Mesa Tactical Introduces AR-15-Compatible SCAR Stock Adapter

Mesa Tactical has introduced a new SCAR stock adapter for use with AR-15 buffer tubes. From the press release:

January 20, 2015, Las Vegas, NV — Mesa Tactical, designer and manufacturer of high quality tactical accessories and equipment for law enforcement, military and civilian shooters, has introduced a butt stock adapter for the FN-SCAR rifle. This new adapter allows the FN-SCAR to use virtually any AR-15 butt stock.  The availability of different styles and configurations AR-15 butt stocks, now usable on the FN-SCAR, increases the adaptability and versatility of this fine carbine.  The Faro™ Adapter fits both the SCAR 16S and SCAR 17S.

The FN-SCAR is an excellent carbine, but its proprietary butt stock limited configurations and user desired options.  The investment cast aluminum, Faro Adapter, replaces the factory SCAR butt stock assembly.  The adapter accepts rifle length or carbine length AR-15 buffer tubes to which the user can attach almost any available AR-15 butt stock.  Simply install the tube onto the adapter, add any AR-15 butt stock and then simply install on the SCAR in place of the factory stock assembly.

The Faro Adapter is features steel ambidextrous push button style QD Sling attachment points and is available in either matte black or Flat Dark Earth.  The comb height in relation to the top Picatinny rail is exactly same as a Flat Top AR-15.


Prices and availability

Mesa Tactical is exhibiting at the SHOT Show 2015 in Las Vegas in booth #20410 and will be demonstrating a sample of the Faro adapter design for the FN SCAR platform. Pre-orders will be taken at SHOT Show. Production models will be available in the spring of 2015.

SKU                             Item                                                                             MSRP

92550  Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter for FN SCAR (Black)                                               $65.00

92560 Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter for FN SCAR (FDE)                                                 $75.00

92570 Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter and Receiver Extension for FN SCAR (Black)   $110.00

92580 Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter and Receiver Extension for FN SCAR (FDE)     $120.00

Mesa Tactical, provider of high quality tactical accessories and gear to law enforcement, the military and civilian shooters, announces the introduction of the Faro™ adapter, a cast aluminum stock adapter that allows any AR-15 stock, including telescoping stocks, to be installed on an FN SCAR carbine.

Faro stock adapters accept all third-party AR-15 stocks. Replaces factory buttstock in seconds.

Faro Telescoping Stock Adapter and Receiver Extension for FN SCAR (Black)


mesastock1 mesastock2 mesastock3 mesastock4 mesastock5


Adapting the SCAR for the common and plentiful AR-15 buffer tube makes a lot of sense, though it does sacrifice the folding stock that many perceive as a major advantage over the AR-15. I do wish that a more durable and attractive aftermarket folding stock would be released for the SCAR.

Nathaniel F

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  • I got all excited that someone had figured out a way for me to mount a SCAR stock on an AR-15. Nope. Dreams… crushed!

  • DIR911911 .

    what a colossal waste. PAY MONEY to eliminate one of the features of the gun and restrict it with a competitor’s disadvantage , no. how much do you really need a stock to do? it’s already adjustable.

  • Bill

    The SCAR stock is “bad?” I never realized that. I missed the meeting. I didn’t get the memo. Everybody who has one intentionally didn’t tell me. Every time I shot one and thought it was great I was subconsciously lying to myself. Now I’m sure that there are some advantages to having a non-folding stock, like having to disassemble the rifle to store it in a compact space….wait, what?

  • Ian Thorne

    Why would people pay money to downgrade their rifle? I can’t even think of an AR stock I would want to put on there if they hadn’t been stupid and actually made it fold. God the hard-on the US market has for the AR is just ridiculous.

  • Esh325

    The original stock on the SCAR is fine.

  • Sam Schifo

    Man, that guy in the last picture is so operator I can’t even handle it.

  • buzzman1

    When these things started coming out I was hoping for an adaptor that folder so I could mount a minimal stock on it. The cars stock gets in the way when folded.

  • Huch

    I’ll probably get one of these. I have a couple AR stocks that I like better and since I live in CA, I already had to disable the folding feature of the stock (because it brings the OAL to less that 30″ and it can be fired from the folded position, which we all know makes the gun 13x more lethal).