SHOT Show 2015: Kahr Booth

For the sake of full disclosure, I have to admit that I think Kahr makes a great product (see my review of the CW380 from a few weeks back), so I was thrilled to be assigned to cover their booth at SHOT.

Kahr’s biggest news is a quiet storm of sorts: There will likely be a subtle yet comprehensive redesign of the Kahr standard series, named “Generation 2”, including a new trigger with a shorter pull (I felt it, and it was great), minor grip redesign including a slight slimming of the grip and more aggressive checkering, and maybe new slide striations.  Finally, Kahr is also implementing a Picatinny rail into the frame dustcover.

These redesigns are going to be implemented into the T line (the tournament-style line) first in order to gather and evaluate feedback, and then, it is likely that these redesigns will be integrated into the standard line.  The economy line will probably not receive any of these improvements, but that is understandable.

Other than that, there are going to be more cosmetic options (such as teal and purple frames, bronzed and blue metallic slides, and etc.), and Kahr will continue to do what they do.

It was clear that Kahr does listen to its customers, as they are considering the trigger redesign based on some feedback from customers who wanted a shorter pull.  Kahr’s rep explained that this is slightly trickier with Kahr’s guns since they are only about 60% “pre-cocked” compared to other striker-fired pistols that are nearly completely “pre-cocked” (i.e. the trigger press simply releases the striker without further cocking it).  Additionally, some people complained that the Kahr P/CW380 was too small, so Kahr has recently introduced a slightly larger version, the CT380, which was prominently displayed.

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  • Intellectual_Slacker

    Love the Idea of them making a more feature rich single stack 9 cant wait to try that new trigger

    • James R.

      It really is excellent. The reset is the same, which will upset some people, but the pull is short and crisp.

  • Michael Y

    Trigger pull and reset was always a turn off between me and Kahr. I would love to try their new trigger. What is the deal with the Thompson display?

    • Kahr bought Auto-Ordnance several years ago. Auto-Ordnance’s most famous product is the Thompson.

  • noguncontrol

    they should make thompsons in 10mm , 9×23 cp/winchester and .50 GI.

  • wvcycling

    Would love to see a 6 or 7 shot single stack 9mm with a 4″ barrel. Longer slides are not “that difficult” to CC. (PHONE TYPING)

    • kipy

      You’ve pretty much described the CW9, besides maybe a .5″ off the barrel

  • mig1nc

    Still no double stack?

  • Full Name

    “some people complained that the Kahr P/CW380 was too small” Isn’t the whole point of that gun to be really small?

    • James R.

      I agree, and the Kahr rep thought it was funny, too. Definitely counterintuitive.