Palmetto State Armory 9MM AR15 Pistol Kits

A few months pack Palmetto State Armory released their 9mm AR15 rifle uppers and build kits. Those were cool and all, but what I and I’m sure many others out there want is a pistol kit. Well Palmetto State Armory must have read my mind because they just recently released their new pistol kits. Starting at $549.99, their build kits include everything needed to build an AR15 9mm pistol minus the lower and magazines. They even come with the second generation Sig SBX Brace. Check them out at

Barrel: 10.5″ chrome moly steel barrel. Chambered in 9mm, (9×19), with a 1/10 twist. The carbine profile Barrel is melonite treated for durability and finished off with a Palmetto State Armory SQR 7″ free-float rail and a 1/2-36 thread birdcage-syle flash hider.

Upper: Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is hard coat anodized black for durability. Featuring T-marks, these upper upper receivers are made for us right here in the USA.
Bolt Carrier Group: For 9mm AR15 Includes Charging Handle.
Lower Build Kit: PSA 9mm Classic Pistol Lower Build Kit with A2-style grip and single stage trigger – Includes aluminum 9mm magazine block. Block installs from the top after removing bolt catch.

Ray I.

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  • Oh, man, I’ve been looking for a 10.5″ 9mm upper for my DDLES build. Hopefully they’ll release a upper-only version soon!

  • Ralphie

    It figures someone would come out with a reasonable priced AR in 9mm after I just completed my AR 9mm build. This caliber is a blast to shoot in an AR platform, just don’t expect dead nuts accuracy at long range distances like would expect with a rifle round.

  • thedonn007

    Is the bolt ramped? Also, they need a version with a 4.5″ barrel. I do like the fact that this barrel has been nitrided though.

    • Vhyrus

      4.5 seems a bit short. 7 or 8 would be awesome though.

      • thedonn007

        I am not sure what happened to my last reply. However, I had stated that a 4.5″ barrel is a good length for use with a suppressor to keep it subsonic.

        • Ethan

          Even without a can that would be a useful length. Same approach as a micro-uzi: smaller is better in some cases.

  • All it needs now is a LAW Sidefolder and you’ve got a handy little blaster.

  • Geoffry K

    $499.99 today and free shipping.

    • Grindstone50k

      That’s the 16″ version

  • justme

    Looks tasty

  • Tom Currie

    I’m sorry but just about the only thing I can think of that would be sillier than an AR-pistol would be a pistol-caliber AR-pistol. An AR-pistol is simply a way to have an SBR without the obscene tax stamp and even more obscene paperwork, but when you make it in a regular pistol caliber all you have is an enormous (and ridiculously expensive) pistol that doesn’t handle worth a darn.
    Just my opinion — feel free to flame all you want.

    • Ethan

      Not flaming, but you do understand what a submachine gun is, don’t you?
      Yes its not FA, but the concept is still very effective. Small, light, easy to deploy, easy to shoot, better precision than a pistol with greater capacity.

      • Tom Currie

        You do understand that a submachinegun is a TWO HANDED weapon and the FA capability is at the heart of its usefulness. Yes, you can use two hands on an AR pistol (and most of us do even though apparently we are legally not supposed to) but still a pistol-caliber AR pistol combines all the negatives of a pistol and a submachine gun without any of the positives.

        I guess the world has come full circle because I can remember being handed an AR in 1969 and thinking it was a halfway decent machinepistol (while cursing the idiot who decided to have it replace a real rifle).

        • Ethan

          We are allowed to use the AR pistol in any way we see fit – shouldered, two handed while doing a back flip if you so choose. What the ATF considers it I don’t particularly care.

          FA is the best, but a decent trigger (read anything better than the standard Mil-spec) puts rapid semi-auto at a close second. Proper training can largely make up the difference.

          I won’t try and say a 9mm pistol is the best SMG alternative, but there isn’t a lot of good options on the market right now.

          If someone wanted to make an UZI with a Sig Brace, or the CZ EVO3 comes out, I think that will be a better alternative, but until then this is a good option for all the reasons (except FA) that SMGs exist.

  • Grindstone50k

    Oooooh, the wife would be really interested in that

  • echelon

    Tempting…but now that they announced the CZ Evo I think I’ll wait. By the time I bought this and another lower and all that I’d be in it for about the same money and I’d have *another* AR…

    • Ethan

      Both sexy options, but I have to agree – The CZ EVO3 takes it by a significant margin. Cheap mags, great ergos, and the potential for a fire-while-closed side folding brace put it firmly in the WIN column.

  • Ryan Osborn

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  • echelon

    Why is that a deal breaker? I’ve beat the ever living crap out of Magpul polymer rails and not had any issues…don’t see why the ones on the Evo would be any different unless CZ uses inferior material or something, but I’m wouldn’t be too worried about that being that CZ has a reputation for making quality products.

    To each their own I guess! Good luck with your build if you find something. I personally have never seen an AR pistol with a barrel shorter than 7.5″. I could be wrong but I believe it has to do with energy to cycle the bolt. But I’ve not done much, if any, research on pistol caliber variants so maybe with a blowback style 9mm the shorter barrel would be ok…

  • Tom Currie

    Who needs double tap? Oh yeah, I forgot, we were talking about 9mm, so I suppose you do need to double tap.

    • Ethan

      So you’ve gone from complaining that it can’t shoot fast enough to complaining that you’d have to shoot more than once….