Badger Ordnance Titanium AR Lower Parts

New for 2015, Badger Ordnance has made AR lower parts in titanium.

Dust cover hinge pin. MSRP $20 weight 0.12 oz



Enhanced bolt stop. MSRP $95 weight 0.24 oz



Magazine catch. MSRP $49 weight 0.19 oz



Pistol grip screw. MSRP $9.95 weight 0.08 oz

Castle nut. MSRP $40 weight 0.36 oz



Nicholas C

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  • Drew Coleman

    I guess I just don’t get why? I mean, if you’re going for a super light weight but strong build, then maybe… But it just seems unnecessary. Is it like that all titanium rifle from a few years back that’s just to show “look at how good we are at working metal”?

    • soldiermedic1987

      I know from carrying a m4 around for a deployment that ounces do make pounds. I imagine that if you have the ability to purchase and serve with your own firearm like many of our special ops soldiers do. This would make sense. Also the price isn’t that bad per part. Titanium is super durable and light. I can see purchasing these parts.

      • Joshua

        The price is horrible. For $20 more the price of that bolt catch alone I can get a Colt LPK with a ALG trigger.

  • gunslinger

    that is intersting. i may look into this.

  • Steve

    I get the “ounces equal pounds” mentality, but these parts are light enough when made of steel that there’s not much difference. For example, a standard steel bolt catch weighs about 0.35 ounces and costs 5 bucks. Is a tenth of an ounce worth $90?

    • Nicholas Chen

      I felt their steel bolt catch and the titanium one. It felt lighter. The pistol grip screw was really noticeable.

      • Steve

        I guess a tenth of an ounce is a significant fraction of the total weight of the unit. The thing I’m getting hung up on is that it’s a significant fraction of a very small amount of weight. So, I’m sure you could tell the difference between the bolt catches if you picked both of them up – but could you tell the difference between a lower built with a steel unit and one built with a titanium unit? I’d guess not.

        Now, all of those tiny differences for individual components might add up to be cumulatively noticeable; I’d have to do the math to figure it out. I’d also have to decide if that difference is worth the significant expense. I’m considering a lightweight pistol build at the moment, so I may do exactly that.

        Not trying to be negative, just playing devil’s advocate.

        • Steve

          Okay, totalling up the weight and cost differences based on 15 minutes of Googling reveals a weight difference of 0.74 ounces total with all titanium parts… at a price difference of $198. I think I’ll stick with the traditional small parts and save my money to put towards lighter major components (lower, barrel, etc.)

  • Gordon J Davis Jr

    I’ll probably upgrade my SBR’s lower with these parts. Lighter and more durable than steel, and once they’re sprayed over it will look the same.

    Going for a military clone loom with better performance/weight.

  • Plumbiphilious

    I don’t know enough machining/engineering to be sure, but is there any chance of any galvanic corrosion between the contact of these Ti parts and normal AR aluminum?

    The last time I saw larger scale Ti AR parts, that was a phrase thrown around a lot and I can understand the chemical process, but is that a legitimate issue here?

    • me ohmy

      titanium is non reactive and forms a boundary layer of oxide the moment it encounters oxygen. so much so it kills any virus’ and microbes, it is one of the very FEW metals implanted into the human body with no known allergic reactions.
      so no.. no galvanic or differential metal reactions to alloy and titanium

  • Dan

    I think some of the appeal of having all this seemingly usless parts isn’t so much for function, people want to be different, doesn’t matter if you are into cars, planes, trains or guns each hobby has it’s own section of stuff like this. Is a pistol grip screw going to make you get on target quicker? No, but the buyer does. Does it make you happy? If yes then buy it. Not every gun owner owns a gun for utility. Plus you all know it is funny listening to the guy that buys this and truly believes the ounce he shaved off makes a huge difference.

  • Grindstone50k

    I’m impressed with how many ways people can come up with on how to part people from their money.

  • justme

    Moar expensive slightly lighter pews