New Ergo Grip Never Quit Magwell Grip for 2015

Ergo Grip has a number of new items coming out for 2015 including this Never Quit Magwell Grip. From Ergo Grip:

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Ergo Grip Introduces
The Never Quit Magwell Grip Moriarty,NM
Ergo Grip® introduces the Never Quit Magwell Grip. Designed for AR-15/M4 rifles, the Never Quit slips over the magazine well, turning it into an ergonomic and comfortable grip option.
Developed for any shooter who prefers to shoot this way, the Never Quit dramatically improves the functionality of this shooting position by providing a contoured, hand-filling, non-slip grip.
The Never Quit Magwell Grip is molded from Santoprene ®, providing a secure, comfortable gripping surface even in adverse conditions.
It is simple to install on any AR style rifle, simply push in the front detent, rotate the trigger guard down, and slip on the Never Quit Magwell Grip. Once installed, it ergonomically rounds the magazine well profile, yet is sleek enough to not interfere with magazine changes or rifle take down. Available
in Black,Coyote Brown, Dark Earth,OD Green, Pink and Z-Green. the Never Quit also compliments stocks andhandguards of similar colors to help break up the outline of an all black rifle. Available now they are sold individually and have an MSRP of $24.95
Visit for more Ergo Grip product information call 877-281-3783
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  • Gordon J Davis Jr

    Unless its a pistol AR or you’re clearing a room, there is absolutely no call for gripping your firearm on the magazine well.

    • Bill

      It’s also a “strong” grip near the center of balance of the gun, and has advantages in weapons retention

  • Cymond

    Why are they announcing this? The Ergo ‘Never Quit’ magwell grip has been around for years, or at least for quite a while.

    • 360_AD

      By calling it “new”, mall ninjas and grown men who play dress-up-AR across America will rush out to buy one. One of the oldest jedi mind tricks in marketing.