Bersa Firestorm Returns to CA

Bersa’s Firestorm, which is chambered in .380 ACP, is returning to California. Considering the rather limited options of Californians, it’s always good when a gun makes it back into the state. The Firestorm is a popular concealed carry gun designed for balance and a positive grip, thanks to finger grooves and a textured grip. It can be fired DA or SA and the company advertises it as an “ultra-smooth action.” It has an alloy frame, steel slide, and comes in duotone and matte black.

Take a look at: Bersa Firestorm

Bersa Firestorm .380 Specs:

Model: FS380M

Caliber: .380 ACP

Action: DA/SA

Capacity: 7+1

Barrel length: 3.5”

Front sight: Blade integral with slide

Rear sight: White outline target

Finish: Duotone or Matte Black

Grip: Rubber wrap-around

Construction: Alloy frame, steel slide

Safety: Firing pin, manual, magazine disconnect

Weight: 20 ounces

Length: 6.6”

Height: 4.9”

Width: 1.3”

MSRP: $320.00

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  • Wait, wait. How is it returning to California? Are they implementing microstamping?

    • I thought microstamping is on hold for now. Either way as a california resident I hope not

      • Katie A

        I’ll be honest, I attended undergrad in SoCal and as much as I enjoyed the sunshine it’s issues like the gun laws that will always keep me from becoming a resident. My gun rights are incredibly important to me, and I cannot live in a state that is constantly working against me.

    • Katie A

      Microstamping in CA is for new guns only, not old models (under the law old models are those made prior to May 2013, which is when the law went into effect despite its passing back in 2007). For example, Smith and Wesson is continuing to sell its semi-auto handguns in CA but says they absolutely will not implement microstamping in new models, meaning any new semi-auto handgun from S&W will not be sold in CA as the law currently stands. Ruger has withdrawn entirely. Unfortunately there is a rather large gap in available information about the Bersa Firestorm. I did try to find more details but was unable. All I have is the press release stating they’re going to be back for sale in CA. I’ll keep an eye out for better information and share it with you if/when it does come along.

    • Jammiches

      I thought the Bersa Firestorm was grandfathered on the DOJ list even though the Thunder fell off? I think I read articles or threads about how Bersa accidentally let the Thunder fall off due to late paperwork, but people could still get the Firestorm which was virtually the same.

      However, if Bersa wanted to get the Thunder back on, they would need to implement those new changes (at the time, it was the loaded chamber indicator, now it’s microstamping).

      So was a bit confused about this article, since the Firestorm was kept on the DOJ list. Maybe this article is about a renewed manufacturing effort by Bersa since the Firestorm is a bit harder to find. Was it discontinued at some point?

  • schizuki

    Odd. It seems to be a Bersa Thunder with a round trigger guard instead of a hooked one. Davidson’s doesn’t even list it. Why would Bersa market this pistol under two names with just one minor difference?

    • MIke

      Yea i am curious why this and the thunder both exist

  • Ethan

    Escape from LA III : Return to LA

    • Katie A

      Isn’t the entire point of escape…I don’t know, escape? Now I want to watch the movie though. Yay Kurt Russell.

  • STW

    I bought one of these for my wife a few years ago. It fits very nicely in a pocket in one of her purses. At the time Bersa made these for Firestorm, a separate Spanish Company. Bersa was the manufacturer but not the seller. (I chose the Firestorm over the Bersa variation for the grips and sights that were, then, unavailable straight from Bersa. Bersa changed the Thunder to be more like the Firestorm a year or two after my purchase.)

    Firestorm has Bersa make this pistol for them. Browning has FN manufacture most of their guns. Winchester guns, in large part, are built by Miroku. The label doesn’t say a whole lot now-a-days. Though I do recall paying an extra Jackson for the Firestorm.

  • Wait is this just a renamed bersa thunder?

  • Chase Buchanan

    These have been very popular items at the gun shop where I work. I’ve sold a fair few of them.