Video: AK-47 Trigger Functioning

YouTube channel BombBuster72 has created a video showing how the trigger group for the AK-47 functions. Using CAD, he based the video off the Tapco G2 double-hook trigger system.

Be prepared to nerd-out, but mad props to the fellow for creating all of these from scratch and then animating them appropriately.

Its very easy to see the difference between this and the ARs style trigger group (which he also did a video on). Ss he states, its easy to do a “cold-war comparison”.

Based on this, it is very easy to understand why the AR trigger aftermarket has soared compared to the AK. Its much easier to create a precise trigger with the AR movement over the AK.

Nathan S

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  • sianmink

    This is super-useful if you have your tapco trigger apart and you’re not sure which surfaces you need to polish.

  • Steve Truffer

    If one trims/grinds a double hook trigger to create a “no-overtravel” trigger, polishes it (and smooths the hammer face), and adds a hammer retarder, it makes for one sweet setup.

    • JSmath

      Serious, honest question. How do you trim/grind to create a “no-overtravel” trigger? Words will work, I’m just not familiar with how it’d work mechanically and a quick google kata did not turn up answers. I can see reduced takeup, but everything I’ve learned about preventing overtravel involves drilling, tapping, and adding bolts somewhere.

      • Steve Truffer

        Using a single hook AK, a standard double will not fit. By taking a dremel to the second hook, removing small amounts at a time, it is possible to have it act as a physical stop, eliminating overtravel.
        Tapco doubles are the same price as there singles, so it’s a great 10 minute mod.

  • Vince

    The Ak trigger and the Garand trigger are essentially the same in form
    and function. Both owe their origin to John M. Browning who designed it
    for use in the Auto 5 shotgun in 1898 (patented 1900)

  • Ken in TN

    Auto- uses an auto sear that is tripped by the bcg
    Burst- same but uses a cam system on the hammer to fire the burst