Winchester Train & Defend Tested by ShootingTheBull

I love ShootingTheBull, mostly because he is no-BS. That, and a through tester, highly entertaining, and generally knowledgeable about terminal ballistics.

His latest test is of Winchester’s Train & Defend ammunition, a novel line that pairs a matching set of conventional round-nose ammo (the “train” portion) and hollow-points (the “defend”). In short, Winchester get its right. The rounds match and the “defend” ammunition performs admirably.

I expect to see other companies offering similar matching ammunition in the future. It just makes too much (financial) sense not to.

Nathan S.

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  • MIke

    I am very surprised this offering actually delivers what it is supposed to. I figured it was just crappy hollow points in a box of range ammo to charge more $$

  • Jeff Smith

    Not only does it perform well, it’s fairly cheap compared to other defensive ammo. I’ve been seeing it for $15-$18 per box of 20 rounds for the Defend ammo.

    • Dan

      That has been my experience as well, both boxes have been at the cheaper end. I was always curious as to how they performed.

  • jeff k

    this stuff has the best penetration!! every review ive seen they push to 15-16″ consistent

  • It is worth noting that this is the only ammo I have found that jams MP5s.

    • wetcorps

      #firstworldproblems ^^

  • Grindstone50k

    Well, just found a belated Christmas present for some of the 9mm users in the family.

  • I just need to find a bullet/powder load to replicate the Train ammo in my reloads.