Kel-Tec’s New Sub2000 Ver. 2.0

At the Shot Show Range, Kel-Tec brought out their new Sub2000. They refer to the previous version as “Version 1 or Generation 1”. This new Generation 2 has a completely new front sight, handguard, reciever and stock.

The new Sub2000 has an AR style front post. A much better improvement over the lexan red blade sight. It has elevation and windage adjustments. The front sight can be removed to expose a threaded barrel so you can run a suppressor of you wanted.



The handguard is noticeably narrower which helps with a c-clamp style grip if you are so inclined. Kel-Tec’s grip texture, seen on the PMR-30 and KSG, can be seen on the rear of the handguard and of course the pistol grip. There are molded picatinny rails Β on top and bottom of the handguard. There are M-Lok holes on the sides of the handguard.

The reciever is a new design and more ergonomic.


The stock has some new sling loop points to be compatible with a Magpul MS3 sling. There is a short molded picatinny rail that allows the user to mount a sling mount. The stock has three LOP adjustment settings

The test model I shot was in a Glock 9mm configuration.Β  It however did not drop free from the grip when I tried to remove the magazine. There was a significant amount of friction. We shall see if that carries through to the production models.

Unfortunately these upgrades are not reverse compatible with your Generation 1 Sub2000. I was a little dissapointed, I was hoping to at least change the stock and handguard on mine.

One of the reps from Kel-Tec, said that they will be putting out 9 or 10 different versions of this gun. Caliber swaps and magazine options. They plan to make S&W M&P and Springfield XD compatible versions. However those are for later in the next coming years.



Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • echelon

    The reason your mag didn’t drop free was because of the tension screw you see in the bottom of the grip. Since that piece is two halves that screw effectively holds it together. If I loosen that on my Sub2k then the mags drop free all day long. Tighten a little too much and they stick.

    I do like the improvements they’ve made though. Slick little piece. I love mine.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Ahh. Thanks that makes sense. My generation 1 didnt have that problem.

  • Sable

    I’m sure the fifteen they make each year will sell great.

    • Nicks87

      Yep and the one that ends up on gunbroker will be twice as expensive.

    • KestrelBike

      Exactly. 9-10 different versions? Gimme a break. Will someone from TFB please ask the next Kel-Tec rep they see “Why don’t you listen to consumers who are interested in buying what you have released already, if only they could find one reasonably priced in the real world?”

      • Tommy2Gunns

        Well Said Kestrelbike instead of investing a ton of money in r&d spend some of the money on production and crank out some back orders and then make the new line pissed off and tired of waiting to spend my money on maybe some one will start making aftermarket parts

  • sianmink

    Looks like some really nice changes. The old front sight was a joke, and they’ve fixed a few other minor problems. Solid generational improvement here.

  • LRB

    A look a “new” Kel-Tec product you wont see on the market for 2-3 years.

    • SD3

      Your grandchildren will love it!

      • TDog

        If they live that long…

  • santi

    Say what you will about Kel-Tec but they keep innovating and I appreciate that. It’s getting a little exhausting seeing ar-15 designs over and over, probably for decades to come. I mean I still really love my ar’s. Really excited to see what other companies have to show this year like Desert tech, Faxon, Crye, etc. Am I missing any other manufacturers that are unique in their designing of firearms?

    • allannon

      Calling Kel-Tec a “manufacturer” might be stretching things a bit, given the difficulty in finding a lot of their niftier designs in stores. πŸ˜‰

      • santi

        Haha, I stand corrected!

    • CR Cobb

      Kel-Tec is a hybrid. A small-scale manufacturer and a boutique design shop.

    • displacer

      You see AR-15s over and over again because unlike Kel-Tec they’re actually manufactured and sold in more than double-digit figures, hope this helps πŸ™

    • #PlasticJMB is the greatest living firearms designer, IMO.

    • Ethan

      Spectacular designer, shatty manufacturers (quantity-wise). Its like they make new guns just to market the sweetest gun-porn out there.

  • Dracon1201

    Holy crap, that front end looks like a VSS Vintorez.

    I’m kind of excited for this. No .45acp, I suppose?

  • So, on one hand, this is clearly a big improvement over the previous version of the Sub-2k.

    On the other hand, they didn’t fix the biggest problem I had with it – the charging handle is in roughly the worst spot ever. SIDE CHARGING PLEASE! I also don’t see how you can mount optics to it and have them stay on while it’s folded – did they adjust the tube and handguard diameters to allow clearance for a Micro?

  • Disambiguation

    Well it looks like they’re almost there. Definitely an improvement. Love the new front site, handguard and stock. Wish they would have included a fold-down rear sight (like the Tandem Kross Eagle Eye) and the tube cover should be a standard item too. Hard to see the difference in the receiver design from here and the new grip looks better, but should still end up with a Hogue Grip cover in my opinion. Wonder what the price point will be and of course none of that means anything unless they can produce enough to actually be available for purchase. Shame you can’t add these new additions to an existing S2K. With the recent news on the SB from Friday, the ‘stock’ on these just increased considerably.

  • Nolan

    XD mags? Sign me up! Might as well, not gonna see it for 5 years…

  • Roy

    Sweet! M&P version! Not that I ever expect to find one… I’d finally get rid of the last of my Glock mags.

    • Smootchie

      They said sometime in the future… I am 47 … no way I will live to see a S&W M&P version in a store.

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Off topic: Nicholas, I like the letter seal type patch on your arm.
    I can see it’s seal script, which is very similar to bronze scr., but don’t know what hanzi this is.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Thanks! It is an older style. My grandfather’s hobby is collecting Chinese Antiques and wallscrolls. This style of character is an older generation. My grandfather knows them all by memory. He made me a chop back in the 90s. I use the chop as a watermark for some of my photos. I of course just took the top portion and laser engraved a wooden patch for myself.

      • BryanS

        That patch turned out great.

      • Adam aka eddie d.

        I see, nice work! πŸ™‚

  • Disambiguation

    One more note to KT – Would also love to see a metal/aluminum trigger on the new version! (save me having to take the thing in half to swap it out, please!)

  • KWCooley

    I can’t wait to buy one when Ruger makes it.

    • Randomdude1

      Me either because it’ll be twice as durable and half the price

    • schizuki

      Yeah, but it’ll only accept SR9 mags.

      • KWCooley

        That’s OK. I have an SR9 with plenty of mags. I’m sure they would make larger mags for it as well.

    • JSmath

      Ruger has had a decade to make a new PCC, and they’ve skipped the opportunity every time. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Ruger version of the folding PCC at any rate anytime soon.

  • Scott

    I still haven’t seen a Gen1 anywhere for purchase.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Wanna buy mine?

    • BryanS

      Ive seen tons of them. Bought and sold one myself. 9mm are harder to come by, and .40 are common in local stores, I know of one shop that has 3 of them.

      People forget that Keltech greatly increased their facilities to try and meet demand. Have an issue with availability, hit up a larger distributor or shop.

    • Brian Flate

      Raleigh gun show had multiple under $450 and a black 9mm glock for $409. They’ve been quite available the last few quarters.

  • charlesrhamilton

    .45 ACP and Im down for one.

    • ozzallos .


  • Ethan

    Being released for mass production in June of 20-NEVER.

    Seriously guys, you make such great products, but where are they? Don’t you like money?

  • ozzallos .

    I’ll throw this in the Keltec announcement bin with the 300blk SU16, Salt bath nitrided barrels and that bullpup 5.56 that have yet to materialize; that is to say with a *very* small grain of salt.

  • CR Cobb

    From what I can see, Kel-Tec has solved a few problems that would have “required” me to spend $150 on a gun that I would have already paid over MSRP for . BUT unless Kel-Tec is expanding its manufacturing capacity, this Ver 2.0 is moot. I really hope I’m wrong.

  • Don Ward

    Oh good. More fodder for Kel-Blech fail videos!

  • Carlos U

    According to the Hank Strange YT video, these are engineered so they will be much faster to produce, so they will be far more avaliable.

    • schizuki

      Yeah, because the first generation was like a Mauser Broomhandle to produce.

  • Asdf

    Put rail on top, so when you fold the rifle you can’t use optics. Nice try guys.

    • Brian Flate

      That’s why they make RDS with QD mount.

  • El Duderino

    Looks great. Wish it had a blowback deflector for us lefties though. The one I had always shot hot powder into my face.

    The plastic front sight was the biggest weakness, it sucked bad.

  • TDog

    What is it with Kel-Tec and their sights? Do they know a dental tool supplier who’s giving them a great deal? Those things are FUGLY.

  • Rick

    XD compatible? can I get this in .45 acp? πŸ™‚

  • supergun

    Notice how quite the gun is. You can take the hearing protectors off with this baby.

    • Smootchie

      The recording equipment cant record the decibel level of the gunshot. You will still need hearing protection as levels will exceed 160DB

      • supergun

        When I shot mine it was very quite. I actually could take my hearing protection off. I was shooting other guns also.

  • Sean

    Xd? About an XD .45acp version?

  • The enlarged ejection port is nice.

    If you’re not left-handed.

    I already eat all the hot brass out of my first-gen Sub-2000. Still my favorite PCC by a mile, but I never should have shaved off my beard.

  • Blake

    Suppose we’ll ever see one in .357 Sig?

    That’s a pistol round just begging to be used in a handy little carbine like this…

    • dalton

      There was one but the metal buffer was so heavy and expensive to make it was unpracticle to make … research it

    • supergun

      When you shoot a 9mm Plus P bullet out of these things, you pretty much have a 357 Sig. ballistics.

      • Blake

        Interesting… Has Kel-Tec said anything about using the hot “subgun-only” 9mm ammo available (a lot of it is Israeli surplus Uzi ammo)?

        • supergun

          I have only read the stories on Plus P ballistics. Impressive due to the long barrel on the sub 2000. Lot of firepower in this things.

  • Blake

    Hint to Kel-Tec: Make one gun & a bunch of caliber/magazine conversion kits…

  • Tnronin

    Make a .45acp and you make a sale with me.

  • Brian Flate

    Bummer. Can’t upgrade front end stock even though the very front of the receiver looks exactly like Gen1. I may bail for a CZ EVO.

  • Leigh Rich

    Hopefully they will make them Gen 1 Subs have been scarce and hard to locate.

  • FightFireJay

    Dear Kel-Tec,
    Please charge an extra $100 per firearm. This will allow you to double and redouble the quantity of firearms you produce. In the end, this will result to lower prices to the customers as they will not have to buy your products from overpriced Gunbroker jerks, errr… FFLs.

    That is all.

  • D

    At one time, I really wants a Sub2000 and a PMR30… I went to Kel-Tec’s Facebook page and inquired about when we may see some of these products actually available. The next day, my comments were removed and I was banned from posting on their page. That told me everything I needed to know right there, K-T is not a company I want to do business with. A company worthy of doing business with responds to criticism, they don’t try to suppress it!

  • “2nd generation” as in being available for the next generation when your little kids grow up to be adults and place a backorder on it.

  • Now you know why they call it the “Sub2000,” because if you want to know what their actual monthly production is, you’ll need to subtract 2,000 from whatever number they cite.

  • GunsFoodTech

    At shot show kel-tec stated that this redesign also allows them to use more automation which eliminates a lot of hands on manual work that is required currently and will allow faster production. This will get more guns out the door faster than they make currently. Let’s hope that is true.

  • PurchasingDiva

    Why announce something new when they cannot fill my back orders for the “old” Sub2000’s. I have two years of back orders and I might get two a year!! Customers yelling for their back orders to be changed to the new version. I tell them just to wait we don’t have any info on them as of yet or if they are actually hitting the market now. If I read the story all the way to the end, they only produced one model for the Show. All other models are for a “later time”. Either way its ridiculous to wait two or three years for one of their products!!