TFB TV: Hands On the Galil Ace

At SHOT I was fortunate enough to run a few rounds through the IWI Galil ACE. All in all, I enjoyed it!



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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Ebby123

    Don’t you dare not make a pistol brace version because of the ATF OPINION (read: does not have force of law) letter. =)

    • JQP

      I can dig that. The issue for me though is that my ranges won’t permit them right now. Too much of a chance for a Felony to occur on their premises. That makes it pretty much useless for me, regardless of the technicalities of legality. Their ruling makes no sense however, so suspect at some point that will have to be revised. Guess we’ll see. Just have no confidence in them at this point, with the full 180. (reminds me of my Ex, depending on the day of the week)

      • KestrelBike

        Yikes, I didn’t know things were that bad re the brace at ranges. such a head-shaking shame :

      • Ebby13

        It wasn’t a ruling, it was an “Open letter” – opinion. An ATF agent could write an opinion about Ford VS Chevy, but that doesn’t give it the force of law.

        Why on earth would anyone be outlawing that at their range?

        • Dan

          The perceived threat of any sort of liability for anything even rumored to be possibly illegal is probably the driving force for his range banning their use. Nobody wants to run the risk of possible bad PR stupid? Yes but such is the world we live in

  • HSR47

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m really hoping they’ll be bringing factory SBR variants to market.

    • JQP

      I think I’m going SBR on this one too. Don’t want to be chasing around the schizo ATF on the brace issue. (Still hope that issue can be resolved and SB’s status restored though)

      • Ebby123

        The letter they posted was an *opinion* – not a ruling. It does not have the force of law. They knew they couldn’t ban it outright without drawing a lawsuit, so instead they engaged in scare tactics to discourage its use.

        Beyond that, even if it was a ruling it would be 100% un-enforceable.
        Rest assured, the SIG brace isn’t going anywhere yet.

        • JQP

          I get it, Ebby. Sorry, left my editor at home today. The ‘opinion’ has basically screwed me either way. I’m hoping someone will sue them and get some clarification. Enforceable or not, it’s changed the game for me on the ground. The ranges around here were skittish of these in the first place. This latest BS has them wanting no part of it, regardless of your personal take on the matter – or it’s potential enforceability. The ATF letter they include with it was also just an opinion too btw, and that’s what sold these in the first place. Either way, the ‘opinion’ makes no sense (can’t change something into something else magically by using it a certain way), so I also agree that this is not over yet..

        • HSR47

          I don’t care about BATFE opinion letters.

          As far as brace vs SBR goes, the brace isn’t a significant cost-savings over a real stock, and it is less functional. Since I already own Title II firearms, there’s really no question about it: I’d rather just spend the money on an SBR and be done with it.

          Whether or not “misusing” a brace is in compliance with the law is not relevant to me; I’d rather pay a small amount more (the non-brace parts are OTS and cheaper than the brace, so it’s not even a $100 difference) and have a more versatile rifle/toy.

          I’m not anti-brace, I just don’t personally care for them.

  • Esh325

    The Galil ACE seems to solve almost all the issues people have traditionally have had with AK’s. Very much the modernized AK. Wonder how it will stack up against the AK-12?

    • Hikerguy

      I have no doubt it would do well against an AK-12. The original Galil was considered one of the two best versions of the AK line, along with the Finnish version.

  • John

    The pricing is a joke

    Close to $2000 for this thing? No thanks

    • Expect prices to lower. It will probably be priced like all the other non-AR15 tacticool guns out there.

      • highhammer

        soo 800 bux? nice, cant wait.

      • USMC03Vet

        Like the $2k+ iwi tavor?

    • FourString

      what can i say bru, MSRP is MSRP *shrug*

    • $1700 street price is what I was told

  • mosinman

    i wish that they’d continue to make the old school galil

  • guest

    Great review Alex, definitely looking forward to the new youtube TFB channel. Just a minor request if possible… more close up video of the hardware please. Watching you talk is fine, but hearing you guys discuss the hardware while seeing it in detail maybe preferable.

    • avconsumer2

      Ditto re: hardware. It’s like a car video with music glaring over the exhaust note. Why!!?!

  • Scott P

    I am definitely getting one as soon as possible.