Browe Tactical Optic – Browe 4x Power in 7075-t6

Browe Optics has introduced their Browe Tactical Optic which incorporates the same glass, electronics, and internals as the Browe Combat Optic (originally titanium) into a 7075-T6 aluminum housing. The Browe Tactical optic maintains Browe’s signature SIC (single intuitive control).


Specs (from Browe):

  • Magnification: 4x
  • Entrance Pupil: 32mm
  • Exit Pupil: 8mm
  • Eye Relief: 37mm
  • Length:  132mm nominal
  • Width: 67mm nominal
  • Weight:   16.7 oz.
  • Field of view: 7 °
  • Center Bore Height above Rail: 1.53″
  • Adjustment at 100 yards: .5 MOA
  • Adjustment: Internally adjustable prism
  • Reticle pattern: 7.62mm Crosshair Reticle
  • Ballistic Compensated:  7.62mm
  • Color Day/Night: Red, Amber, Blue, or Green
  • Illumination source: LED
  • Illumination source controlled-Automatic: Cadmium-Sulfide photocell and flash programmable Microcontroller
  • Illumination source controlled-Manual: 10 days settings and 3 night vision
  • Battery Usage Life: 2000 hrs. Typ. (Min. 775hrs. on max brightness)
  • Housing Material:  Aluminum 7075-T6
  • Water Proof: 42m / 130ft.
  • Fog proof: Filled with dry nitrogen
  • Lens Coatings: Broad Band Anti-Reflective Coatings

For its introduction, Browe is running a 30% off MSRP special. Further, Browe is allowing users to customize their optic from the ground up including reticle, reticle color, and housing color (Black or FDE).


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • 30% off = $875. I wish Browe would release a less-frilly version and try to hit the $600 price point.

    • gunslinger


    • avconsumer2

      Indeed. Good luck to ’em at full price.

      • They’ll not sell and then..Oh it’s 50% now! 60%? ok 80%? LOL

  • sianmink

    So pretty much their MSRP is the same as the street price for the proven TA-02 ACOG?
    Tough sell.

    • Their warranty is a joke, too. Two years… Trijicon is five years.

      SOMEONE needs to do what Aimpoint did with the PRO, and get a combat-ready 3x or 4x prism sight at the $500-$600 mark. I just can’t believe there’s no way of doing that.

      • Drew Coleman

        Vortex Spitfire maybe?

        • The Spitfire is Chinese-made and uses a proprietary mounting system. I run a 1x on my SW SP10, and I like it for the price point, but they need to up the game a bit and engineer for specific durability.

  • echelon

    Yay! Another overpriced optic…

  • CrankyFool

    Well, realistically, is there really a noticeable ballistic difference between, say, 7.62×39, 7.62×51, and 7.62x54r? They all basically use the same bullet with the same powder to go about the same distance with the same velocity, right? Right?


    • Chris

      Just wondering, could I get this to work with my 308?

      ( double duck )

    • Phil Elliott

      I hope that was sarcasm on your part, about the Soviet cart. and NATO cart. Soviet 123 gr. at 2400 maybe? NATO 147 gr at 2700