MagPul Releases New Products Including Adjustable PRO Rear Sight

MagPul has announced the release of a few new products to be shipping during SHOT 2015. Of foremost interest is the new MBUS Pro LR Rear AR-15 iron sight. Rather than fixed distances, the sight features 2-600 meter zero adjustment in 50-meter intervals. The sight will still feature windage adjustments and dual apertures.


Past the sight, MagPul is rounding out its slight and M-LOK accessories. The QDM swing swivel is a Melonite (Salt Bath Nitride) finished Q/D sling mounting point that opts for release tabs instead of the usual push-button. As a compliment, MagPul has released its M-LOK compatible sling mount, the Paraclip Sling Mount. Its an update to the MSA.

MAG543-QDM-2-440x293 MAG543-QDM-440x363 MAG607-M-LOK-Paraclip-Sling-Mount-2-440x293 MAG607-M-LOK-Paraclip-Sling-Mount-440x376

Nathan S

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  • Don Ward

    Does it have a place where I can carry my lube?

    It’s gun lube. Honest.

    Don’t judge me!!!

    • LCON

      Already have that in the pistol grip,

  • KestrelBike

    I’m actually excited for the QDM swing swivel. I must have been doing something dumb, but I’ve had regular push-button qdms come undone with a rifle going to the ground as a result, and always wondered if there was a way to ‘lock’ one of them in to the sockets. The release-tab system seems like a much more reliable method of retention for me.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Almost everytime I have had a QD “come undone” it was because it was never clipped in well in the first place.

      When you insert them, always pull-test.

  • blackspike2710


    • LCON

      at the saw mill

  • Don Ward

    Because when I go deer hunting, I start out by carrying 50 pounds of gear and a 15-pound rifle while taking 800 meter shots shots across steep, mountain ravines. Well, I guess he’ll look tacticool dragging the tick-covered carcass back back up the mountain-side to the trail.

    • Penninsula

      In WA we hunt high in the back country for mule deer and it’s not much different than that. Carry all of your gear in, very steep and sometimes shots across ravines or down the mountain below. Get out west it’s different. I probably wouldn’t carry that rifle but the scenario is plausible.

  • Cymond

    “MagPul is rounding out its slight and M-LOK accessories. The QDM swing swivel…”

    Magpul is rounding out its sling and M-LOK accessories. The QDM sling swivel…”