PWS Piston System Slow Motion Cutaway

What a cool way to demonstrate your product. PWS cut away parts of the receiver to accent and focus on the movements of their piston system.

Nicholas C

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  • echelon

    That’s cool. I geek out over stuff like this.

    Like a sewing machine.

  • gunslinger

    that bullet really moves around while chambering.

    • Joshua

      Thats just how magazine fed rifles work. After it leaves the magazing and before the extractor snaps over the case rim it just kinda bounces around what little it can.

      • gunslinger

        don’t doubt that. just never thought of it before

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Exactly why when I see people saying they want X or Y bolt gun to come with A or B semi-auto mag, I am immediately aware they don’t know what they are talking about.

      Semi-auto mags work well when the round is violently stripped from the box and shoved into the chamber. About the opposite of how bolt guns run.

  • GerladTheMagnificent

    Yep, works like every other long stroke gas system on the planet. I am a sucker for high res, high frame rate slow motion video though. Seems like the feed ramps could be a little wider to cut down on the lateral movement of the case when chambering.

  • Joshua

    I think PWS makes one of the better op rod driven AR systems out, pretty much the only one I would ever own.

  • Toxoplasma

    The music is refreshing too. I’m tired of the melt your face off death/thrash metal music so many videos try to use these days to make the products looks cool.

    • Joshua

      But the death metal does so good at blowing out your ear drums.

  • noob

    “This hand guard is too heavy, could you cut some holes in it to lighten it up a little?”

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Excellent video!

    This long stroke, fixed op rod idea in an AR seems kind of perverse in a way,
    but it’s also fascinating, I’m starting to like this.
    It doesn’t rely on the barrel nut to hold the op rod spring in place like the Adams for example. Well, simply because there is no op rod spring.

    Does this system work with a standard upper?
    I’m thinking of the piston clearing the gas tube hole in the receiver.

    • Mack

      No it does not, but there is few makers that use a full op rod like this.

      ADCOR Defense (not long stroke, but has similar op rod)

      Gives you a few options!

  • TangledThorns

    A good example on why DI sucks.

  • Mack

    Don’t agree, but still very funny! 🙂