Leitner-Wise Ultra Low-Profile BUIS “e-Sights”

Leitner-Wise’s has teased their upcoming BUIS the “e-Sight” on their blog. Touted as the ultimate low-profile optic, the e-sights are a pair of standard-height flip-up sights. They are tight-lipped on additional details, but suffice to say they are low-profile. If the production model looks anything like these, I would hazard to saw they will be the smallest on the market to date.


The meat of the blog post is below:

The evolution of sights are here. The lowest profile sights on the market. Machines out of billet aluminum. e-Sights will be up for pre-order shortly and shipping soon after.

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Nathan S

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  • Zachary marrs

    At what point does “how low of a profile” no longer matter?

    Do you even adjust bro?

    • USMC03Vet

      Drop 5.
      Fire for effect.


  • Pete Sheppard

    It looks too easy to break off.

  • grendal1989

    As a light weigh ironsight to particularly sturdy optics (aimpoint, etc) I could see this being a decent way to minimize the weight of a part you will never use as a primary.

  • echelon

    If the fecal matter has hit the fan to the point that the BUIS become necessary to continue fighting then I think a few extra ounces is acceptable to ensure that the sights don’t break off like toothpicks.

    If we’re just talking about operators operating at the local range, then by all means.

    All that said, maybe they’re more robust than they look. I’ll watch out for reviews. I want to see someone slam their gun around with these things up and see what happens.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yeah they seem rather puny. Ill stock with my Mbus Pro or just plain MBUS. I wonder why they protrude so far forward.

  • They look remarkably similar in concept to the Tavor BUIS.

  • hami

    These are perfect for most recreational shooters. I shoot for fun and I know my rifles don’t need BUIS. But for some reason i am always buying and installing them.

    These are perfect if your rifle goes from the safe, to a case, to a static range, and then back to the case.

    I look forward to trying a pair out.

  • Andrew Hobby

    Custom high end firing pin *retaining pin* – Check
    Arrow-marked bolt Cam Pin – Check
    Worlds Tiniest Back-Up Sights – Check