Cyclops Sirius 500 LED Hand Held Spotlight

This is an interesting take on a familiar theme, the Cyclops Sirius 500 hand held rechargeable LED spotlight.


A nice package that includes a red lens as well as AC and DC chargers – battery is a 6V 2.5Ah sealed lead acid battery.

The light provides a choice of useful light modes – 6 low power LEDs provide a nice near field flood.   Tint from these LEDs is very cool and is useful within about a 10 foot perimeter. The 3 high power Cree LEDs provide long range light – rated out to around 400 feet.


Attaching the very simple red lens cover transforms the light to help preserve night vision.


Housing has a matte finish that is easy to grip – and the light is rated IPX4 water resistant and impact resistant to 1 meter drops.


Light is activated with a trigger – there is a locking switch on the right side (see the package photo.) The back of the light has the receptacle for the charger plug, a red charging LED indicator, and the mode switch for choosing flood or spot.


Specs from the GSM Outdoors web site:

  • 500/45 Lumens
  • (3) three Cree Hi-Power LED’s for long range, (6) six LED’s for
    immediate area use
  • Improved 20% brighter illumination
  • Ergonomically designed rubberized grip with trigger pulse
  • Dual recharge, AC/DC adapter or 12V DC car adapter (both
  • Detachable red lens included
  • Always ON lock switch
  • Burn Time: 3 CREE Watt = 4+ hours, 6 LED = 40+ hours
  • Powered by 6V 2.5Ah SLA battery (included)

List price for the package is $89.95, although you can find it all over the web for less than $60

Dan M

Love firearms and flashlights – and they go well together. I’ve been admiring and writing about quality flashlights for about 9 years…built my own integrating sphere….done a few mods. Proof positive that a 59 year old can still love toys!


  • Jack Morris

    I’m not sure what the application of this product would be when there are hundreds of flashlights with the same power output that can litteraly fit in your pocket for roughly the same price. Anyone have any insight about why this would be more advantageous than a smaller led light?

    • Menger40

      It probably wouldn’t be. The body is plastic and can’t act as a heat sink, the battery is not replaceable, the number listed here for throw sounds really low (200 feet, that’s it?), and the manufacturer doesn’t say what kind of emitters this has, which means they probably aren’t worth bragging about.

      I will say that if this can actually maintain 500 lumens for four hours continuous use without overheating or stepping down the brightness, it would definitely be useful. But given the lack of obvious heat sinking features I doubt that it can.

      I’d rather have any decent 1×18650 light.

  • Todd

    This looks like dive lights I have used for years…