrusion in the cylinder. Making a tight seal.

  • Vincent M.

    It’s as if they’re made for one another