500 Yards with a .22LR Pistol

Just when you think Jerry Miculek was the king of long range handgun shots, YouTuber 22 Plinkster has taken it up a notch with a smaller round. Using a Colts Woodsman and 36-grain Federal Champion (HP) ammunition, he hits a torso-sized steel plate at 500 yards.

Its highly entertaining and I don’t doubt he did indeed shoot it knowing his other shots, but how many takes did it take? The velocity alone would likely cause huge differences in drops shot-to-shot.

Regardless, give the man mad props. I have a hard time hitting said target with a 5.56 A2 from the standing and I was a Marine Rifle Expert.

Nathan S

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  • Holy crap! LOL. There’s only been one time that I’ve witnessed something close to that. My Senior Chief was out with us at the range one day and he decided to show off to us. We all thought he was just a crazy old man. He was about 300 yards or more from the target. (Just a paper silhouette) One handed shot with a SIG P229. Hit five times in the head of the target with excellent grouping (less than an inch apart). Needless to say we started taking him more seriously. LOL. But this video definitely topped that for me! I wish I would’ve seen that in person. Seems like an impossible shot but good for that guy!

    • Never underestimate old guys:-)

    • iksnilol

      How do you become so good? I mean, an one inch group at 300 yards is impressive with a rifle. For us mere mortals that seems impossible with a pistol.

  • Kivaari

    Now that is a hard shot. I’ve used .22 rifles out to 200 yds. IF the wind velocity is nearly nothing the groups are OK. If the wind picks up, it is nearly impossible to compensate. Heck, even using a .22-250 with strong side winds can shove the bullet many inches off target. Wind drift doping is a hard earned skill. Me, I never was good enough to do it well.
    A .22 LR can deliver fine groups at 100 yards, sub minute of angle. But 500 yards is spectacular. My hates off to those that can do it.

  • uisconfruzed

    We’re having fun shooting at golf balls at 100yrds with a Ruger MKII, red dot sight and a VQ trigger. I’m averaging a hit every 8-10 rounds. It can be done with practice.

  • Blake

    There’s another one where he hits the same plate @1000yds with his CZ-452, with a witness present. He also breaks a balloon @100yds by skipping a bullet off a pond. Oh, and that one was done standing with his back to the target & the gun over his shoulder, sighting with a mirror.

    22Plinkster doesn’t fake any of his shots. Why would he bother?

    BTW if you read the subtitle of the video:

    “I did not get this shot on the first try, it took me 6. This shot was the longest shot that I have ever tried with a handgun. I was using my 1962 Colt Woodsman Target Model with 36 grain Federal Champion ammo. I want to thank IV8888 for coming up and filming with me. I had 4 other witnesses for this shot. Just ask Eric, he’ll tell you I pulled it off.”

    What he does do is practice. A lot.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    LOL Any round is a good defensive round, beats a sharp stick.