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  • Esh325

    You see so many of these manufacturers doing this “one handed test”. It’s some what difficult to see the purpose of a muzzle brake on a 5.56 rifle.

    • Ethan

      Less recoil is always better, but I do agree – this seems more valuable for AR-10’s or at least 300BLK rifles.

    • Mike Roberts

      AR’s don’t move much. They’re anemic cartridges shot out of reasonably heavy guns. But, they do move and the muzzle does rise. Compare one on a bipod to one that you’re hand-holding. Good muzzle brakes can practically eliminate that rise. That speeds up your follow-up shots perhaps by 1/4s. For anyone shooting on the clock, that’s going to buy them 12s in 100-round match. 12s is huge.

  • Don Ward

    One-handed? Don’t show this to the ATF…

    • MR

      According to the ATF, he just redesigned it into a pistol. Guess that makes it a “weapon made from a rifle”, and therefore illegal. Speaking of the ATF, how’s business at their booth?

      • echelon

        Love this. If we were smart we’d actually use stuff like this to press the issue if any fellow American Citizen is ever taken to court to try to be prosecuted over BS stuff like this.

  • plumber576

    I have their Gamma brake and have been extremely pleased with it.

    • gunslinger

      don’t you mean ganna? 🙂

  • ManBear

    New greek letter – Epsilom? 🙂

  • buzzman1

    ADCORs been doing this for years