Black Creek Precision 9mm AR Pistols

Black Creek Precision

Black Creek Precision is now making a pair of AR-style 9mm pistols. The guns are available with either a 6.5″ or 10.5″ barrel and come with a SIG arm brace.

The uppers and lowers are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum with Type III anodizing. The lower is a dedicated 9mm lower, so there is not a magwell block or other adapter to make it work with 9mm mags.

The pistols come with a 20-round Colt-style magazine. Additional 20- and 32-round magazines are available from the company. Other 9mm Colt-type mags should work in the gun.

Black Creek Precision

The hand guard is a KeyMod rail from Odin Works (5.5″ on the 6.5″ gun and 9.5″ on the 10.5″ gun.)

I’ve had a chance to shoot one of the 10.5″ guns and was impressed by its performance. 25-yard accuracy was very good (sub 1.5″ 5-shot groups with Magpul MBUS sights) and the performance was flawless with 10 different loads (mix of ball and hollowpoint self-defense ammo.)

The MSRP is $1,559 for the 6.5″ gun, while the longer barrel pistol carries a suggested retail price of $1,659.

Richard Johnson

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  • echelon

    I don’t understand why these things are so frackin’ expensive…get these around $1k or less even with the brace and you’d have them flying out the door. As it is for that price we’ll all just get evo pistols and braces for less than that…

    • BattleshipGrey

      For $1600 they should at least use Glock mags. They’d still be too pricey for me though. For the price of the Evo I can deal with proprietary mags.

    • I agree! If I were rich and had that kind of money just laying around, sure thing! LOL. And it’s like by the time I save money up for it, something better is made for much more money. SMH

  • Yep.