New ALG Defense AK Trigger

ALG Defense posted a sneak peak on their Instagram page recently, they’re working on new trigger for the AK-47. If you don’t know who ALG Defense is, they were founded by Amy Lynn Geissele in 2012 and they’re the sister company to the famed trigger maker Geissele Automatics.

Pictured above is their new Lightning Bow trigger, two new triggers are expected to debut at the 2015 SHOT Show. Their AR triggers retail between $45 to $65 so we can expect their new AK triggers to fall somewhere between there.

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  • nova3930

    Looks like the AK version of their ACT, which is a fantastic value for the money…

    • Phillip Cooper

      Interesting. What’s the advantage, better polish on the engagement surfaces, different angles or just a wider surface to pull on?

      • nova3930

        Take a mil spec trigger add a good polish to the engagement surfaces then apply a nickel boron coating for a really slick trigger. Not nearly as good as the geisselle triggers but they’re only 65 bucks vs nearly 200 to start.

        • Grindstone50k

          +1 for the ACT. Put one in a recent build, one of the best mil-spec single-stage triggers out there. And at $65 you can’t really beat it.

          If I were to build an AK, this trigger would be at the top of the list.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Thanks very much for the informative answer. Now I want one. 🙂

  • bimmerland

    For first time ar15 usrs the alg $65 trigger is a vast improvement over the stock trigger. It brought mine down to a crisp and smooth 6.5#. Well worth the money

  • Ethan

    Looks like a cast component, but polish the mating surfaces and add a slick coating like Nickel B or the like, and it’ll be a slick product.
    I’d try it.

  • I don’t think this is going to have quite the same impact as the ACT; the Tapco G2 is a pretty decent trigger unto itself. Might depend on their choice of springs, I guess.