IWI Tent at SHOT Show Range Day 2015

IWI had one of the more exciting tents at Range Day, and some great products to check out as well.  Of course, fully-accessorized Tavors were on display, but as to the new offerings from IWI, it was perhaps the Galil ACE SBR that was the most high profile. Several configurations were on display, and Alex Capps put a mag downrange with the ACE, which earned his approval.

Also new from IWI will be the UZI Pro’s introduction to the US.  While its factory standard pistol configuration might not be ideal, IWI has plans to introduce a model that will accept AR stocks, but that may change in view of the ATF’s recent treatment of the SIG Brace.  Also, some readers may recall that IWI also announced the US UZI Pro last year, but for whatever reason, it did not make it into US production in 2014.

Further, IWI showed the Jericho pistol models it planned to re-introduce to the states; the Jericho in metal and polymer framed versions.  I had a chance to shoot the polymer framed version, and it was excellent in my brief range session. The ergonomics were surprisingly good, and the polymer frame drastically reduced the weight from the standard, traditional all-metal Jericho.

See pictures below:

P1370222 P1370220 P1370219
P1370217 P1370212 P1370209 P1370206 P1370203 P1370202 P1370198 P1370196 P1370195


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  • Disambiguation

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out with the SB, in regards to the Galil Ace

  • FourString

    Ahh I so want a Jericho! Steel or polymer though??????? Choices! @_@

    • I have read numerous anecdotes of people who liked the steel model’s grip, but were not fans of the polymer grip. You may want to try both before buying. The steel version really does weigh quite a lot, though.

      • FourString

        Yep those finger grooves are certainly something to think about. Although the polymer would be easier to carry and be a little more differentiated from owning a SP-01.

        • mig1nc

          Maybe buy both, poly for carry and metal for competition 🙂

          • FourString

            holy moly why didn’t I think of that???!!?!

  • NWGN

    Seems odd seeing flags from two different countries on a uniform.

    • joe

      And one country will always be shown disrespect in this configuration, along with, by extension, its people. Choose one flag and stick with it.

      • Ebby132

        Ok. I suppose you are disrespected by NWGN because your comment is below his in this thread. 😉

      • Riot

        You could put them side by side or on opposite arms

        But its just silly attempted pandering to americans by having their flag present

        • mosinman

          or maybe it’s sign of respect to a country you’re visiting while still showing your nationality

          • J.T.

            It is, at least in the maritime culture that I grew up in. Your national flag remained hoisted on the stern (the “superior” position on a ship and being the equivalent of the highest flag on a flagpole) and a smaller courtesy flag of the nation whose waters you were visiting was flown of the dockside spreader on the side of the mast.

          • Marsh

            Yeah, as AD Navy here it’s a sign of respect, also the man is an IDF vet let him show his colors and respect for the US

  • Riot

    Definitely would be my favourite place to go…..
    Poly framed jerichos would be cool to try

  • TDog

    Nice touch displaying the Israeli flag over the American one on his uniform. I can only imagine the s#!tstorm that would have resulted if this had been a Mexican or Canadian flag.

    Not sure of the protocol about this, but it seems a tad arrogant and disrespectful to place a foreign flag over the American one on American soil. Display one or the other, not one subservient to the other. Just my two cents.

    • mosinman

      if the person is from Israel i can see why they did it. it makes sense to me

    • Leon P

      TDog, hes an Israeli, for Israelis it is a sign of respect to wear a flag of nation other than his (aka the Blue Stripes). Arrogance has nothing to do with this.

      • Very true

      • TDog

        Then why not display the Israeli flag beneath?

        I have no problem him wearing his own nation’s flag, but to have it over the US flag strikes me as the furthest thing from respect.

        • Leon P

          You keep forgetting that hes not a US citizen, He served in IDF, therefore his own flag will always come first. Why would he put a flag of a nation that although a big ally but not his own on top of the flag of his own. I mean, right now it looks like you are making a big deal out of something that is a standard M.O… Let me ask you something, would you wear an Israeli patch above your own flag if you’d be visiting Israel and representing your country if positions would be reversed?

          • TDog

            No. I’d wear my own and no other. If I had to wear a foreign flag’s patch as a sign of respect, I would place them side by side. Putting one on top of the other strikes me as disrespectful even if no disrespect was meant.

  • Giolli Joker

    I don’t think there’s anything surprising about how good CZ-75 inspired ergonomics are. 🙂

  • Captain Chaos

    What is the trigger action of the pistols? DA/SA?

  • Matt Shermer

    There’s one thing missing on that table, a Micro-Tavor…