French Special Forces

Thanks to Amael Kotlarski for sending this one into us.

This a promotional video produced by the French Army, it depicts the Command and Transmissions Company of the Army Special Forces Brigade. Some kit is shown as well as weaponry, mostly consisting of HK417/416 and FN SCAR L/Hs.


There is also this video of French Special Operation Command.

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  • Vive la France. Salutations du Texas.

  • Phillip Cooper

    “Dropped weapons while surrendering” joke in 3…2…1…

    • iksnilol

      Best thing about French guns is that they are in good condition (only dropped once) and have a cleaning rag tied to the barrel. /rimshot

      And before somebody complains, yes I know that France has won a lot of wars.

      • SP mclaughlin

        Question is, did they win the French Revolution?

        • Paladin

          Define “they” and “win”, also, which French revolution are we talking about here?

    • KestrelBike

      for the inevitable jokers, don’t forget: Since WW2, French troops have probably seen more sustained combat than most countries. They may not have always “won”, but then again the US has also had issues in the same types of situations (NKorea, vietnam, somalia, iraq, a-stan etc).

      • n0truscotsman

        There was no way they could have won the Indochina war anyways.
        Vietnamese independence was as inevitable as the laws of gravity.

  • Seburo

    *insert whining about plastic guns from fanboys here*

    • GerladTheMagnificent

      Anything is better than the FAMAS though.

      • Seburo

        That much is obvious. Blowback while good for a sub machine gun is just insane on a full automatic rifle.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    And what brilliant musical accompaniment would you have selected? Oakie from Muskogee?

  • Blake

    Many of those clips are from their recent operations in northern Mali, in which they performed admirably. Given that France’s military budget is about 5% of what the US spends on defense, they do pretty well for themselves. Of course each soldier has to buy a lot of their basic kit out-of-pocket…

    However logistically they’re pretty tight as they were critically constrained by lack of transport aircraft & tankers for the Mali deployment.

    I read an interesting article during the Mali conflict. One of the first French soldiers injured by AQIM small arms fire in Mali was a helicopter pilot. They do have a number of Eurocopter “Tiger” attack helicopters in their fleet, but the backbone of their close air support is mostly older “Gazelle” light helicopters (entered service in 1967).

    Not retiring them was a conscious strategic decision. They can maintain about 5 Gazelles for the maintenance cost of 1 Tiger, and the Tiger requires a more rigorous maintenance schedule & specialized defense-contractor parts & training. Any airport helicopter mechanic can maintain a Gazelle, & they use a common commercial turbine so parts can be sourced in the open market on an as-needed basis. They have small forward operating bases in their former colonies all over Africa (as well as their Pacific & Indian Ocean island territories), and keeping the old-but-proven-reliable-&-cheap Gazelle in service has enabled them to maintain operational combat helicopter fleets in their bases all around the world on their small budget.

    It was this decision that enabled them to react within hours with close air support available when SHTF in Mali. The Gazelle doesn’t have an armored cockpit like the Tiger so a pilot got injured, but without the Gazelle there would have been no helicopter there at all.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Is that an Elcan Specter on the HK417?

    • LCON

      Looks like it

  • Fox


  • TDog

    Always wanted a FAMAS. Never could afford the fifteen billion dollars collectors wanted for the one of twenty-something semiautos that made it in the US.

  • Tom

    France was not alone in senior officers refusing to see the writing on the wall regarding tanks and aircraft. In Britain many senior officers also refused to accept that “the good ole days” were over. Of course unlike France we have the benefit of a rather large moat surrounding our castle so we at least had more time to prepare.

  • KestrelBike

    Would you have rather they committed wholesale genocide? Do you also think it’s a good idea for us to stay in afghanistan?

  • TDog

    Thanks for the links!

    • iksnilol

      If you do make your own .22 Famas. Could you write an article/review thingy for TFB? Would love to see it. Also, Promag makes some good 25 round mags for the Marlin 795, for added points you could disguise them in the magazines of the airsoft rifle. So you could get a realistic mag feeling too.

      Also, glad you found the articles helpfull and I hope you get some inspiration there.

  • Yellow Devil

    They helped us win the Revolutionary War against the British, particularly since their ships were crucial in boxing in the British fleet. But than we both almost went to war (Quasi war) when we still remained close to Britain for trade.