Stealth Gunpowder

Stealth Gunpowder

A new company called Stealth Gunpowder promises to introduce a new line of smokeless powders. The company is making some some fairly strong claims about the powder.

According to the company, the new powders will:

  • produce no muzzle flash
  • burn 22% cooler than other powders
  • 13.8% more accurate than other powders
  • not cause blooming on night vision devices
  • decrease target re-acquisition time by 39%
  • significantly fewer “jams”

The following video shows the difference between this company’s product and another unnamed gunpowder. While there is a muzzle flash, the Stealth Gunpowder is noticeably less. However, without knowing what it is compared to, the demo is not as useful as I would hope.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Zachary marrs

    Bs meter has self-destructed

    Thanks TFB

    • Giolli Joker

      I have to buy a new one every week… go figure!

  • sianmink

    produce no muzzle flash
    NO Muzzle flash? I see muzzle flash in your video.
    burn 22% cooler than other powders
    OK maybe.
    13.8% more accurate than other powders
    That’s an oddly specific number.
    not cause blooming on night vision devices
    decrease target re-acquisition time by 39%
    significantly fewer “jams”
    How? and what’s a “jams”? This is very vague compared to 13.8% more accurate.

    • Sean

      That is exactly what I thought. How did they get that specific number?

      • FourString

        99.967% of bubba statistics are made up

        • Sulaco

          Including this one?

      • sianmink

        Perhaps the Chairleg of Truth can uncover the secret.

      • lucusloc

        Ditto, the number are just way too weird, and you really have to think hard about what they are referring too. The “more accurate” part probably means a more consistent burn, and the “target re-acquisition” is probably a combination of reduced flash and perhaps less perceived recoil? Over all this press release basically says “our powder is better, but we are not going to be all that specific.”

    • Friggin’ Amen! Not much of a difference with these powders. Plus, let’s say this was legit. Well, they said crimes happen a lot at night right? So let’s give our criminals something better to use right? HUH!? LOL.

  • Ken

    If true, at least it would represent a step forward in firearms technology.

  • MountainKelly

    Sounds like another snake oil company. I’d love to see more smokeless propellant but this smells of hype

    • marathag

      Nazis used Triple base smokeless in WWII. Cooler burning, less smoke and flash, more velocity without more pressure

      It’s not new, just new to the USA in commercial powder

      But yes, this company looks to by hype

  • john huscio

    Could “decrease target reacquisition” mean “less recoil”?

    • S O

      No, the law of conservation of momentum cannot be changed.
      “peak recoil force” could be reduced by a powder, but AFAIK not without a reduction of the peak pressure.

      By the way; there IS INDEED a military explosive/propellant that’s save for its unobtainability in quantity (so far) the best of all words: “CL-20”

      Most powerful, low signature beyond belief.
      It will likely appear in some precision guided missile warheads and solid rocket fuel motors soon.


    I will support ANYBODY making gunpowder at this point. It’s been over 2 years and the stuff still isn’t readily available.

  • Ohwow

    Supreme.Tactical.Advantage over your adversary- Totally Concealed dude

  • Fast-burning powder generally produces less flash, but it’s easier to get velocity out of slower-burning powders before you hit maximum pressure.

  • Tiru Maru

    OK, I’ll bite.If you wanted some, how do you get it??
    Went to the web site, and all they have is marketing hype…

  • Until I see some bonafide reloading data from an independent test against known product, this is nothing but vaporware for me.

    • raz-0

      Come on. I believe they have a powder. It’s not vaporware until their claims are verified, it’s just a pile of BS until their claims are verified. 😉

      Al their claims could be true too, but if they aren’t producing similar velocity at the muzzle, it’s equally useless.

  • Sulaco

    Well if they just claimed the powder made the rounds silent it would be a reprise of the introduction of smokless power back in the 1890’s…

  • Don Ward

    Perfect for loading in my porcelain Glock!