Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Plate E.M.P+5

Strike Industries recently released their new Enhanced Magazine Plate (E.M.P) +5 for M3 Magpul PMAGS, they’ll fit M2 PMAGs but with a little modification. The main benefit of the new E.M.P+5 from Strike Industries is the obvious, the increase in ammo capacity by five rounds. There is also another pretty neat feature, a finger groove that enhances grip on the mag-well for tactical reloads. They retail for $11.95 and will be available in either black for FDE over at

Also, check out our review of the Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Plate (+2 model).



Strike Video

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  • jeff k

    for when 30 just aint enough lol

    • Dracon1201

      Or making 45rd mags when building an IAR.

      • iksnilol

        Why not just get those quad stack mags with 60 or 100 round capacities? You can also get extensions. Nordic Components makes an 18 round extension. Also there is the Maghack which uses two mags to make one large mag. That and there is also mag couplers.

        Now I sorta want to see two 50 round (20+30 with the Maghack clamp thingy) mags coupled together. You could also “hack” together two 40 round mags though that might be a bit overboard.

        I mean, if you are going through the hassle of modifying mags and whatnot: Go big or go home.

        • Dracon1201

          1) 60 and 100 are a bit heavy. Might be nice to have 1 or 2 in backup, but my load out won’t consist purely of these. I also trust a pmag with only a 5 Rd extension.
          2) The Nordic components on a 40rdr? For competition, yes, but getting in the dirt with a 40 is hard enough. +5 will not make it as impossible as a +18. The Lower profile will help. Also a problem with the 100rd mags.
          3) Maybe I have an interesting idea of making a version of an Americanized RPK reimagined as an AR. Complete with equivalent size mags.

          Go big or go home applies most of the time, but not always.

  • Jack Morris

    Kinda expensive for a small plastic thingy, but I’m never opposed to more ammo if it works reliably.

  • John

    I know this is stupid, but loading from stripper clips, I don’t load 30 total rounds into my mag. I load 29. Which means I have a bunch of empty stripper clips laying around after I load my mags… and a few single rounds. If I were using a +2 endplate, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t have to mess with all those annoying loose rounds.

    This is stupid, and a fix for a really non-existent problem. If my biggest problem is that I have a single round laying on a table after loading a magazine, then my life aint all that bad.

    • Phillip Cooper

      There is absolutely no reason to only load 29 rounds in a 30 round mag.

      • Ethan

        Well, there’s one: If you plan on doing a lot of mag swaps with a closed bolt, it helps greatly to avoid “false” mags seats. To avoid this you have to give it an extra thump on the base-plate with most lower receiver/magazine combos.

        To some, its worth giving up a round for reliable CB seating without the extra step.
        But, if you’re not a part of that group, no worries, just load up a full 30. 😉

        • Phillip Cooper

          Let’s see- 6 years as an Infantryman carrying an M16 and multiple magazines, we trained to slap the magazine in as a matter of course.

          Try again?

          • Ethan

            I don’t think I need to clarify anything. You were trained to do it one way, and as long as it works for you, stick with it.

            You said there was no reason to download, and I provided you with the only one that I know of. I even went so far as to couch with the disclaimer “for SOME it is worth it.”

            Please don’t turn this into an internet expert pissing contest. Some people are just different from you, have priorities and do things differently than you were trained.. And that’s really OK.

        • Grindstone50k

          Ensuring the magazine is properly seated is good training.

          • Ethan

            I firmly agree. I’m glad our military teaches that for our troops.

            Generally I think the proponents of downloading have other applications in mind – therein lying the rub.

          • Grindstone50k

            I remember my M16 training from USAF basic: Smack the mag in, slap the ping-pong paddle on the side.

  • Ethan

    Colion Noir described the PMAG 40 as stepping right up to the edge of ridiculous, but stopping just short. I’m pretty sure this little gizmo can be counted on to bump it over the edge. Still, for some it fills a need.

  • Vhyrus

    They only help with tactical reloads? Damn, I only do normal reloads. I’ll have to pass.

  • RonCatdaddy

    Hell…….I can get a new Magpul magazine for that price. Nice, but not $12 nice.

  • Ethan

    Impressive, how do you manage that? :-p

    • noob


  • FourString

    Makes sense. This might be similar to why you see more 17-round Glock 17 mags than 19-round ones. The money can just go toward a whole other magazine.

  • noob

    What do the lawyers say in your state? If the magazin is designed for 10 rounds and then modified is that still Adventure Time (where the “adventure” is “prison”)?

  • elconquistidor

    Compare that 12 bucks to Taran Tactical 40 jugheads.