300 BLK Ammo from G2 Research

300 blk ammo

G2 Research is now selling a new 300 BLK load called the .300 Ripout Round. The ammo uses an all-copper, 200 grain bullet designed to expand at low velocities.

The load is designed to be subsonic and produces 1020 fps at the muzzle (unknown barrel length for testing.) According to the company, the rounds are designed to penetrate 17+” with 98%+ weight retention.

According to G2, the bullets are CNC machined and are “expensive to make.” MSRP is $54.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

The company is expected to release a similar load for the 7.62×39 in the early part of 2015.

From G2 Research:

Serious Stopping Ammunition From G2

Winder, GA, December 18, 2014-G2 Research announces a devastating new subsonic .300 AAC Blackout-caliber round for hunting or tactical use. The new G2 Research .300 Ripout Round produces a massive wound channel that ensures hunters of an accurate, sure and swift kill. www.G2Rammo.com

This new subsonic (suppressor-friendly), premium-grade, 200-grain .30 caliber round quickly expands at reduced velocities, creating a devastating, energy-depositing wound channel of one inch or more. Bullet weight retention is an astounding 98 to 100 percent, which creates more than 17 inches of soft tissue penetration.

Free from the massively overdone hydrostatic shock prevalent in so many of today’s ultra-high-velocity loads, the sub-sonic G2 Research .300 Ripout Round will kill ’em quick and quietly without turning good game meat into useless jelly. Needless to say, this round is excellent for tactical use too.

G2 Research national sales manager Chris Nix says “if the idea is to put the animal down efficiently, quickly and humanely without over-penetration and vaporizing good eating meat, our .300 Blackout Ripout Round, with its unique three copper petal controlled expanding bullet, gets that job done.”

Individually manufactured in highly specialized CNC machines, each expensive-to-make bullet is precision machined to open up within the first two to three inches of impact, resulting in a controlled expansion of three large copper petals called tridents that make up the first half of the bullet. (A .30 caliber bullet, for example, will expand between 1 and 1.5 inches while the bullet shank remains attached for controlled penetration even at subsonic velocity.)


Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout (subsonic)
Velocity: 1020 FPS
Bullet: Special custom 200-grain copper alloy hollow-point Spitzer
MSRP: $54.99 box of 20

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Ethan

    Dear Santa,

    For Christmas all I want is an expanding, subsonic 300 Blackout round that DOESN’T cost $2.75 a shot.


    • Santa: “NO! You get nothing!! Good day sir!”

  • ku


  • Kurt Akemann

    To borrow from my father’s reply to such statements: “Hungry? Eat your foreign ammo!”

    I grant that sentiment has less application with ammunition than with cars, but I really think that outsourcing ammunition production to reduce costs is NOT the way to go.

  • uisconfruzed

    MSRP is $54.99 for a box of 20 rounds?
    I’m out, cast boolits, Hornady SSTs, and handloads are still the way to go.

  • Roderick Lalley

    How about some .458 SOCOM That isn’t $100 a 20 rd box ???

  • Ethan

    Cool round, but ultimately designed as a training round from what I’ve read. Not really designed to expand..

  • Ethan

    But does it expand?

  • Ethan

    Assuming that’s true, at $2.75 a pop, their dastardly plan has already failed.

    • How can you say assuming? I guess you have to for US legal requirements but its this easy there is one first, everyone else is an also ran in the I did it first game.

      • Ethan

        I’m honestly not sure what you were trying to say there.

        • Roundabout way of saying I guess you have to stick out a assumption of doubt on a statement because of your law. But only one person can do it first everyone else who does it then does it 2nd 3rd so on….

          • Ethan

            I put the statement of doubt in because I doubt the relevancy of a company I’ve never heard from another country complaining that someone is making bullets they feel they already made.

            I’m guessing you have no first hand knowledge of how G2 actually developed their round, yes?
            Sounds more like you’re bent out of shape because their product is receiving more publicity in this particular market than yours? Just a guess..

          • Oh Im not pissey or bent, Im just stating the facts and questioning you you questioning the facts.

            They made a dud round and patented it, fact.

            They made somebody elses round wrong if its costing them that much its pretty much a deadset copy. – fact

            You dont know if there is a patent pending US or not on which any claim may be made. – fact

            The bullets havnt been advertised in the US because there is no point advertising something that is not readily available for shooters even if it was released because it would immediately become so popular that production demand could not be met.

            So not trying to be offensive The bottom line is you threw doubt on something you dont have any idea about – fact.

          • Ethan

            Haha.. Ok sir. You’re confusing “fact” with “speculation”. We’re you a part of the G2 design team? No?

            Then you don’t gave “facts”, you have only the jaded speculations of a butt-hurt competitor.

            You have a legitimate conflict of interest in this care, so excuse us if we don’t take your unsupported word as “fact”.

          • My apologies its only become apparent this site must be your lil slice of heaven

            2nd to market fact

            Exact copy of others design fact

            There is no speculation in these statements perhaps you would apply the same mirror to your own posts?

            you dont seem to be willing to take anybody else at their word well get off your ass and do better journalism than press releases instead of being a spoon fed repository of other peoples spin.

            Until you do that you’ll never be more than a train station of journalism passing the crap that came in out the door.

            I have absolutely no interest in this case as i made clear in my first post other than you have reported a bullet made by a company as theirs when it isn’t its a blatant Rip-off instead of rip-out when all they produced is a press release on it, its you who has the conflict in interest it seems wanting to throw doubt on anothers statements.

            Well you cant throw doubt on a timeline Ethan go follow the years of development all right in the eye of the public, that is the irrefutable truth.

            Good luck with your continued running of TFB

          • Ethan

            Once again Sir, your word isn’t enough to establish ‘Fact’ – you must provide supporting documentation. You are a direct competitor of G2 – OF COURSE you’re going to trash-talk their product.

            Provide documentation to back up your accusation, or don’t be surprised when people are skeptical. Adult communication 101.

          • Once again its you who cannot read I have have already established I am NOT A PART of the ACP product I am just stating the facts.

            The facts are they were not first, the facts are the look exactly the same as their competitors product and those are the facts despite the fact you wish to try and say they are only views and not facts no they are facts and your childish attempt at impugning someone else is pathetic almost beyond mention only to point out in the game of wits and facts you are unarmed.

            You also have not stated your own position or interest as to why you would want to incessantly repeat an incorrect position and think that by repeatedly saying the incorrect thing will make it a fact?

            Your a joke as far as reporting as you dont investigate any of the press releases slipped across your desk even when they are shown already to be completely wrong. tsk tsk shall I expect more personal insults from you because you can’t read or comprehend at a year 7 level, #nochildleftbehind

          • Ethan

            1. You stated in your first post “We can ship these into the country for them when production volumes are right to keep them in bullets and not just have a pack to bang off and wait 6 months for another one.”
            You ARE G2s direct competitor, not a neutral 3rd party.

            2. Who do you think I am? I’ve had no press releases slipped anywhere. I’m nobody. I don’t run this website or any other website.

            You made serious accusation and got livid because someone asked you a question… I’m sorry you’re so bent about this but there is literally no one here who knows what you are talking about. I asked you to clarify, to put up a link so I could read about it as a matter of personal curiosity, and you responded by attacking because I wouldn’t just take your word for it.

            I understand you have strong beliefs about your product, but you are not doing yourself any good here.

            Please, calm down. Stop the runaway assumption train, and post a link so I can figure out what you’re talking about.

          • You are making the assumption Im livid Im not.

            You also make the assumption that because I could obtain them myself as a business and send them into the US that I have a financial interest or otherwise in ACP again I do not and continue not to. I just said it could be done not that I am an affiliate or otherwise thereof.

            I am bent about nothing you by your own admission are nobody here and by that alone you should take a long walk off a short plank as you have been wrong with every single one of your posts either about me or by the fact you cannot follow a linear timescale of development.

          • Ethan

            Alrighty then.. I guess we’ll never know.

  • Ethan

    My $2.30 box of cast, powder-coated 230GR bullets agree.