Arisaka Vertical Grips

Arisaka grip

Arisaka Defense announced the introduction of a new vertical grip for AR-style rifles. The grips are CNC machined aluminum and are available for Key Mod, M-Lok and CMR type hand guards.

The grips are hollow to reduce weight. They do not have any end caps, so they are not designed to hold any spare parts or tiny gear. It is conceivable that Arisaka or a third part will offer an add-on to allow for storage should you desire it.

The MSRP is $30 for any of the three versions.



  • material: 6061 aluminum with type III hard coat anodized finish
  • height: 2.5″
  • diameter: 1.3″
  • weight: 1.8 oz

Richard Johnson

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  • Anonymoose

    How about tsuka (katana hilt)-styled grips? That could prove interesting.

    • SP mclaughlin

      They could really build on a unique brand with the name Arisaka.
      Giant bayonet mounted by keymod or rail, maybe? (probably legally questionable though.)