Chris Costa Interview in Japan

Peace Combat Magazine is an Airsoft and Tactical Gear magazine. They had a Chris Costa Welcome Party and held an interview with Chris Costa in Japan. Here is the interview. There aren’t any subtitles for the Japanese questions but you can get the idea from Costa’s responses.


At some point Costa does a quick walk down the catwalk and photo session.

Nicholas C

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  • Ethan

    Rockstar (noun): Chris Costa
    Haters descending in 3… 2…

    If people were willing to pay me to do that, I would; and you know you would too. 😉

    • Nicks87

      Im so operator I dont even know who Chris Costa is!!!

      • USMC03Vet

        I had no idea who this guy was either until I started seeing TFB posts about him and had recommended video on YouTube. I’m scared of what is out there.

  • Bill

    “Quiet Professionals” don’t do catwalks: “I’m too sexy for my rifle”

    • Thomas Gomez

      Correct me if I am wrong, but when has Costa ever claimed to be a “silent professional”? I have always thought of Costa as the Bill Dance of the shooting industry.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    The interview was fine, esp taken in the context of airsoft and nation of people who will likely never get to fire live guns.

    … That catwalk video tho…

  • andrey kireev

    If i did the whole catwalk thing, I’d probably hurt myself and that would be a viral video on youtube = /

  • WasThere

    Oh the things we do for money.

  • FWIW

    I mean, I don’t know that this is really so different from, say, when American film stars go Japan and do a detergent commercial. Yeah it seems a little beneath you but, eh, money’s money.

    That said, that catwalk stuff…yeesh…

  • I used to be into airsoft, played it all the time and had over 60 springers, AEGs, and gas guns. But then I moved to America and got real guns, so airsoft went away. God I feel sorry for these other countries that get so worked up about deactivated guns or airsoft guns…..

    • Verner

      Thanks for the sympathy…

    • Edohiguma

      Or you could move to Austria where not a single politicians whines and moans about “assault weapons” and nobody has ever even tried to ban black rifles with pistol grips.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    c is for…. cookie,
    chris costa,

    costa catfight coming up!

    • Ethan

      We call that Dynamic Letter C deployment. Its in the new training video.

  • I thought he had jumped the shark when he introduced the tactical arm tape, but this leaves no doubt in my mind.

    • Jeff Smith

      “They drove a dump truck full of money up to my house! I’m not made of stone!” – Krusty the Clown, the Simpsons

      • Lmao! Canyonero is best SUV.

        • Jeff Smith

          Hahahaha, “Top of the line in utility sports,
          Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts! CANYONEROOOO!”

    • Bill

      Actually, the principle behind kinesiotaping predates him by quite a while, and when done properly can help with strains, sprains and musculoskeletal issues. I was dubious, but have been using it since before he started pimping for a company that essentially copied everything from the originator, a dr. in Japan. It works for me.

      It looks a hell of a lot better on the female beach volleyball players who first used it in a summer olympics a while back.

      • Sure, it may have some scientific merit to it, but it is nothing short of hilarious that he is successfully marketing it as a tactical/warrior lyfestyle accessory.

      • Thomas Gomez

        I used to do a ton of Muay Thai…kinesiotaping is a god-send.

    • Harold

      why would anyone jump over a shark? how do you jump in the ocean? is jumping a shark the latest teen craze?

    • RealitiCzech

      Ah yes, the magical tape that will somehow ‘increase blood flow’ to the region.

      • Bill

        Dont knock it ’til you’ve tried it. I know this is OT, but it isn’t the tape, it’s the way and pattern in which it is applied. It can’t just be slapped on and expected to work, someone who understands the principle behind it needs to do it first, and teach the user how to apply it themselves if possible. I use it primarily to stabilize my kneecaps, and it’s kept me from having to repeat surgeries, or at least postpone them ’til Im too old to care.

        I’m as cynical as they come when it comes to non-traditional medicine, and have frequent flyer punch cards at every physical therapy clinic in town, a by-product of police career, but I was amazed how well it works.

        • Nicholas Chen

          I could have sworn seeing Chinese Olympic Diving Team using something similar during the London Summer Olympics.

  • Orion Quach

    He will be laughing at the haters, all the way to the bank.

  • Thomas Gomez

    Hell yeah! Congratulations on your success Chris! If you are ever passing through New Mexico hit me up! We can drink some beer and grill up some cow.

  • USMC03Vet

    April 1st came early this year.

  • Cheese_McQueen

    Woooo, dat tactical Coast Guard belly flop.

  • Steve Martinovich

    Chris Costa: Tier -3 USCG Operator!

  • RealitiCzech

    The primer does explode, the powder merely burns quickly.

  • Thomas Gomez

    Inflammatory or Placebo…my shoulder, elbow and hips felt a lot better after using tape.

  • Patrick Mingle

    Odds that an AR in japan is real? 0%

    • Nicholas Chen

      It could be real if he was on a US military base. But yeah highly unlikely.

  • Harold

    Well when Pelto moves beyond shooting fast and accurate and comes up with a media persona perhaps then we will know who he is. Just because Jerry and Chris are smart marketers getting rich don’t hold it against them. Raine can proudly display his trophies in his house while Jerry and Chris make another trip to the bank for a deposit. Sorry but that’s the reality.

  • Matt

    To me it sounds like Costa loves the sound of his own voice because he was talking for the sake of talking. A lot of droning on and he would go on in different directions on the fly and there were things that he really didn’t know what he was even talking about. When he said that the Japanese is a “warrior society” and that their rite of passage of their father passing down the family sword is akin to our tradition of a father passing down a firearm to his son is a bit out of whack. First off he is thinking of the Samurai class as they were the only people allowed to possess arms/swords as anyone not Samurai would be executed for having a sword. Second is his misconception that the Japanese aren’t allowed to possess firearms as that is completely false. They are allowed to buy & shoot shotguns, rimfire rifles and certain centerfire rifles up to a certain caliber. Granted it can take up to 10 years for them to go through the process to own a centerfire rifle, but they can buy/own a shotgun pretty much right off the bat. There also is some really good hunting (duck, pheasant, goose, deer & bear) in Japan. I lived in northern Japan (Aomori prefecture) for a little over 4 years and I was able to personally experience their firearm culture, so it is there.