Sig Sauer SB15 in kit form only

According to Jerking The Trigger, the infamous SB15 will soon be only available as a kit and no longer sold separately. The kit will include the SB15, buffer tube, buffer, recoil spring, and locking nut and the MSRP will about $239-$249. JTT did find out that the SB15 kit will be using the Phase 5 buffer tubes.

Since the SB15 retails for $139, you are looking at an extra $100 for the kit. However Phase 5 is selling the tube, spring, buffer, and the rest for only $79.

If you prefer to choose your own buffer tube, than you better get a SB15 before they are no longer sold separately.

Nicholas C

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  • lets just hope another manufacturer steps in to make cheaper arm braces since sig isnt interested in us anymore

    • Marty Ewer

      We’re working on it. 🙂

      • USMC03Vet

        And you represent…..

        • Marty Ewer

          Thank you, we do “represent,” as you kids say.

  • Paladin

    This just seems like a terrible business decision.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Other than the price increase, it may help pistol makers avoid issues with compatible buffers and springs?

  • echelon

    Ugh…this is stupid. Nothing against the Phase 5 tube but I prefer the KAK Industries tube. Why limit my options as a consumer? I understand having a package kit, fine, but don’t take away the brace only option.

    • Ergo

      I’m a fan of the kak tube. Used it on my 10.5 pistol build. Not that excited about the switch to the phase 5 tubes. I have seen 1 problem on the phase 5 tubes and read multiple reports of failure.

    • Marty Ewer

      We’re supposed to hear this week from the FTO assigned to classify our Blade pistol stabilizer. 🙂

      • echelon

        Uh oh Marty…the ATF screwed you on their ruling. Sucks that they are so arbitrary.

        Maybe someday we’ll get smart enough to abolish useless and lawless organizations such as the ATF…

        • Marty Ewer

          Thank you for the sentiment. But we’re good. We asked them to classify it a pistol stabilizer–and they did. We are ATF approved! 🙂

          • echelon

            Yes but I can’t shoulder it like a Sig brace otherwise my butt might get thrown in jail so unfortunately I think many people will opt not to by this for that reason.

            I was looking forward to buying one, but in light of the ruling I will not do so despite the reduced weight, better cost, etc. Just the fact that if I “use it in a matter not intended” and that turns my “legal” gun into an “illegal” one is reason enough to stay away…

            I do wish you the best of luck with it though and I’m glad you’re happy with the ruling.

          • Joe

            Between the original Sig approval letter, SGT Bradley’s request for clarification, the referenced FTB#99146 (concerning buffer tube support), the Shotgun/AOW letter and now the approval of the Shockwave Blade with an ambigous elaboration on end user intent… this is all very convoluted and confusing. Just the way the ATF likes it I suppose. Whether the confusion is by design is open to speculation and debate. However, intentional or not, the practical effect seems to be a chilling effect on consumer confidence. The uncertainty provides Sig an opportunity to exploit cautious consumers and gouge American gun buyers on the price of a silly little piece of rubber. Obviously, you should assume only the level of risk ‘you’ are comfortable with, but it does make me sick to imagine buying a product from a company that deliberately uses unconstitutional regulations and unaccountable criminal organization, like the ATF, to gain an advantage over their competitors and overcharge their customers. Without a government endowed monopoly, on the ATF approved ”brace” market, the supply/demand dynamic would never allow a company, like Sig, to charge $150 for a piece of rubber furniture (whether you consider it a brace, stock or otherwise). The idea that Sig is proposing to raise the price of the sb15 from the already ridiculous $150 to a materially unjustified $250 is absurd. I applaud Mr Ewer’s effort to provide competition to the greasy business practices of Sig and to provide a superior product to besieged American gun buyers at one fifth of the price. If I were in the market for a ”pistol brace”, without a doubt, I would be giving my business to the guys at Shockwave.

          • Marty Ewer

            Thank you Joe. We appreciate your kind words.

          • echelon

            So wait, on the one hand you acknowledge that the ATF is doing all of this uncontrolled back and forth on these products in an inconsistent fashion and yet you’re going to come back and attack Sig? This makes no sense to me.

            Let’s step back from all of the ATF nonsense for a minute and consider the true market for one of these brace contraptions. I understand that there are probably a considerable number of wounded veterans out there, but honestly how big and lucrative of a market can that be?

            Sig stepped in and helped the inventor of the original brace and in doing so sought out the ATF’s approval of the device. The ATF, by their ruling, created an artificial market and demand for the product merely because it, in their wisdom, does not change the type of weapon based on use. (!!!)

            It is only natural and right that Mr. Ewer and others would try to capitalize on this phenomena and create competing products. That’s what should happen in a free market. And I think many would have been glad to purchase the Shockwave at a lower price had the ATF not capriciously ruled against it.

            But all of this “oh it’s classified as designed” baloney is just politically correct nonsense in my opinion that is being used as a smokescreen to not get to the heart of the matter related to the use of the product.

            But if I’m in fact wrong and Mr. Ewer and his product really were designed to serve only injured people then that is very laudable and noble. I also sincerely hope that it’s not his only product line because as I stated I don’t believe there is a giant market for this type of product.

            As far as Sig is concerned they can price the brace at whatever it sells for. Most people don’t understand markets and how business works, let alone artificially created markets such as this one. If the market responds and they won’t pay the higher price, well then they’ll lower it until it does sell. As it stands the street price for the AR braces is around $100-$130 and if you look at most sites they are sold out and sell out quickly when they are in stock.

            Buy whatever product you wish and that you are comfortable with, but please for the love of all things holy don’t go blaming Sig. Take that passion and direct it towards getting the ATF disbanded and all of these unconstitutional “laws” repealed. Then we wouldn’t be having this discussion because we’d all be out shooting our short barreled, fully automatic suppressed sub machineguns! 🙂

  • Vhyrus

    If MSRP is around $250, street price should be around $200, which seems about right for this deal.

  • Anonymoose

    I want an SBX when they get back in stock.

  • ku


  • Tim U

    What about people with non-AR pistols they wish to use an adapter with? Mp5 clones, the CZ scorpion, and so on all have brace adapters and no use for a buffer or spring.

  • andrey kireev

    maybe they should instead sell it in 2 separate configuration, first as a stock itself, and second as a set … that would make more sense…

  • MIke

    Im thinking they will use the SB15 in this package for people that just want a grab and go pistol set up, but the SBX15 will be sold individually for people who want to customize their pistol completely. At least i hope.

  • Ergo

    i’m sorry you have a medical condition but get over yourself. I’m not trying to be a jerk but your post is off in left field. Hell your post is longer than the article.
    The article is about a price increase with a new bundle it isn’t about the atf dropping the hammer on these devices.

    If you want to blame someone about the wider adoption of the sig brace and it’s use as a nfa hack blame sig. As soon as they got the determination letter they contacted journalists, bloggers and youtubers to promote shooting the brace from the shoulder.

  • Ethan

    I’m guessing this was done to prempt a legal challenge by the ATF from people making “special” buffer tubes for the Brace.

    Just a thought..

  • Big Al

    Heck, if it weren’t for all the “Norms” buying up these ugly things, they’d still be niche items, difficult to locate, by special order only, and costing three times as much. There certainly wouldn’t be competitive companies getting in on the act, offering more options which should drive the prices down once they hit the market.

  • Ed